The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 254 Su Daji

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The second day.

It was overcast. The previous night, Chang'an city was covered with frost due to a drastical drop of temperature.

At dawn, Li Mu returned to the Shack from the military cemetery.

He promised to read scriptures in the Hanshan Academy and the Fengming Academy thad day. Early in the morning, Li Mu had breakfast prepared by beautiful young girls. And then, he set out from the Shack and left Pig-Herding Alley by riding the plump and st.u.r.dy one-eyed chrysanthemum leopard.

In his arms, he held the little white fox.

That little thing was more and more charming. After it stayed in the Shack with abundant Spiritual Qi for a few days, its hair was as bright and spotless as a gem, and its eyes were like rubies. It was so clingy to Li Mu every day. When he was not there, it liked to curl up in his study. All the beautiful young girls liked that pretty and cute little thing, but only Shangguan Yuting could occasionally hug her. As soon as the others approached, the little thing would scream and show its teeth as if it were scared.

When he went out that day, the little thing clutched his trousers and wanted to catch up with him.

So, Li Mu took the elf with him.

For the first time in those days, Li Mu went out of Pig-Herding Alley aboveboard. Hence, he drew people's attraction. Inside and outside Pig-Herding Alley, all the parties planted spies everywhere to watch Li Mu.

The message was delivered as if it had wings.

Li Mu rode a black chrysanthemum leopard and walked in the street leisurely.

Some pedestrians, who did not know the reason, cast curious eyes.

"Mom, that little monk's leopard is so cute..." A vendor's eight-year-old daughter along the street looked at Li Mu with sparkling eyes. She thought that the monk with short hair riding a leopard was cool.

Li Mu was secretly pleased.

As his cultivation was improved and his horizon was broadened over those days, his ideas had changed a lot. He was no longer gingerly and cautious as when he had just come to that world. He felt much relaxed at the moment, and his tension had also disappeared.

He was quite relaxed.

"Hoho, I'm riding a black leopard and wearing clothes similar to Taoism's clothes. I'm kind of like a figure in Chinese mythology." Li Mu suddenly realized that he seemed to be cosplaying Shen Gongbao, a villain in the 'Invest.i.ture of the G.o.ds.'

In the world of deification, junior fellow apprentice Shen said 'Hold on, Taoist Fellow.' Many talented people at the present age died and were sent to the canonization tower. Seriously speaking, if Shen Gongbao hadn't tirelessly collected so many masters to confront the Zhou dynasty, the number of immortals would not have been enough.

He existed as a freak.

Li Mu kept thinking and lowered his head to look at the little fox in his arms. As an idea suddenly struck him, he said, "The Notice of Lost and Found was posted for a long time, but no one came to take you. I'm afraid that your master does not want you. Haha, you can stay with me. I can give you a name."

"Chitter." The little white fox could understand Li Mu's words, and it chirped merrily after hearing that.

Li Mu said, "I'll call you Daji."

There was nothing wrong with his logical idea, that he a.s.sociated with Daji from Shen Gongbao.

Moreover, Daji was really a fox.

However, the little white fox really liked that name very much. Excitedly, it rubbed Li Mu's palm with its head and licked his cheek with a pink tongue. "Chitter, Chitter!"

'Hey! I hope that you won't blame me when you know the origin of the name.'

Li Mu thought to himself over and over, and soon he arrived at the entrance of the Fengming Academy.

"Hey? Am I not going to the Hanshan Academy first?"

Li Mu only cared about the interaction with the little white fox. Unconsciously, the chrysanthemum leopard neared the entrance of the Fengming Academy.

However, it did not matter.

At the entrance of the Fengming Academy, guiders and students had long been waiting. At the sight of him, they went up to meet him.

To most people in Chang'an city, Li Mu was decent and perfect. It could be said that he was currently the first-cla.s.s celebrity in town. He killed Jia Zuoren because the guider sought death. The people in the Fengming Academy were not hostile to him because of Dean Qu and others.

"Dean Qu has not yet recovered, so he can't greet you personally. He's waiting for you in the library. Young Master Li, this way please," An old guider with white beard and hair said politely.

Li Mu returned a salute, and then entered the Fengming Academy.

He entered the academy for humble families in Chang'an city for the first time. The scenery inside was quiet and beautiful. The road was crowded with students in the academy on both sides. They wore uniforms and looked plain. They all came from humble families and had gone there to see Li Mu upon hearing that he would go there. They scrambled to witness the top young talent in Chang'an city.

He was versed in both literature and military affairs. He wrote a lot of poems, and the people read a lot of his poetry. Li Mu was famous in Chang'an, and those students highly respected him. Those who admired Li Mu like Lei Yinyin could be found everywhere in the Fengming Academy.

Soon, he arrived at the entrance of the library in the Fengming Academy.

Dean Qu, leaning on a stick, and some guiders lined up to meet him in front of the altar at the entrance of the library.

After polite conversations, Li Mu was allowed to enter the library.

Compared with the Hanshan Academy, the Fengming Academy had a much more open atmosphere.

Li Mu saw Lei Yinyin in the crowd.

The girl looked a little languished.

Li Mu liked the little beauty very much. As an idea suddenly hit him, he said, "Student Lei, I'm not clear about the cla.s.sification and the catalogs in the library. Can I ask you to help me?" He helped the little guy in disguised form. That way, she could read some of the books in the library to improve her cultivation.

Lei Yinyin was stunned, and her face was lit up. But soon, she thought of something and hesitated, "I..."

Dean Qu immediately said, "Yinyin, hurry up to lead the way for Master Li."

Lei Yinyin glanced at the Dean. That morning was the deadline for going to the Qing Sha Clan and 'hurling herself willingly into the net.' Inside, she certainly wanted to lead the way for her idol. But, it would take at least a few days to enter the library. Once she missed the deadline, the Fengming Academy would be destroyed.

Li Mu practiced the Xiantian Skill, so his intuition was sharp. Seeing such a look, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

"Little Yinyin, do you have any difficulties?" He grinned.

With a look of panic coming over her face, Lei Yinyin quickly shook her head, saying, "I'm... fine, but..." No matter how tough she was, a little girl at 16 or 17 years old would be depressed when she met that kind of thing.

Dean Qu could not resist and immediately pulled a long face. He told him of the 'Red-hair Killing Invitation,' "Master Li, logically speaking, you're not a member of the Fengming Academy. You and Yinyin are just ordinary friends. As an old man, I have no right to ask you to help us, but..."

"You don't have to say it." Li Mu waved his hand and said, "I won't turn a blind eye to this matter."

Dean Qu was surprised, and his face immediately lit up with joy.

He never expected that Li Mu would promise so quickly and firmly.

The students and guiders around burst into cheers.

On that day, He Yunxiang went to the Fengming Academy again, holding the 'Red-hair Killing Invitation.' When he swaggered once again, n.o.body could resist him in the academy. For the first time, those students with pa.s.sions and aspirations felt powerless under violence and power. Even if they fought to the death, they could not change the situation.

In the whole academy, no one was qualified to be the pillar.

But at the moment, the hero had appeared.

Li Mu represented a legend and a miracle.

Could he resist the peerless expert of the Celestial Being Realm?

Lei Yinyin was concerned about this.

She feared most that Li Mu's legend would be destroyed because of her matter. She was not foolish, so she could naturally see Li Mu's advantage was in the long run. Decades later, Li Mu would reach the Celestial Being Realm and could sweep across all the obstacles, but at the moment...

Li Mu said, "Today, I won't go to the library. I'll go to Hanshan Academy first."

He looked at Lei Yinyin and said, "I'm going with you. I want to see who wants to hurt my friend."

All of a sudden, Lei Yinyin had some tears in her eyes.


It was a sacred word.

Looking at Li Mu, Lei Yinyin, and young students and guiders cheering around, Dean Qu could not help sighing deeply. Some people were born to be heroes, such as Li Mu. However, some people were just clowns even if they had chances to become stronger, such as He Yunxiang.

Didn't he abandon everything, establis.h.i.+ng the Fengming Academy to cultivate more heroes?

Don't forget the original intention!

News spread like a hurricane.

As the poetic and martial genius, Li Mu bristled with anger because of a female student in the Fengming Academy. He wanted to go to the Hanshan Academy to make a punitive expedition and shatter the "Red-hair Killing G.o.d" who was an expert of the Celestial Being Realm.

In the changeable Chang'an city, the atmosphere was subtle. Li Mu was the focus of attention for all parties, so this news had naturally spread very fast.

Before Li Mu and others had reached the Hanshan Academy, the heads of all major forces knew about it.

In the Hanshan Academy, "Red-hair Killing G.o.d" Zhang Bulao knew it in advance due to He Yunxiang's report.

"To bristle up in anger for a beauty?"

Zhang Bulao lightly smiled.

He was still too young.

He could hardly retain his composure. What if he was so talented?

A lot of geniuses, who were too proud and had no sense of propriety, died. Even though they were glorious before their deaths, they were still soundless and stirless afterwards.

"They're coming in 10 minutes." He Yunxiang said.

Zhang Bulao said with a smile, "Let him come."

No matter how famous Li Mu was and no matter what miracles he had made, whether century and millennium poems or a master of pens and sword, Zhang Bulao treated him as a joke. In front of an expert of the Celestial Being Realm, he was nothing but a warrior of the Natural Expert level.

Be intelligent as a child, but it did not mean smart all the time.

Ordinary people always chased after some useless records. It was of no use for geniuses to set records to enter some realm.

Everything depended on real strength.

Among the suzerains of the Great Nine Holy Clans, one man had never won in the first hundred years. He was frustrated and unknown. However, he became famous late in life. When he attained the Tao, he was well known as a rising dragon... Therefore, the potential and trend were fake.

Only the current strength was the most real.

He believed that Li Mu, who was versed in both poems and martial arts, would understand that truth soon.

Zhang Bulao was sitting with his eyes closed, adjusting his breath and cultivating vital energy.

The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 254 Su Daji

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