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"The king asked me to patrol the mountains…"

Right after Ling Ran exited the surgical floor, he heard the sound of his mobile phone. When he picked it up, he heard w.a.n.g Jia's excited voice, "Doctor Ling, come and take a group photo. We have the leaders of the city with us. Department Director Huo mentioned your name and everyone wants to get to know you." w.a.n.g Jia sounded as if she was boasting about herself. Her voice was very loud.

Ling Ran responded, "I'll need about five minutes."

"There's still time, you'll make it. We're still making small talk about zone level schools," w.a.n.g Jia smiled and said a few more words before she hung up the phone.

Ling Ran took the elevator specifically for medical staff on the surgical floor. He went directly to the second floor and returned to the Emergency Department in the Emergency Medicine building.

A vast number of people in white coats, men in jackets, and men in suits filled the Emergency Department. There were very few patients that day, and the s.p.a.ce in the waiting hall was occupied by the public. Several photographers held their mobile phones and took pictures. The people in white coats, jackets, and suits also took group pictures, as though they were holding a large meeting.

Ling Ran entered the waiting room and stood in the middle of a group of smelly, short, chubby, bald, and tanned leaders with coa.r.s.e skin. He was like a majestic lion with a golden mane who stood in the middle of a gang of ugly and dirty turkeys with incomplete feathers, and what remained of them were messy, and the difference in color was also great. He instantly caught most of the people's attention. 

Huo Congjun smiled and waved at him. He called Ling Ran over and said, "This is our master of blood control, Ling Ran, from the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital. Although he looks young, if it were not for him to discover the hidden bleeding point, the surgery will not have ended so soon."

He did not have to exaggerate Ling Ran's achievements, because he was already considered an incredibly skilled person in the hospital since he was able to find the pressure point to stop bleeding faster than the others. Huo Congjun would not make blind a.s.sumptions about whether the others could find it, or how long they would need to find it. He would also never publicize it. After all, it did not benefit Ling Ran in any way.

As a great critique who criticized and scolded the entire province and was well on his way to criticize and scold the whole nation, Huo Congjun was very great in finding what could be used as ammunition for a person to criticize and scold someone else. He knew what he could say casually and what words would be easily used against him.

Half of the leaders present were not in the medical system or the health system, but that did not stop them from complimenting outstanding doctors. After all, no one could avoid getting sick, and they will need a doctor for that. If they were unfortunate enough to get involved in an accident that was cut up by their mistresses' husbands or something else, they needed doctors as well.

As far as the whole society was concerned, doctors as a group got scolded pretty often, but doctors should be the most popular people in their social circles.

While Huo Congjun introduced Ling Ran, he pushed Ling Ran to the first row as a representative of the doctors who partic.i.p.ated in Jiang Li's emergency treatment. He took a group photo with the representative of the patient's family, the police department's representative, the deputy bureau directors, and those ranked above the deputy bureau directors.

Ling Ran faced the camera, and he looked calm.

Then, he saw Tian Qi. She had a camera hanging around her neck. She stood with her back straight and occupied a s.p.a.ce in front of the orderly photographer team.

The main photographer lifted the camera. Tian Qi lifted her camera as well and pressed the shutter to take pictures of the group.

The slight surprise on Ling Ran's face was also instantly captured.

Tian Qi turned complacently and took a group selfie with the group.

Once the group photo was taken, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, as if they had completed a major task that was not inferior to emergency treatment.

Huo Congjun causally asked Ling Ran, "Are the preparations for the surgery done? Why are you in such a hurry?"

"I already completed it," Ling Ran also answered casually.

Huo Congjun was shaking hands with other people when heard what Ling Ran said. He could not help but look at his phone. "How long did you take to get it done?"

"The surgery took twenty minutes. Once we closed the incision, I came out. That was when I received the call," Ling Ran answered the question honestly.

Huo Congjun had been doing surgery for decades. After he heard it took twenty minutes, his eyes widened. He then looked at Ling Ran and asked, "Did it go well?"

"It went well."

"It's completed?"


"It was an Achilles tendon repair surgery?"



Ling Ran looked at Huo Congjun and did not understand why he suddenly started laughing.


On the other side was Tian Qi, who stood among the circle of young nurses as she excitedly listened to them praise Ling Ran.

"Doctor Ling is very handsome."

"Really handsome."

"Doctor Ling is especially handsome."

After working in the hospital for a year or two, normal nurses often had more understanding about the symptoms of the illnesses related to their department and the medical skills the doctors used than the doctors themselves. 

To some extent, the nurses who do not know how to perform surgeries but had stayed in the hospital for a long time would have the ability to make judgments about how the surgeries went. It was just like how business entrepreneurs who specialized in renovating houses would have different opinions about renovating houses compared to renovation workers, how movie watchers who had watched many movies would have different understandings toward films compared to directors and actors. They were not necessarily correct, but their opinions could not be ignored.

Of course, the young nurses at Yun Hua Hospital had become more biased after seeing Ling Ran.

Today's rescue team involved more than a dozen medical staff, and the service staff in charge of support was twice the number, but in the eyes of the young nurses, the biggest star will always be Ling Ran.

A young nurse was the first to take out her mobile phone and shared a picture of Ling Ran performing bleeding control. Right after she did that, the situation went out of control.

"The pictures on the flatbed looks great."

"That picture when he was looking for the hepatic portal looks good. Everyone else was dumbfounded, especially Department Director Huo. Hahahaha…"

"The most handsome one is definitely the one I shot. Look, Doctor Ling is very cool when he was suturing."

"There's no such thing as most handsome, only more handsome. Look at the gif I took…"

Tian Qi listened to the point she became restless. She could not help but asked, "All of you have a group to exchange pictures of Doctor Ling, right?"

"Not really," The young nurse recognized Tian Qi, and since they were all Prince Charming's fan, she said, "It's our internal group."

"A nurses' internal group?"

"You could say that." The young nurse was too lazy to go into the details.

But Tian Qi cared about it so much that a thought struck her head, and she said, "I am so jealous of you. All of you can have fun as a unit together."

"Yeah, after Doctor Ling came, the hospital's atmosphere became much better."

"Yeah, yeah. Everyone is much more energetic when they come to work."

"And work became interesting, too. Besides, Doctor Ling is super polite."

"Yogurt tastes much better as well."

"Oh yes, are the fruits ready yet?"

The topic in which the nurses talked about made Tian Qi's imagination run wild, and she became full of curiosity about their lives.

Tian Qi beat around the bush and asked, "All of you are nurses in your group? That's great, you can share many topics together."

"There are also pharmaceutical sales representatives. After several pharmaceutical sales representatives came to our hospital, they would drop by to hang out when they do not have anything to do," a young nurse casually revealed some information.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives gave generous gifts. They usually received money for public relations expenditure and had many ideas. They were good at giving gifts, and they usually gave gifts the nurses somewhat liked.

Tian Qi smiled as she remembered that.

Tian Qi turned around and found a quiet corner before she took out her mobile phone. She pressed on 'five' for a long time before she said, "But a company with pharmaceutical sales representatives. It would be best if that company has business in Yun Hua City."


Great Doctor Ling Ran 261 Noted

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