Great Doctor Ling Ran 287 A Short Video

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"Doctor Gayford, Doctor Cadilla, this is our operating area." Zhu Tongyi brought a few friends from abroad who arrived early on a tour around the hospital.

Gayford was from New Zealand's Auckland City Hospital and was only a specialist whose skills were ordinary. He was considered famous because of the research papers he published. Even though Cadilla was from Mayo Clinic, she was not a renowned doctor. She came to this conference with the intention to gain knowledge. 

Other than these two, the other doctors from abroad who arrived early in China were also neither famous nor from renowned hospitals.

There was a doctor from Korea, a doctor from Malaysia, and a doctor from the United Kingdom. Zhu Tongyi only invited them to make up the numbers.

Brandon from the United Kingdom was only a young man who was around thirty years old. He kept recording videos using his phone and showed no diplomatic etiquette at all.

Academician Zhu Tongyi had no choice but to let him be and greet the other guests first. He said, "One of the daily operations of our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center is to train doctors from lower-ranking hospitals. This is why there are many doctors who are undergoing in-service training in our hospital. All of you will meet some of them later…"

"Why are those women gathered together? Let's take a look." Brandon from the United Kingdom suddenly lifted his phone and rushed toward a group of female volunteers who stood at the corner in front of him.

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center's building was pretty s.p.a.cious, and the corridor whereby the operating theaters and the demonstration room were located was almost fifteen or sixteen feet wide. At this moment, the place bustled with activity, as if it was a ticket counter in front of a tourist attraction.

Zhu Tongyi froze for a moment before letting out a few loud coughs and gesturing at Xue Haochu with his eyes.

Xue Haochu immediately understood what Zhu Tongyi meant. He immediately went forward, stopped Brandon in his tracks, and said loudly, "Doctor Brandon, they are all volunteers. Please do not film them."

"Why? Your volunteers don't like to be filmed? Or is it a Chinese tradition?" Brandon said before yelling loudly in English, "Could you girls look over here? I am Doctor Brandon from the United Kingdom, and I'm recording a show about traveling around China…"

The volunteers who were all young women turned to look at Brandon. They only joked among themselves in soft voices, and none of them followed Brandon's order.

"What's with them? Do they not understand English?" Brandon was a little annoyed. Every time he told other people that he was a doctor in his own country, they would always praise him. However, just now, he felt like a pitiable little animal.

Xue Haochu chuckled a few times. All the volunteers were trained beforehand, and even though the training did not cover many topics, and it was also very short, the volunteers were still able to adhere to the basic rules. Because Xue Haochu had already shown objection just now, the young women naturally would not let Brandon film them.

Brandon shook his head in resignation. He then muttered to himself before holding up his phone and walking forward despite Xue Haochu's objection.

In his hospital, he thought of himself as a trendsetter, and used his youth as an excuse to do things that other people did not dare to, were not willing to, or did not care about doing. Brandon did not really care about medicine itself. He found more enjoyment in moments where he got to tell beautiful girls in night clubs that he was a doctor.

Aside from this, Brandon spent most of his energy on taking videos.

Even though his way of life made his path in medicine extremely tough, Brandon enjoyed it very much.

He was a talented doctor and was also a person who did not like to live an easy life.

However, Brandon did enjoy attending all kinds of academic conferences.

The videos whereby he attended academic conferences and did weird things in academic conferences were the most popular ones among all his videos.

In this era where Hollywood culture had taken over the whole world, young people in the United Kingdom no longer liked to adhere to the traditions of being an English gentleman. The fact that Brandon liked to act rebelliously in traditional academic conferences was the biggest appeal of his videos.

Brandon held his phone up and recorded the faces of the female volunteers one by one.

"What's your name?" Brandon asked the prettiest young woman among the female volunteers.

The young woman glanced at Brandon, pursed her lips, and smiled. "My name is Han Meimei." [1]

The young people who were present almost sustained internal injury from holding back their laughter.

Xue Haochu was only able to stop himself from laughing out loud by lowering his head.

Brandon did not know what was going on. He continued asking, "What are you guys looking at?"

"A surgery."

"Oh, are you guys medical students?" When Brandon saw that they looked like a group of students, he asked while holding up his phone.


"Why are you guys watching a surgery, then?" Brandon was looking for things to film. As he spoke, he slowly inched towards the spot where everyone was gathered.

From where he stood, he could see the large screen in the demonstration room.

The demonstration room in the center was basically open to all its medical staff. The hospital wanted its staff to spend all their free time acquiring knowledge and bettering themselves.

However, whether personnel outside of the hospital were allowed inside the hospital depended on the situation.

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center obviously did not allow the volunteers to enter the demonstration room.

However, Zhu Yongyi did not make it a big deal. He only gestured at Xue Haochu to quickly chase Brandon off by gesturing at him with his lips.

For the next conference, no matter what, Zhu Tongyi would never send an invitation card to this man again. Even if his hospital recommended him, they would have to reject the recommendation.

"Mister Brandon." Xue Haochu walked forward.

"Wait, this surgery is pretty interesting." Naturally, Brandon would not want to look at the screen through the door. As he spoke, he pushed open the door and walked straight into the demonstration room.

Since the guests behind him entered along with him, Zhu Tongyi and Xue Haochu had no choice but to enter the demonstration room too.

"Good day, director."

"Academician Zhu."


The doctors who were watching the livestream in the demonstration room greeted Zhu Tongyi.

Zhu Tongyi nodded with a smile.

Meanwhile, Brandon strode forward and started filming the scene of the surgery which was broadcasted on the big screen using his phone.

Xue Haochu furrowed his eyebrows a little and said stiffly in English, "Doctor Brandon, this is not suitable."

"This is the ace you guys invited, right?" Brandon said slowly and clearly in English, "His skills are comparable to that of my teacher. Hm, this maneuver is very interesting. He's really meticulous. Who's this doctor you guys invited?"

Zhu Tongyi was already a senior citizen. He only remembered who Brandon's teacher was after a few seconds. It was Brent Wallace, a pretty renowned orthopedist in the United Kingdom.

This was also why Brandon had the qualifications to attend this conference.

For a time, Brent Wallace was known as one of the best orthopedists in the United Kingdom. His position in the orthopedic field in the United Kingdom was comparable to Zhu Tongyi's position in the orthopedic field in China.

If you were to take into account the differences between the skills of doctors in China and United Kingdom, you could say that Brent Wallace's position in the international orthopedics field was slightly higher than that of Zhu Tongyi.

However, Brandon was neither Brent's last disciple nor his only student. His position was slightly higher than Xue Haochu at best, and it was nothing to be bragged about.

Hence, Zhu Tongyi did not pay any heed to Brandon's words. He looked around.

One of the doctors said, "Ling Ran is the one carrying out the surgery. It's an Achilles tendon repair surgery."

"It's an Achilles tendon repair surgery carried out by a Chinese doctor." Zhu Tongyi did not mention Ling Ran's name. In conferences like this, the doctor's nationality was the only thing that needed to be mentioned.

"Oh, a Chinese doctor." As Brandon held up his phone and watched the scene on the screen, he suddenly went silent.

This was the kind of feeling surgeries performed by Ling Ran gave others.

Serene and calm, with a hint of wisdom, and mostly uneventful.

"A fresh Achilles tendon repair, but it is performed in this manner… Academician Zhu, is this the new plan you designed?" Brandon was starting to feel curious.

"Yes," Zhu Tongyi answered.

"There must be very few doctors who are able to execute this plan." Brandon's thoughts jumped about, but his main aim was still to capture a video of the surgery, and videos could be edited.

Zhu Tongyi only flashed a slight smile and said nothing, as if everything in the world was in his control.

Brandon did not say much either. He held up his phone and continued filming the screen.

The second part of the Achilles tendon repair surgery took around ten minutes. After Brandon was done filming it, he immediately started writing an email and attached the video to the email.

Great Doctor Ling Ran 287 A Short Video

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