Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 266

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Published at 15th of July 2019 06:20:07 PM Chapter 266: 266

For two consecutive weeks, Ling Ran made sure that he only performed an average of two surgery cases daily . For the rest of the time, he would either follow Huo Congjun around to understand the meticulous business in the Emergency Department, or he would hide and study in the office .

To be a doctor was to study for a lifetime . If one only spent an average of two hours a day on self-learning, one would not be able to finish the latest textbooks, let alone the latest literature .

Compared to ordinary people, Ling Ran caught up quick in academics . When he was a soph.o.m.ore, he accompanied the cadavers and finished reading the basic texts . However, in the next three years, Ling Ran still struggled, much to his shame, to be within the top three, and he would only occasionally become first in the year .

Ling Ran was not satisfied with such achievements and understood that he was not a genius in learning . After all, genii would not partic.i.p.ate in competing with others in terms of academic results in university . For example, when he was a child, he partic.i.p.ated in the Child Star Contest, and he went straight to be on China Central Television, he did not compete against someone else in the elementary school level .

Although the Ling family did not lack money, and Ling Ran did not follow the path of a child star, the experience of his days in elementary school gave him sufficient standards as his reference .

When he took his freshman final exam, he was only first in three modules, and there was a module which he was in eighth place . Ling Ran knew then that he was not cut out for studying .

In the days that followed, Ling Ran could only study with a humble att.i.tude .

If he did not get the system, Ling Ran may choose to take the doctoral or PhD exams and spend more time than others to learn .

However, the system itself did not give him a more excellent studying ability .

Ling Ran could only spend time to digest as much as he could .

Pure reading was much more boring than performing surgeries .

If Chief w.a.n.g Haiyang of the Hand Surgery Department had not brought Ling Ran along for a freelance surgery, Ling Ran believed he would not have been able to control himself but to use up the remaining beds .

However, the number of remaining beds had still reduced, and soon, the beds reduced to only single digits no matter how “frugal” Ling Ran was .

“Doctor Ling, we have maxed out on the extra beds . We can't add more . ” The head nurse came to the office deliberately and informed Ling Ran .

Behind her was Lu Wenbin, Ma Yanlin, and Yu Yuan, who walked in gingerly .

The doctors in the office also widened their eyes and waited to see Ling Ran's expression of anger .

There was always a moment whereby a doctor in the hospital would nearly suffer a stroke because of his anger, and they had to save him through emergency treatment . Everyone had never seen Ling Ran angry, and they always felt that things were not that perfect yet because of it .

Ling Ran had been reading the medical records when he turned around . He answered with a slow voice, “We reached max capacity already?”

“There are one hundred and one beds now . We can't add any more,” the head nurse said, “Not only do we not have enough s.p.a.ce, but the nurses also can't take care of so many patients, and the doctor's ward rounds are too long . In addition, the Emergency Department needs to have a few ward beds to be kept in reserve…”

“I know . Having one hundred and one beds is already very good . ” Ling Ran now missed the one hundred and eighty ward bed at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, as well as the extra beds he could still get . In his memory, half of the ward area of ​​the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was controlled to be used for something else . If it were all opened up, it would be possible to put another hundred and eight ward beds in there .

However, although the Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department was large, there was no such s.p.a.ce for them . Ling Ran was also well aware of that .

Lu Wenbin looked at Ling Ran again and said, “Doctor Ling, if this is the case, do we have to suspend surgeries for the time being?”

“Are there no patients who are going to be discharged?”

“The average hospital admission rate for patients has dropped a lot, and we can't find any patients that are going to be discharged over the past few days . ”

“Okay . ” Ling Ran sighed again and said, “Then let's call it a day, I will also be going home . ”

He made his way to leave right after he said that . He turned off the computer and went straight out .

The other doctors in the Emergency Department still had to undertake the errands in the Emergency Department . However, Ling Ran would only go to the Debridement Room when he wanted to play . If there were no more ward beds, he naturally could only go home .

When he appeared outside the Emergency Medicine building, Huo Congjun slowly returned to the office .

“Has Ling Ran gone back?” Huo Congjun asked, even though he knew the answer .

Ma Yanlin was the first to answer, “Doctor Ling already went back . ”

“Ah… it's really impossible for us to get another bed . ” Huo Congjun acted like he was a hero wiping away his tears . He grabbed the handrail in front of the office window and looked at Ling Ran's back . Then, he said, “If the basic infrastructure of our department cannot meet the needs of the doctors, then it shows my failure as a director . At the next hospital administration meeting, I will definitely fight for it . ”

“Department Director Huo!”

“Department director!”

“This is so moving!”

A group of attending physicians rushed to take the spotlight . The resident doctors were still puzzled and dumbfounded, and the a.s.sociate chief physician did not need to resort to such methods to survive anymore .

Fortunately, the number of attending physicians in the Emergency Department was sufficient, and they could help Department Director Huo act as his supporting characters for this TVB-level drama .

Huo Congjun sighed deeply . “If there is a possibility, no matter how small it is, I have to give our departments more beds . If we want to make a huge Emergency Department, not having beds is unacceptable . Now, our number of hospital beds is our shortcoming . But everyone, do not worry . During the year when our Emergency Medicine building was built, we left room for improvement . If it is really impossible, I will get some s.p.a.ce from the ward building . ”

“Department Director Huo, you're so thoughtful . ”

“Department director, you act exactly like how a department director should be . ”

“Department director, don't worry too much . Young people are rash . It's all right to wait for a few days . ”

The attending physicians opened their mouths and recited all the lines . The past few years they spent in the hospital had not been a waste after all .

Huo Congjun struck a pose for a while, and when he could not see Ling Ran, he sat down with a sigh of relief . He said to Lu Wenbin and the others, “You are Ling Ran's a.s.sistants in surgery, but you can't just provide a.s.sistance to him in surgeries . You would have to give him a helping hand in the other aspects of his life as well, like his mental state or whether his lifestyle is healthy . You have to find a way to help him in any way possible, understand? Ling Ran wholeheartedly performs surgery . He may neglect some other life aspects . You a.s.sistants should help him cover up those neglected areas in his life . ”

“Yes…” Lu Wenbin answered on behalf of the team . In his heart, he repeatedly criticized, 'Doctor Ling doesn't need our help in his life . There are already some girls who would go up to help . '

After Huo Congjun finished nagging them, his guilt was greatly reduced, and a smile bloomed on his face as well .

Since Ling Ran came to the Emergency Department, the income of the Emergency Department had risen steadily and had now climbed out of the edge of suffering from losses .

For any hospital's Emergency Department, as long as they did not fall into the swamp of monetary loss, there were then many ways for them to make a profit .

Huo Congjun had begun to consider whether he wanted to make another important a.s.set for the Emergency Department .

The Emergency Department cannot just take advantage of the Orthopedics Department . It would need to take advantage of other departments as well .

If it really could not be done, Huo Congjun would have to hire some people from other hospitals .

By doing that, however, the expenses of the Emergency Department would increase as well . He may even need to prepare some new surgical instruments and tools . But Huo Congjun was always prepared to go toward this direction .

Even if the attending physicians did not object to it, the other a.s.sociate chief physicians and chief physicians would have their opinions .

Huo Congjun was quite satisfied with his acting skills . He had been a director of the Emergency Department for many years . He would still balance things in the department if it were necessary . Besides, he could not allow the dozens of doctors in the Emergency Department to leech off Ling Ran's work .

“Department director, there's a call for you . ” The doctor in the office took up the fixed phone line and hesitated to call for Huo Congjun .

Huo Congjun subconsciously took out his mobile phone and glanced at it . He was suspicious of picking up the fixed phone line, “h.e.l.lo?”

“Department Director Huo, Zhu Tongyi here . ” Academician Zhu Tongyi's voice rang from the other end . He chuckled and said, “I am here to send an invitation . ”

“What invitation?”

“Well, we, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, are very grateful to Doctor Ling for his help even with his busy schedule . This time, our center has organized an international exchange conference . We would like to invite Doctor Ling as a guest speaker and come back to our center for a return visit . I specially called you, and I hope that you will allow him to come . ” Zhu Tongyi's voice was full of enthusiasm, and he sounded very pa.s.sionate .

Huo Congjun was happy when he heard it . Doctors still loved things like international exchanges very much . He had to make things balanced in his department every year for this . Now that he just received another spot for a conference, things were quite good .

When Huo Congjun was about to agree with it, he was puzzled for a moment and asked, “What do you want him to talk about if he were the guest speaker?”

“Just about orthopedics . ”

“Is Ling Ran eligible to talk about orthopedics in your conference?”

“Why wouldn't it be enough? It's more than enough . We won't even have a problem to let foreigners give talks . ” Zhu Tongyi laughed .

Huo Congjun could not find any flaws in his words and had to agree to this matter . He even let Zhu Tongyi contact Ling Ran personally .

After hanging up, Huo Congjun carefully thought for a long time before he said, “We still need to add the number of beds . I will request from the hospital director first . ”


“We need to add more hospital beds?”

“What do you mean…”

Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 266

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