The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 38 All Of You Here Are Rubbish.

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Hearing this, the landlady was seized with terror and despair, then she said, "No, Mr. Zhao, Zhu'er is so young and she's only a child, she knows nothing, please forgive her... I... I'm willing to go with you to the wine cellar. Let me accompany you..." Pitiful world parents, she was so panic and hopeless and lost all the princ.i.p.als. She was willing to sacrifice everything for her daughter as she saw her only daughter was threatened.

And other disciples of the faction all burst into laughter.

Zhao Rongcheng sneered and torture her deliberately, and then he said, "But I want to have a change, to have something fresh... h.e.l.lo, little girl, you want to help your mother? Come on, follow me, or else... hey hey..."

Before he finished the words.

"Zhuhao Faction guys, you're really rubbish."

A clear and loud voice appeared from the direction of the entrance of the "Shaoyao House" suddenly.

"Who's that? How dare you say like that? Do you believe I will kill you?" Zhao Rongcheng said coldly, he turned back and looked in the direction of the door.

And those other disciples of the faction all stuck the table and stood up, holding the weapons with a fierce look.

"How dare you to make trouble here?"

"d.a.m.n, how dare you challenge us, the Zhuhao Faction?"

"Who's that? Chop him now."

At that moment, there was a fight flas.h.i.+ng with knives and swords as well as the evil spirit filling the big hall of the first floor of the whole "Shaoyao House", and the previous one or two individual Jianghu men who dinned here all hid trembling toward the wall immediately in fear that they were involved by the faction.

"A bunch of useless losers horsing around in Taibai County!" The man who sneered just now at the door came towards step by step.

And then those people looked clearly and found it was a tall strong young man, who looked handsome with impressive masculinity. He could be described as a perfect and handsome man that could make countless girls fall in love at first sight for sure.

This was a fierce man.

Though the people didn't understand what he meant when he said "loser", they knew what the useless people refer to, and obviously, he was sneering at the people from the Zhuhao Faction, which was not good. However, this young handsome was talking too big since he had scolded all the people from Jianghu directly. Wasn't he afraid to cause public criticism since he was so stereotyping?

"May I ask who you are?" Zhao Rongcheng released the landlady and Xiao Zhu, he stood up, held the dark eyebrow-shaped iron stick which was as thick as the duck egg in his hand with fierce look.

"Me? I'm from the official."

This young handsome man walked inside slowly.

Behind him were more than a dozen people followed, who were all wearing the soft armor of the county warlord guards, and Feng Yuanxing, the secretary of Taibai County's political affairs, was among them.

"You're an official?" Zhao Rongcheng grinned.

And other masters from the Zhuhao Faction all burst into laughter.

The county government had become a joke in Taibai County due to its bad performance last time, and no one had respect on it since it was just like a tiger without teeth. Several days ago, Feng Yuanxing, the secretary of Taibai County was even sent out by the Sky Dragon Faction and the Huya Faction from the headquarters, and till now even some small factions didn't show respect on the county government at all.

Dismissing this, the young handsome man smiled and replied, "Let me introduce, I'm the handsome man and I'm the brother of Li Mu, my name is Duan Shuiliu, you can also call me brother Duan Shuiliu. I'm coming to clean the rubbish."

"Clean the rubbish?" Zhao Rongcheng sneered and said, "You think Zhuhao Faction is rubbish?"

"No, don't mistake, I don't mean you," It seemed Duan Shuiliu had thought about something very funny suddenly and he burst into laughter. Then he stopped and said, "I mean, all the Wulin masters appeared in Taibai County are all rubbish."

The sound of hiss!

Someone was gasping outside the pub.

Even the secretary Feng Yuanxing and the 20 elite county guards who followed Duan Shuiliu were all feeling a little muddled. Why was the county magistrate's brother speaking in absolute terms since everyone was scolded?

"Aha, you're talking so big, who do you think you are?" Zhao Rongcheng laughed, he held the eyebrow-shaped refined iron stick in the hand and put it on the ground while the whole "Shaoyao House" seemed to be shaking. Then he shouted loudly, "You have to win first."

As he had just finished speaking, he gained force at foot and crashed into the table and chair beside him like a giant bear. Then he rushed out and waved the iron stick, broke the air wave and punched like the black light.

This strike was mighty like a landslide.

The sound of explosion appeared in the air.

Zhao Rongcheng had special physical body, he had natural magic power and now showed terrible power as he was in the Joint-qi level, which made so many famous warriors fearful and not dare to fight with him.

Getting so frightened, Duan Shuiliu didn't even dare to move and stand still.

"Watch out, master..." Feng Yuanxing couldn't help exclaiming.

But at this moment, Duan Shuiliu raised up his hand and reached out to pinch the astonis.h.i.+ng stick with his two fingers like an idiot, which was so crazy. However, just when everyone thought they would see flesh and blood splas.h.i.+ng and white fracture broken in the next second, the shadows of stick suddenly converged and disappeared.

Duan Shuiliu pinched one end of the refined iron stick with his two jadeite fingers.

His hand remained intact.

"You..." Zhao Rongcheng, the Grand Master of the Zhuhao Faction paled.

He would never accept that his stick was stopped by his opponent so easily even though he did it with all the force.

"Open it..." He gained force on both arms while the blood vessels bulged. He wanted to strike the iron bar to get it back but found surprisingly that the end of the iron bar seemed to be poured by molten iron in the iron bastions, he couldn't move it even if he exerted all of his strength.

This weapon became so heavy suddenly though it was his most used one.

And all the people in the "Shaoyao House" felt so shocked.

Those arrogant Zhuhao Faction masters also felt incredible when they saw this since they knew how powerful their Grand Master was, and even the rock could be smashed, not to mention a person, as he struck, but now...

Duan Shuiliu smiled and spoke with Feng Yuanxing behind, "Why are you just standing there? Declare the punishment now."

"Yes..." Feng Yuanxing came back to himself as he was still surprised, then he took a long file from the guard behind, opened it and turned it over, read loudly, "Grand Master of the Zhuhao Faction, Zhao... Rongcheng as well as his gangs, there are totally 41 persons, they entered the city at the beginning of May ten and fought 19 times to hurt 23 persons and killed 6 ones, among whom, 5 of them were Jianghu guys, 1 was the local citizen, they insulted 3 girls and 2 of them committed suicide while 1 of them got mad..."

At first, his voice was loud, but finally, it became more and louder while each sentence and word was clearly stirred in everyone's ears like the bell.

The more the people in the "Shaoyao House" listened, the more frightened they became.

Actually, the county officials really did something and collected so much detailed information these days, and even an idiot could guess that there were not only the traces of the Zhuhao Faction on the file but all the Jianghu guys who entered Taibai County were recorded there as the thick stack of files from Feng Yuanxing indicated.

"Have you got anything to say when you listened to this?" Duan Shuiliu pinched the iron bar and stared at Zhao Rongcheng.

"d.a.m.n, d.a.m.n you..." Turning red with anger, Zhao Rongcheng roared and exploded while there was a light scarlet red smoke covered him, and this was the extreme sign that the internal qi was activated. He was waving the iron bar like a furious black bear.

"Tut-tut, that is so rude."

Duan Shuiliu shook his head and slightly turned his wrist.

The sound of puff.

Zhao Rongcheng spat out a blood arrow.

He only felt an undescribed force coming while the part between the thumb and index got broken, which made him unable to hold the iron bar now. There was wave-like undulation of the skin and muscles of the wrist and arm,


He flew out, knocked over the table behind him, knocked down five or six masters of the Zhuhao Faction and stopped.

"You..." Zhao Rongcheng looked horrified.

He even forgot the great pain due to fracture of the arm bone and looked at Duan Shuiliu incredibly, and didn't believe that his opponent broke his arm when he only shook his wrist. The question was, why was there such terrible power as he shook?

Duan Shuiliu smiled, he held the long and refined iron stick in the hand and produced a slight force in both palms in front of every one, then kneaded the long duck-egg shaped refined iron stick directly into a ball. Later, he forced again on the ten fingers and grabbed slowly and the iron ma.s.s dropped little by little on the ground from his fingers like the earth.

There was dead silence in the "Shaoyao House".

Everyone, including the secretary Feng Yuanxing as well as the 20 county guards, was so frightened, they just stood there and stared.

Several disciples from the Zhuhao Faction rubbed their eyes subconsciously. They couldn't believe what they saw and thought they were hallucinating.

"My G.o.d, that is refined iron and it's the well-seasoned giant stick, how can he smash it into iron sc.r.a.p and powder so easily like the earth? No way! What are his palms made of? Is he still human?"

The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 38 All Of You Here Are Rubbish.

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