• F*ck Off Unless You're The One
  • F*ck Off Unless You're The One

  • Author(s) : Carbonic Acid - Tan Suan - 碳酸
  • Genres : Updating
  • Status : ongoing
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  • F*ck Off Unless You're The One Summary:

    A proud and easily jealous bottom + a gentle and slightly overbearing top Fang Yuhang was now single. Because a white lotus appeared between Nan Cheng and him. Under the encouragement of his friends, he joined a television programme, “Let’s Go On a Date”. He wanted to cause frustration to that sc.u.m top and that white lotus. When the television program started. Fang Yuhang saw his sc.u.m top dressed in a suit, standing upright next to him. f.u.c.k! Fang Yuhang ground his teeth and sent a text to his friends. “Are you f.u.c.king helping me or digging me a pit?!” Remarks: Not everything with barbs are broken gla.s.s bits. Putting it into the mouth, he might be sugar gla.s.s. Although it’ll p.r.i.c.k at the mouth, but — he’s still sweet~~