Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 292

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Published at 28th of July 2019 05:35:07 PM Chapter 292: 292

Brandon felt slightly aggrieved .

'I'm a streamer . If I'm not able to control the camera, then what livestream am I doing, exactly?'

Naturally, the camera he used now was only a phone camera . But the phone camera was still a camera . It should be operated by the cameraman himself, who would also work part-time as the streamer .

His phone vibrated for a while again .

Brandon made some adjustments . Now, he would only receive reminders if Wallace2781 talked to him .

Brandon quietly unlocked the screen . Then, he saw the latest text pop out .

Wallace 2781: Focus!

Brandon wrinkled his nose sarcastically . 'What focus? Phones nowadays are equipped with the autofocus attribute . Those old folks who don't know anything about streaming are always so naive…'

Brandon sneered in his heart while he moved the phone to Ling Ran's direction . He moved his phone back and front a few times .

*Buzz . *

Wallace 2781: Better .

Brandon instantly felt relieved . Then, he showed a plaint smile . He said, “Doctor Ling's operation leans more toward…”

*Buzz . *

Wallace 2781: Silence .

Brandon was stunned, but he obediently kept quiet .

It seemed that there were still other people's texts on the screen, but Brandon was no longer interested in it .

What was the meaning for a streamer to do any livestream if he were not allowed to speak?

It was quiet in the operating theater as well .

Ling Ran did not like to talk a lot while he did things .

If he spoke too much, there would be girls who rushed over to speak to him, so much so that he could not do anything well .

Ji Tianlu was usually a man with quite the number of internal monologues .

A surgeon who was in his forties was usually really great at cracking dirty jokes . Besides, there were two young nurses who were a.s.signed to the surgery today, and they might not have heard his cla.s.sic jokes yet…

But in the end, Ji Tianlu's sense of patriotic responsibility stopped him .

He also felt embarra.s.sed to speak nonsense in front of a group of foreigners .

So, the operating theater became the place that Ling Ran looked forward to the most .

It was silent, organized, and valuable .

Ling Ran happily performed the surgery, and he seemed to be doing it increasingly slower .

If they chose to perform the Plan A Achilles tendon repair for athletes, then the surgery will definitely take a longer time, because it had always been a surgery that would take a long time to finish, and making a surgical wound of 5 . 51 inches was also meant to provide a wide enough field of vision for the suturing .

But even if Ling Ran did it slowly and even more meticulously, his operation speed was still much faster than that of a normal doctor's .

From Ling Ran's point of view, he really enjoyed it very much .

It was just like learning from the cadaver two days ago . He needed to enjoy the process slowly to understand the entire process better, learn from it, and obtain something from it .


Wallace 2781: He performed an end-to-end tendon suture with the tendon flap at the lower end of the Achilles tendon . Is there any basis for this or is this personal experience?

Brandon was stunned . He finally decided to use his mind and immediately asked on Wallace's behalf, “Doctor Ling, you used an end-to-end tendon suture with the tendon flap at the lower end of the Achilles tendon . Is there any related research supporting this technique?”

“Someone used rabbits to experiment on this before . ” Ling Ran was familiar with the related research .

Ji Tianlu immediately translated it into English . Brandon also took the chance to take a look at the phone screen .

Yes, the number of viewers watching the show had increased to twenty-two, and this was very rare .

This was especially so when he did not give any commentary on the video himself . Being able to get this number of views made him even happier .

Brandon could only be happy .

At the conference hall .

The conference was still in progress according to schedule .

It was definitely the case for the plenary session . Currently, the session was mainly ruled by cameras . The speakers spoke in broken English while the audience could only pretend that they listened . All their body gestures and their words were meant for the cameras .

Meanwhile, a few of the breakout sessions showed an appropriate amount of flexibility in how they conveyed the session .

After the organizing committee gave out a few topics, the halls were free for the doctors to use . In the smaller breakout sessions, there was either no host or the doctors would be the hosts themselves .

Yet this kind of hall carried out the most active sessions .

Some doctors shared the cases they encountered before on the stage, some talked loudly about medical policies, while some shared their latest research results and invited others to collaborate with them .

The medical field was the most outstanding when it came to internationalization when compared to other academic disciplines . Based on the frequency and depth of their international collaboration alone, the performance of clinical medicine had surpa.s.sed other academic disciplines by a large margin .

Clinical medicine was an academic discipline targeted at humans . Not many languages, cultures or even any traditional practices needed to be involved when it came to its members forming collaborations . When human life was in concern, the first thing to spread out from the people would always be the spirit to help, which was attached to the physical bodies of all human beings .

In clinical medicine, certain realistic factors will inevitably prompt people to work together .

Such collaborations were usually seen when it came to treating regional diseases . For example, malaria was more commonly seen in the tropical region . If hospitals and clinicians in non-tropical regions wanted to study them, their best choice would be to collaborate with doctors from tropical regions .

Other transmitted diseases including the plague also required collaborative research before it could be treated . If such collaborations were not formed, the disease might never be treated, because there might not necessarily be a hospital that carried out the relevant research in the region with the epidemic outbreak, and the hospital that did the relevant research will also not allow the disease to spread in their own region .

In the area of sports orthopedics, the most common collaboration was seen in the circulation of the athletes and doctors .

Some countries that majored in sports might not be experts in the medical field . Therefore, the need for each other became the main reason for the collaborations .

Doctors also did not expect to be able to collaborate with each other with just an exchange of a few words . However, those who kept in touch were still happy to keep in touch .

“I'll switch on a livestream, okay?” One of the doctors went on the stage and flung his phone before he connected to the screen .

This was planned earlier in the session .

In just a while, that doctor connected his phone with the screen in the hall used for the breakout session .

A surgical field appeared suddenly in front of everyone's eyes .

“Hey, that's scary . ” One of the Chinese doctors jumped .

“It's an Achilles tendon repair . ” The doctor who started the livestream did not explain much . He just stated the content of the surgery and sat back down .

“There are a total of twenty people watching the livestream?” Some doctors understood what was going on, and some did not quite care about that .

The doctor who played the video just smiled and said, “I think it is quite good . Doctor Wallace from the United Kingdom recommended this . ”

“Brent Wallace?”

“Yes . ”

After a few simple sentences, the people directed their attention to the screen .

Although the attendees in this international conference were all doctors, their levels and specializations were still different from each other .

However, the Achilles tendon repair was the most basic surgery, so there would not be anyone who did not understand it .

“This is so complicated . ”

“Zhu Tongyi's Plan A . ”

“The operation is quite hard . ”

“I heard the effect is pretty good . ”

The doctors in the small conference hall discussed in whispers .

Sports medicine had always strived to be a high-end medical field . A doctor had to always prepare himself to learn new things at all times, so there was not even a need to mention the obsession of sports medicine doctors towards new techniques .

Rich athletes always hoped to obtain the latest technical support, and this also motivated the doctors to keep learning .

Everyone was curious about Zhu Tongyi's Plan A .

“Is Doctor Zhu Tongyi performing the surgery?” someone suddenly asked .

“It's a doctor from the hospital . ”

“He did it so well? Who is he? He should be attending this conference too, right?”

As the doctors chatted, some smart pharmaceutical sales representatives went out to do their work .

Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 292

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