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Looking at the furious Li Mu, the big yellow dog was anxious and tightly clamped its own tail.

The old beggar was rubbing his eyes.

In little Ming Yue's timid eyes appeared some traces of comfort.

At the time, Zhou Kole 's mind only had an idea.

It was fortunate that she successfully prevented her cousin from troubling Li Mu, the Taibai County magistrate, for the 'Magic Moon Shoot'.

Otherwise, it would be her cousin Ling Li rather than the giant flood dragon being thrown back and forth and fiercely beaten by Li Mu, to the extent of not being able to fend for himself.

Right now, the middle-aged warlock Tsing Yi, all covered with blood, crept out of the gravel on the cliff.

Apparently, he had suffered a lot, with one lame leg and much supernatural power lost. Only a faint cyan magical art, some self-protection force, guarded him. But the expression on his face, no more comfortable than the old beggar and others, indicated that he was shocked beyond words.

He realized that his judgement on the young man was totally wrong.

He needed not only to befriend this Taibai County magistrate, but had to draw him to his side.

Or even... flatter the young man.

If such a powerful man could lend a hand, the condition of princess and little prince, not to say reversal, it would improve significantly. They wouldn't live the currently unsteady and precarious life any more.

Boom boom boom!

"How dare you destroy my clothes..."

Li Mu, went into a state of madness, violently hitting the giant flood dragon.

"Give me one bucket of blood to me, and we can settle the score."

He grabbed the flood dragon's tail. He threw the enormous six or seven hundred long beast back and forth like noodles in the air. The beast was continuously slammed on the cliff, the stone peaks and the river bank.

Each beating would leave on the stone walls a long dragon-figure mark.

Pieces of scales were torn down and drifted in the sky like snowflakes.

However, the flood dragon, a 1000-year-old monster, must have swallowed up a great deal of Qi from the moonlight. Thus, with a formidable and iron-like fleshly body, only some scales fell despite the serious encounter. It wasn't injured at all, nor did it bleed.

As the old beggar said, only the flood dragon's blood could save Ming Yue.


The furious giant flood dragon struggled desperately.

After a while, Li Mu's strength was slightly consumed, and it finally found a balance. It took the opportunity to fight, jerking its tail.

Li Mu, who originally took the initiative, was thrown off by the tail.


Li Mu was slammed into the stone wall.

This time, it was the turn of the giant flood dragon to fight back.

Li Mu fell into the same end as that of the giant flood dragon previously.

He was smashed by the dragon's tail and slammed on the cliffs fiercely.

Rocks were cracking and collapsing, and smashed stones were flying forcefully.

Every beating would leave a trace of the shape of its tail on the stone walls and the ground.

When looking closely, the deepest parts of the imprints presented human figure trails of Li Mu's in various postures.

Offensive and defensive parties had been changed.

"d.a.m.n it, my teeth ache only by watching this. It seems like two old monsters are battling in hand-to-hand style... This is not a human combat."

The old man gasped and cold air made his teeth ache.

But soon, both of the offensive and defensive sides changed again.

Li Mu retook the upper hand.

"I don't believe I can't convince you with my power today."

Li Mu, who had recovered his strength, held the flood dragon's tail in both hands, and fiercely threw it like a madman.

It could be clearly seen that at this time, he was covered with blood, and his body was full of b.l.o.o.d.y scars. In some places, the white bones were exposed. He looked miserable as if he had been hacked to pieces.

Undoubtedly, Li Mu's strength was not inferior to that of the flood dragon which had been cultivated by absorbing moonlight. But in regards to fleshly strength, he was a little inferior.

However, his demeanor was still vigorous, and those injuries had no effect on him.

In comparison with power alone, Li Mu was even better.

After all, the difference between the two figures was huge. The body of the giant flood dragon already was as heavy as a mountain, so Li Mu must use far more strength than the flood dragon for his throws.

Naturally, the old beggar, Zhou Kole and the middle-aged warlock Tsing Yi were naturally aware of this.

In their hearts, Li Mu's evaluation had broken through the sky.

In the end, the battle seemed to reach a result.


Li Mu smashed the giant flood dragon so heavily on the cliff that it became dizzy. At the same time, one horn of the flood dragon couldn't bear such horrible power and was cracked. Thus, this nearly one-meter long horn fell down from high above...

"The dragon horn!"

Zhou Kole's eyes s.h.i.+ned.

That was the horn of a flood dragon that was becoming a real dragon. It was similar to a dragon horn, and was a treasure.

But, she still didn't fight for it.

Although she was born to live an evil life and never minded being a grabber, she still had a little bottom line.

After all, Li Mu, who saved Ling Li's life, basically saved her.

This horn was obtained by Li Mu at such a high price. Although tempted, she could not really take action for it.

Besides, the old beggar's eyes were also s.h.i.+ning, but he also did not act.

The big yellow dog wanted to jump out, but the old man grabbed its tail and said with his rounded eyes. "You must consider it seriously. If you get the dragon horn, can you defeat the monster?"

The big yellow dog, standing quietly, recalled Li Mu's monster-like power and speed, and the miserable situation of the beaten giant flood dragon. It could not help but tremble, and bitterly gave up in the end.

After all, it didn't want its tail to be grabbed and be slammed by Li Mu.

As for the middle-aged warlock Tsing Yi, he, planning to draw Li Mu to his side, naturally wouldn't trouble Li Mu.

"Ha ha, I ultimately got something."

Li Mu let go of the tail, with lightning-like movements, and grabbed toward the falling flood dragon's horn.

At the moment that the horn was about to fall into his hands, changes suddenly occured.


Instantly a white figure emerged from the side.

In the man's hand, an ancient sword, moving like a long rainbow, dashed towards him. Caught off guard, Li Mu narrowly avoided the vital part, the heart, but his shoulder blade was impaled by this long sword.

"It's you!"

Li Mu bellowed and grabbed the sword edge with one hand.

He recognized that the attacker was Bai Rushuang, the future leader of the Sirius Clan, who had fled away before.

"The flood dragon's horn is mine."

Bai Rushuang sneered.

At the moment, the handsome and cool face of the white-haired man made it look even uglier than the Devil Heart Ling Li.

As soon as he waved his hands, he pulled out a current of internal qi and grabbed the falling horn into his hand, Meanwhile, with one foot on Li Mu's chest, he tried to flee by means of the anti-quake power of the treasured sword which had been pierced into Li Mu's body.

However, Li Mu tightly held the sword edge with the right hand, despite that his fingers were lacerated.

The ancient sword seemed to be cast in Li Mu's body, and couldn't be pulled at all.

At the same time, Li Mu struggled to fight with his spare power; his left hand punched the tramping leg of Bai Rushuang.


Bai Rushuang's left leg was directly fractured and bent at a shocking angle.

Furthermore, after Li Mu had almost run out of strength in the fight with the giant flood dragon and with his waist having been stabbed by that ancient sword, there wasn't much power left. Otherwise, that punch might have pulverized Bai Rushuang's left leg.


Since Bai Rushuang was injured seriously, fresh blood spouted from his mouth.

With a shocked face, he couldn't believe that Li Mu had the power to fight back at this moment.

Under the huge horror, he directly released the hilt, catapulted himself and fled in a rush to the distance.


Li Mu fell to the ground and was covered in a pile of gravel.

"Oops... little thing, you're not dead?" The old man was still a little conscientious, coming over and trying to save people.


Li Muzhen flew off the gravel and jumped out of it.

Although trying to give chase, he was dizzy and his feet were weak, thus he almost stumbled and didn't jump.

After all, in this battle, he had consumed too much strength, and with a lot of blood loss, the injury was really serious.

When he looked again, Bai Rushuang had already disappeared.

In addition, he was not good at tracking, so he might not catch up to the man.

Li Mu was at a loss.

'd.a.m.n it, what happened to me?'

"I fought hard for a long time with my bare arms, but another man got the treasure and benefits..."

'I really can't tolerate this injustice.'

'I will definitely catch this little white-haired b.a.s.t.a.r.d, and then beat him to the extent that no one can recognize him, including his mother.'

Li Mu set this resolution in his heart.

"Ha ha, bro, don't think about other things. You'd better put on clothes first."

The old beggar tried hard to refrain from bursting into gloating laughter, and pretended to sympathize with Li Mu. He patted Li Mu's bare arms, and then gave him ragged, wrinkled and muddy clothes.

"Who is that white-haired man?" Li Mu left the ragged clothes on one side.

'Got a problem with my streaking?'

His mood was very irritable.

Fairy Face Zhou Kole replied, "Bai Rushuang, future leader of the Sirius Clan."

After she came over, the snow-colored embossed bracelet on her wrist s.h.i.+mmered once, then a black robe coat magically appeared in her palms. The materials and the workmans.h.i.+p were extremely exquisite, which could be sensed at a glance. She handed it over to him, saying, "Thanks for saving us, master Li."

This was the clothing she normally prepared for her cousin, Ling Li.

However, Li Mu's eyes glowed and fell on the snow-colored embossed bracelet.

"A storage bracelet, right?"

'In this martial arts world, there can even be treasures similar to storage bracelets?'

'Yes. Now that there are warlocks to practice magic arts, such supernatural tools as s.p.a.cial storage ones should truly exist.'

Li Mu suddenly had a plot.

'If there is a chance, I will definitely rob it... Eh, no, I will buy one s.p.a.cial storage magic tool.'

"Thank you, beauty." Since Li Mu saved Ling Li before, he received the clothes naturally and put them on. He even turned his head and glanced at the old beggar, ridiculing, "See? When you pretend to be a good person, can you think about first whether your gift is a decent one before giving it away? Please be more sincere."

After he heard this, the old beggar's nose was all crooked.

Li Mu rolled up his sleeves and walked towards the lake again.

"What are you doing there?" said the old beggar.

Li Mu turned around with a look towards the old man as if he were facing an idiot and said, "Are you stupid? Don't you know what means to carry things through to the end? The horn I took many efforts to get was robbed by another man. I will certainly go to break the other horn... Besides, I haven't obtained the flood dragon's blood to cure Ming Yue."

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The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 79 Plotting

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