The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 781 - The Hero Saves a Beauty

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Chapter 781 The Hero Saves a Beauty

“It works. He has already woken up. Director, your medicine is really amazing. It really cured the disease.”

Zhao Meng tried his best to flatter Zhuo Bufan while recording the video. He did not notice the strange look in Zhang Dazhuang’s eyes at all.

However, Dong Anna seemed to have become extremely alert after the incidents with the krait and leopard. She took two steps back toward the door and said, “Why do I feel that something is wrong?”

“What’s wrong? His fever has subsided, and he has woken up…”

While Zhao Meng was talking, he suddenly saw two big blood-red eyes appearing on the phone screen. Zhang Dazhuang jumped off the bed suddenly. His limbs looked extremely stiff, his face wase pale and his eyes were blood-red. His appearance resembled that of the zombie in the TV series.

After opening the door of the isolation room, Li Laogen did not leave. He also wanted to see how the treatment for the patient went. After seeing Zhang Dazhuang’s reaction, he immediately shouted, “Run, Zhang Dazhuang has gone crazy.”

After that, he was the first to run out of the isolation room. After his experience with Niu Erwa, he was very clear about this kind of situation.

He was the first to run, followed by Dong Anna, then the others also reacted and rushed out of the door.

This was also the reason why they reacted so quickly and managed to escape. As they ran out, Zhang Dazhuang had completely entered into a state of advance madness. With a strange roar, he jumped toward the door and chased after them.

Although his legs could not be bent, his speed was very fast. He could jump two or three meters with just one tap of his feet on the ground.

Kathaway and w.a.n.g Zhonglin were waiting outside the door and were not aware of what was going on inside. Kathaway even had the camera ready in her hand. She was waiting for Zhuo Bufan to come out for a special interview after he cured the patient.

But she didn’t expect that these people would come out so quickly. Before she could react, they had already run dozens of meters away.

When she saw Zhang Dazhuang following closely behind, she understood what was going on. Not only did the treatment fail, but it also caused the patient to enter an advanced state of madness.

Kathaway’s reaction was not slow. She threw down the camera and ran away, but Zhang Dazhuang, who was in a frenzy, was too fast. He jumped a few times and came up behind her. He reached out his hand to grab her neck, gnas.h.i.+ng his white teeth and his eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty light.


Although she was an experienced and knowledgeable reporter after all these years, she had never seen such a horrible scene. She was so scared that she screamed and even closed her eyes, not daring to look at what was going to happen next.

The other people around were also shocked, especially w.a.n.g Zhonglin. Kathaway was a reporter for the Eyes of the Earth.

At this time, he couldn’t wait to strangle Zhuo Bufan to death. What did this s.h.i.+tty expert do? Not only did he not cure the patient, but he also caused the patient to enter into a state of advanced madness.

At this critical moment, Kathaway suddenly felt a strong arm grasping her waist and her body retreating at a high speed. Zhang Dazhuang’s big hairy hands failed to catch her.

After going through this life and death crisis, Kathaway opened her eyes and saw a handsome face behind her. It was Qin Haodong who had just come back.

Qin Haodong also secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he came back in time.

Zhang Dazhuang didn’t catch her. His eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a red light, he jumped toward Qin Haodong instead.

At this time, Li Laogen had summoned more than a dozen villagers. Holding ropes in their hands, they shouted to the people next to them, “Everyone, hurry up and tie Zhang Dazhuang up.”

Five days ago, when Niu Erwa went crazy, everyone used this method to subdue him. But now it was different. At that time, no one knew how terrible this virus was, so some people rushed forward.

Now the injured villagers were lying in the isolation room and their lives were in limbo. Everyone knew very well that as long as they were caught by the monster in front of them, they would be also be infected.

Therefore, even though Li Laogen shouted loudly, none of the villagers dared to take action.

Seeing this situation, Qin Haodong shoved Kathaway behind him and shouted at Li Laogen, “Throw me the rope.”

If it was a real zombie in front of him, it would be easy to deal with it. As long as the Xuanyuan Sword was used, the sword could cut it into two halves. Unfortunately, this was a villager, so Qin Haodong could not kill him.

Li Laogen reacted very quickly, and when he heard the shout, he directly threw the rope to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong turned back and caught the rope. At this time, Zhang Dazhuang was just in front of him. He lifted his leg and kicked Zhang Dazhuang in the chest, which directly hurled him to the ground. He released an invisible force which pressed Zhang Dazhuang to the ground, unable to move at all.

Then, the rope in his hand flew out as if it had a life of its own and began to quickly wrap around Zhang Dazhuang’s body. In the blink of an eye, he was firmly trussed up.

Although Zhang Dazhuang kept roaring with the red light flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes, he was restrained by the rope. He obediently allowed himself to be led back to the isolation room by Qin Haodong.

Li Laogen took the big lock next to him and locked the door of the isolation room again. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Doctor Qin.”

Kathaway was the first to come to Qin Haodong’s side. Her eyes were full of adoration when she looked at him.

If the man hadn’t stepped forward, she might have become a zombie monster, so she was full of grat.i.tude toward Qin Haodong. At the same time, she also had an inexplicable feeling in her heart.

It seemed like a scene where the hero rescues the beauty and then embraces the beauty. Women seemed to be born with a hero wors.h.i.+p complex and with the grat.i.tude that comes after being saved, their feelings would turn into a hot love as long as it received the slightest encouragement.

Qin Haodong just smiled and nodded. He didn’t say much, which made her feel a little disappointed.

“Thank you, Doctor Qin. Thank you so much.”

The second one who came to thank him was w.a.n.g Zhonglin. He was the highest-ranking administrative official on the scene. If the matter today was not resolved, he would bear the biggest responsibility. He was afraid that he would not be able to keep his t.i.tle after all these years. Therefore, he was the one who was most worried about this accident just now. He was covered in cold sweat.

Fortunately, Qin Haodong appeared in time and subdued the crazed Zhang Dazhuang.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s nothing.” Qin Haodong asked in confusion, “Director w.a.n.g, what’s going on? Why did the patient suddenly go crazy and rush out of the room?”

w.a.n.g Zhonglin turned around and asked Zhuo Bufan, who was cowering by the side, “Mr. Zhuo, you should give everyone an explanation. Didn’t you say that this medicine is absolutely effective?”

“Why did it not only not cure the patient, but also made him go crazy? What the h.e.l.l is going on?”

According to the calculation of the time when Niu Erwa went crazy, these villagers would have at least one more day before they could enter into the state of illness. Today, Zhang Dazhuang must have been stimulated by the medicinal liquid injected by Zhuo Bufan and entered the state of madness in advance.

Zhuo Bufan’s forehead was covered in sweat as he said, “I… I… I don’t know what’s going on either. This medicine should be effective.”

After making such a big mistake, he was no longer as proud and high-spirited as he was earlier. His lackeys next to him also stood far away from him, as if they were afraid of getting involved.

w.a.n.g Zhonglin said in a cold voice, “Mr. Zhuo, I will report truthfully what happened here and ask the Ministry of Health to set up a new expert team.”

As soon as he finished speaking, several people’s hearts immediately sank. If they were really sent back to the Ministry of Health by w.a.n.g Zhonglin, not only would they not be able to get any credit, but they would also be severely punished.

Guo Tao, Zhao Meng, Dong Anna, and the others felt even more regretful. They had been in the capital, so why did they agree to come here to get gilded? Now, they might even be punished.

Zhuo Bufan’s lips moved a few times, but he didn’t say a word.

Today’s trouble was caused by him. If it was really reported to the Ministry of Health, he would be the one to bear the greatest responsibility. He was afraid that the contract he had just gotten would be terminated.

At this moment, Qin Haodong said, “Director w.a.n.g, there’s no need to do this. Our team is still good. Although we can’t cure this virus for the time being, the failure is due to Western medicine. We Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners have not treated it yet.”

Sun Bowei followed and said, “Yes, Director w.a.n.g. Some people did not allow us to come into contact with these patients in order to seize the credit. If we treat them, there may be a different result.”

“In the meeting this morning, Doctor Qin mentioned that this kind of special medicine that had not been tested by clinical means could not be relied on at all. However, Mr. Zhuo did not listen and forbade us to get in touch with these patients.”

“He said that he was afraid that we would mess up the virus in the patient’s body and cause a virus variation. As a result, we didn’t do anything, but instead, due to what he did, the virus mutated.”

w.a.n.g Zhonglin looked sharply at Zhuo Bufan and asked, “Is that so, Mr. Zhuo?”


After being exposed in public, Zhuo Bufan felt a burning sensation on his face, as if he had been slapped dozens of times. He couldn’t answer this question, so he could only lower his head deeply.

Qin Haodong said to w.a.n.g Zhonglin, “Director w.a.n.g, there are four traditional Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners in this team, which means that the Ministry of Health attached great importance to our traditional Chinese medicine.”

“I want to ask you to give us another day. If we can’t get an effective treatment plan within one day, you can report it to the higher-ups. Is that okay?”

“Okay, Doctor Qin. I’ll listen to you. If there is no effective treatment plan by this time tomorrow, I will apply for a new team from my superiors.”

w.a.n.g Zhonglin agreed directly. On the one hand, he felt that what Qin Haodong said was reasonable, and on the other hand, he was grateful for Qin Haodong’s help just now.

After getting permission, Qin Haodong said to Li Laogen, “Mr. Li, open the door of the room now. I’ll go in and feel the patient’s pulse.”

Although he could a.s.sess the condition of these people from the outside just by looking at them with his skills, this time it was of great importance. It was more accurate to observe them from a close distance.

Li Laogen said, “Doctor Qin, which one are you going to see first?”

Qin Haodong said, “Niu Erwa’s illness is the most serious. Let’s open his room first. I want to go in and have a look.”

Li Laogen said worriedly, “Doctor Qin, is it okay? Although this guy is tied up, he is very violent.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine as long as I’m here.”

Li Laogen thought of the scene where Qin Haodong had just subdued Zhang Dazhuang, so he did not say anything more. He took out the key and opened the door to Niu Erwa’s room.

Qin Haodong was about to go in when Sun Fengqing said, “Doctor Qin, I will go with you. I may be able to help you a little.”

Qin Haodong frowned slightly and said, “Mr. Sun, it’s very dangerous here. Why don’t I go alone?”

He had the Protective Green Wood Genuine Qi, which could prevent him from being infected by any virus, and it was more effective than a change-proof suit. However, Sun Fengqing was just an ordinary person. If he came into contact with the crazy Niu Erwa, he might really be infected with the virus.

Sun Feng smiled faintly and said, “You are not afraid. What’s there for me to be afraid of? If I can’t even do this, how can I even be a doctor?”

The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 781 - The Hero Saves a Beauty

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