The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 672 - Wind and Cloud Rise Again

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Chapter 672 Wind and Cloud Rise Again

“He is Chu Jiaoyang, who is the second Heavenly Legend of the Eternal Wind Star Region and a famous wild warrior in the same region. He ranks 213rd on the list of Heavenly Legends from one hundred Star Regions and is considered to be able to make it to the top 200. Up to now, he has already fought 20 fights and won all of them, defeating every opponent with no more than 10 moves. Moreover, he is extremely cruel and merciless. Every move he makes will cause serious injury to his opponent. Therefore, the Heavenly Legends who have fought with him would basically lose their ability to fight again, even if they did not die in the fight,” Dongfang Piaoliang said.

“20 fights, and 20 wins?” the little fox girl said, “don’t tell me that he has chosen to challenge those opponents who are less powerful than him. ”

Dongfang Piaoliang shook his head and said, “The opponents in ten fights are all ranked above him, so the results are very convincing.”

Li Mu asked, “Are there any audiovisual materials for those fights?”

“Yes.” Dongfang Piaoliang took out a piece of Water Mirror Jade from the storage s.p.a.ce, handed it to Li Mu, and said, “But the materials are not complete. There are only materials for the last ten fights.”

“That’s enough.”

Li Mu activated the jade and began to watch.

“Hey, what do you mean?”

The young swordsman in black standing on the platform stared at Chu Jiaoyang with his eyes glowing with anger.

“The literal meaning is that you can’t just walk off the Immortal-slaying Platform so easily after hurting someone from the Eternal Wind Star Region. Do you see? You have two choices. One is to break one of your arms by yourself, and the other is that I cut off your two arms. It’s up to you,” Chu Jiaoyang said in an extremely overbearing manner.

The pract.i.tioners from the Brilliance Immortal Star Region were enraged by his words.

“He’s taking advantage of his power to bully others.”

“That’s right. Who is he to do this?”

“The young swordsman has just finished a tough fight, and he has not recovered yet. Now you want to challenge him. All that the people from the External Wind Star Region can do is to take turns to fight with him. Is that so? You are so shameless.”

Filled with righteous indignation, some pract.i.tioners from the Brilliance Immortal Star Region couldn’t help cursing.


Chu Jiaoyang directly attacked the three pract.i.tioners from the Brilliance Immortal Star Region who spoke up just now. They spat blood and were sent flying backward. In an instant, they were seriously injured.

The shouts and curses suddenly stopped.

“You reckless idiots,” Chu Jiaoyang glanced at the pract.i.tioners from the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, and with a contemptuous look on his face, he said, “Before you speak, you’d better think about who you are. You are not the candidates for Heavenly Legends chosen by the Heavenly Fox Clan. Killing you is as easy as killing an ant.”

The eyes of the pract.i.tioners from the Brilliance Immortal Star Region were flaming with anger. Although they were enraged, they did not dare to say anything.

Chu Jiaoyang, the arrogant man, was really a killer without restraint.

The pract.i.tioners from the Eternal Wind Star Region, who had been discouraged by the defeat of the short fat Heavenly Legend using double spears, now cheered up again, looking at Chu Jiaoyang with eager eyes.

Some of them even started to provoke the pract.i.tioners from the Brilliance Immortal Star Region.

“Hey, why don’t you look in the mirror to see who you are?”

“That’s right. Haha, the Brilliance Immortal Star Region is the tras.h.i.+est place in the entire Ziwei Star Zone. Your place is barbaric and abandoned. Within the Ziwei Star Zone, the status of the pract.i.tioners in your region is lower than that of dogs. Are you qualified to speak here? Just shut up. The weak don’t have any dignity.”

“Get lost, haha!”

“They don’t have any self-awareness at all. They are really pathetic losers.”

The pract.i.tioners from the Eternal Wind Star Region burst into laughter.

In the past few days, as the fights between Heavenly Legends on the Immortal-slaying Platforms became more and more intense, the pract.i.tioners from those Star Regions swarmed over.

Ranking above the average in the entire star zone, the Eternal Wind Star Region naturally seemed to be dominating by sheer force of numbers, and the people in this region were extremely united. Except the fight on the platform, they acted like a group of fanatics with various jeers and sneers off the platform.

The fanatics having different interests taunted each other and even fought duels against each other.

If it weren’t for their ident.i.ty as the officially selected Heavenly Legends, their lives would be under threat.

Therefore, the weak would be injured or killed even if they fought duels with ordinary pract.i.tioners, not to mention the Heavenly Legends.

The great victories of Li Yidao had increased the cohesion and boosted the morale of the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, but the foundation of this region was still weak, and it was outnumbered by the other regions. In most cases, when they were in the face of the jeers and sneers from other Star Regions, they dared not speak up, though they were angry.

This time, it was the same as usual.

Moreover, there was a powerful arrogant man, Chu Jiaoyang, who was so overbearing.

“I’ll give you the last ten breaths of time. Are you going to break your arm by yourself and apologize?”

Chu Jiaoyang walked over to the Immortal-slaying Platform and blocked the exit of the staircase.

Like a cat playing with a mouse, he stared at the young swordsman in black standing on the platform with a mocking smile on his face.

The young swordsman held the saw-tooth sword tightly in his hand.

His shoulder was badly injured by the short fat Heavenly Legend with double spears from the Eternal Wind Star Region. The blood flowed along his arm to the saw-tooth sword and then dripped to the ground from the saw teeth.

In normal circ.u.mstances, he might have extra strength to fight, but now… He used a lot of his natural qi, physical strength, and energy in the previous fight.

The pract.i.tioners from the Brilliance Immortal Star Region were much aggrieved and indignant.

It was obvious that Chu Jiaoyang was bullying the young swordsman.

However, there was nothing they could do about it.

Some people from other Star Regions were watching, gloating as they commented.

Ten breaths of time had pa.s.sed in a flash.

The look in the eyes of the young swordsman in black gradually became wild.

Even though he was no match for the challenger, he would not chicken out. How could he do that?

If he took a step back today, it would be tens of thousands of times harder for him to take a half step forward in the future.

It was nothing more than death.

“Alright, come on…” The young swordsman in black was about to accept the challenge.

But just then something unexpected happened.

“Taking advantage of the situation and forcing others to accept the challenge… Haha, only arrogant, mad dogs from the External Wind Star Region can do such a thing.”

A clear voice rang out from the side.

Naturally, the speaker was Li Mu.

After Li Mu finished watching the audiovisual materials that Dongfang Piaoliang gave him, he walked out and helped the three seriously injured pract.i.tioners from the Brilliance Immortal Star Region get back on their feet. He removed the foreign power in their bodies, give a Reset Elixir to each of them, and asked them to run their inner power to heal the injuries.

“Is it him?”

“He is wearing a silvery faceless mask and carrying a scabbard on his back! He is Li Yidao!”

“Li Yidao!”

Someone in the audience exclaimed.

As one of the most popular Heavenly Legends these days, Li Yidao was a highly distinctive figure.

A silvery faceless mask.

A snow-white stony scabbard.

This way of dressing was unique.

“It’s Hero Li!”

“Young Master Li finally begins to make his move.”

“After so many years, a powerful Heavenly Legend finally emerged in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region.”

“He is a real Heavenly Legend!”

At this moment, the pract.i.tioners from the Brilliance Immortal Star Region suddenly felt like they were about to burst into tears, and they became so excited that they found it difficult to hide the look of excitement on their faces.

They looked at Li Mu with admiration and recognition in their eyes.

Several young pract.i.tioners from the Brilliance Immortal Star Region looked at Li Mu, feeling very excited, as if they were looking at a martial arts idol. They felt an upsurge of emotion and wanted to raise their fists high and shout loudly.

The atmosphere around the Immortal-slaying Platform changed immediately.

Countless people fixed their eyes on Li Mu.

Chu Jiaoyang glanced at Li Mu, froze for a moment, and then laughed.

“Well, are you going to stand up for him?”

He cast a cynical glance at Li Mu.

Li Mu did not reply. He walked up to the Immortal-slaying Platform step by step and looked at the young swordsman in black.

When Li Mu was still on the Heavenly Land, he came to know this young man in the fight at the Tomb of the G.o.d of Sin.

So many years had pa.s.sed, but the young man’s look had not changed at all.

At that time, Li Mu had a good impression of this young man. When the Fairy Emperor of Light incited people to besiege and kill Li Mu, he was the first to refuse to join those despicable killers… He was a swordsman with integrity.

He was an old friend with whom Li Mu was not so well-acquainted.

“Let me do it,” Li Mu looked at the young swordsman in black and said, “You’ve got a long way to go in the future. There is no need for you to fight with the Heavenly Legends now. What do you think?”

The young swordsman stared at Li Mu for a while and finally nodded. He said, “Your broadsword reminds me of someone.”

Li Mu said, “All paths of the Great Way lead to the same destination.”

The young swordsman nodded and said, “Thanks a lot.”

Having said that, he jumped off the platform.

Chu Jiaoyang burst out laughing. “This is quite interesting. I’m going to let go of this brat and take care of you first.”

Then he moved like a flash.

The crowd felt a blur in front of their eyes, and in the next moment, Chu Jiaoyang was already standing on the platform.

It was a brilliant move.

“Li Yidao?” Chu Jiaoyang looked him up and down with great interest and said, “I’ve watched the audiovisual materials about your fights. They’re very interesting. You can take advantage of your opponents’ weak points and win with one strike. You have a formidable fighting instinct, and you seem to have a natural gift for detecting your opponents’ weak points. Am I right?”

Li Mu did not speak.

He had expected that his way of fighting would be noticed and a.n.a.lyzed by others.

After all, ‘winning with one strike’ was somewhat shocking.

But so what?

The Eye of Flaws at the sixth level of the Xiantian Skill was not something that could be summarized as a “natural gift” as Chu Jiaoyang said. It was a super skill beyond the boundaries. As long as the opponent made a move, Li Mu could see his flaws, and no one could hide his flaws from Li Mu’s eyes.

“Haha, why are you not talking? Have you been seen through by me? Are you feeling anxious?” Chu Jiaoyang didn’t seem to be in a hurry to fight.

That was his style.

He liked to use the power of words to disturb his opponent’s mind before a fight. It was a joy that ordinary people could not feel.

“You are probably wearing a mask to hide your facial expression and create a mysterious aura, aren’t you?” Chu Jiaoyang smiled faintly and added, “Unfortunately, your natural gift is useless on me, because the gap between our strengths is too large.”

Li Mu remained silent.

No emotional changes could be seen under Li Mu’s silvery faceless mask.

He was like a G.o.d of death who would never experience emotional changes.

Chu Jiaoyang began to approach Li Mu slowly.

A terrifying aura slowly spread out.

At this moment, the people below the platform suddenly felt invisible, terrifying pressure that seemed to come from the collapsing sky, sinking earth, and falling stars. They had never felt so frightened and suffocated before.

“Haha, I’m quite interested in your silvery mask. Later, I’ll take it off from you and put it on the face of a dog that I keep by my side. By the way, I’ll let those pathetic losers from the Brilliance Immortal Star Region take a good look at the true face of the hero they wors.h.i.+p when I trample him beneath my feet… Hehe, what do you think of my proposal?”

The five fingers of Chu Jiaoyang’s right hand turned white gradually.

The Golden Jade-shattering Hand!

This was his ultimate move.

Although his words showed contempt, he made this move with all of his strength without any reservation.

This was the awareness of a martial arts expert at the Heavenly Legend level.

Just then, Li Mu slowly raised his right hand and stretched it towards the back of his left shoulder.

At this moment, all the people in the audience held their breath.

Here it came again!

It was his signature move.

Up to now, no one had managed to dodge this mysterious one-strike attack.

Now, could Li Yidao perform another miracle of winning the fight with one strike in the face of such a powerful opponent like Chu Jiaoyang?

The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 672 - Wind and Cloud Rise Again

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