Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 431

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Chapter 431: Specialist of Cardiovascular Surgery

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Wei Jiayou was tall and gaunt, and he always had his hands in his pockets as he walked. He always liked to stand in the shadows, too.

He disliked communicating with other people, and ordinary people did not like to communicate with him either. All the doctors and nurses of Yun Hua Hospital disliked talking to him. Even patients and their family members disliked talking to him.

This was true even in the wards. When the patients and their family members saw how cold Wei Jiayou's gaze and expression were, they no longer felt like asking him anything. This was extremely abnormal, as patients and their family members always had countless things to ask other chief surgeons. If a chief surgeon were to stay in a ward forever, a patient and his family members were capable of coming out with enough questions to last the chief surgeon a lifetime. The patient and their families will still have questions to ask when the chief surgeon was reincarnated.

Wei Jiayou was unlike other chief surgeons. Even though he did not like to attract attention, he liked to get things done in a grandiose manner. He was also arrogant. A lot of people loathed him, and to the world, he was an outcast.

Only a small minority of people, such as doctors like Di Maocai who were not easily influenced by others were able to accept Wei Jiayou as he was.

However, Di Maocai was not a chatty person either, and whenever he stood together with Wei Jiayou, they never made any small talk.

Whenever the anesthetists and radiologists of Yun Hua Hospital worked together with Ling Ran, they could at least curb their boredom by looking at his handsome face. Now that they had to work with Wei Jiayou, how could they function normally when they were already used to looking at Ling Ran's face?

“There's no aortic dissection.” The young attending physician from the Medical Imaging Department called Wei Jiayou and hung up after a brief conversation.

Wei Jiayou clicked a few icons on the computer before him and printed the report. He then started reading it.

“What's the situation?” Di Maocai stood behind Wei Jiayou. He did not even bother to glance at the report.

He was already old, to the point that even Huo Congjun seemed like a kid to him. At this age, doctors rarely pursued new skills or made new breakthroughs. Di Maocai preferred to spend his time nurturing his students so that they could become outstanding doctors. He believed that this was the way to go.

Wei Jiayou was the exact opposite. He did not like communicating with other people, but he enjoyed acquiring new skills and learning new surgical methods. Even though he was already the rising star of the field of cardiovascular surgery, he stealthily learned how to perform all kinds of endoscopic surgeries. He did not mind even if he had lesser time to carry out cardiovascular surgeries because of this.

Wei Jiayou mastered most of the functions of Yun Hua Hospital's electronic system the day he arrived at the hospital itself. In comparison, Zuo Cidian was still very unskilled in this even though he had been around for a few months.

Wei Jiayou carefully glanced through the report before answering Academician Di. “The attending physician was right. There's no aortic dissection.”

“Nevermind, then. The quality of patients in Yun Hua City is seriously low.” Di Maocai shook his head. “We've been here for a week, and this is the second hospital we've visited. I can't believe that we haven't encountered a single patient who's suffering from aortic dissection. Are the people operating the ambulances even doing their jobs?”

Di Maocai's voice became louder and louder as he spoke, to the point that Department Director Lei could almost feel Di Maocai's saliva on his face.

As the director of the Medical Affairs Department, Department Director Lei had no choice but to pocket the insult. He chuckled in embarra.s.sment and said, “It's not like hospitals get to decide what illnesses patients suffer from.”

“You guys wouldn't even be aware if a patient suffering from aortic dissection had died in some random county hospital.” Di Maocai snorted a few times. He was implying that they still had not encountered any patient who suffered from aortic dissection in Yun Hua not because of low disease incidence, but because of a low diagnosis rate.

If another person were to say something like this, Department Director Lei would have definitely retorted. But because these words came out of Academician Di Maocai's mouth, he merely remained silent.

In addition, what Di Maocai said was true. The incidence of aortic dissection was not as low as most people would imagine, and at least one out of a hundred thousand people suffered from it. The Americans found out through the dissection of cadavers that one out of a hundred of those dead people had an aortic dissection.

The number of tertiary Grade A hospitals who were able to achieve the diagnosis rate of one out of a hundred thousand people for aortic dissection could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Most of them did not have any data related to aortic dissection.

As for county hospitals, they might not even be able to diagnose a single case of aortic dissection even after ten years. However, if one of those hospitals were to dissect all their patients who died from acute myocardial infarction, a large number of those patients definitely had an aortic dissection.

In other words, those county hospitals that had never diagnosed a single case of aortic dissection before definitely made things easier for the local grim reapers. If a patient who suffered from aortic dissection had an attack in one of those county hospitals, they were basically done for.

The fact that the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of Yun Hua Hospital was undeveloped inevitably resulted in a low diagnosis rate for aortic dissection. It was only natural that this affected the emergency medical system of the entire hospital and lowered the survival rate of patients in Yun Hua City.

As Di Maocai was a force to be reckoned with, Department Director Lei had no desire to refute his words at all. Department Director Lei was pretty experienced when it came to this kind of bombers who liked to attack people. He quickly swallowed the humiliation and held his tongue, letting Di Maocai say whatever he wanted to.

Unlike Huo Congjun, Di Maocai still needed to maintain his image as an academician. He did not bother making life difficult for a mere mortal. He merely glanced at Department Director Lei in disdain before saying to Wei Jiayou, “We can't help it if there's no patient with aortic dissection. We'll have to work with what we have.”

“Hmm… this case isn't interesting. Even the Cardiology Department can handle it.” Wei Jiayou was not modest at all in making his opinion known.

Di Maocai said in agreement, “Then, let's wait for another case. Even though there's no patient with aortic dissection, there's definitely a lot who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases.”

“Let's treat the next patient who comes around, then.” Wei Jiayou glanced at the clock and said, “It'll be time for dinner when we're done.”

Department Director Lei raised his head to look at the clock, too. It was already five in the evening, and it was obvious that Wei Jiayou was extremely confident in his ability to finish treating the patient before dinner time.

‘Are you trying to show off again?' Department Director Lei thought.

However, the other party was the academician's student, and his skills had probably already surpa.s.sed the skills of the chief physicians in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of Yun Hua Hospital. Even if he had not reached that level yet, he was definitely qualified enough to receive patients at the reception door.

Since the other party wanted to diagnose and operate on a patient in one go, Department Director Lei had no choice but to let him do that.

As they did not make a specific request for a certain cardiovascular disease, the emergency command center soon sent a notice over. “Suspected myocardial infarction. The patient is experiencing chest tightness, is sweating profusely, and has urinary incontinence…”

Wei Jiayou asked about the distance of the patient from them. He then said immediately, “Tell them that they can send the patient over.

They did not have to wait for long before an ambulance entered the reception area.

Wei Jiayou immediately went forward and asked about the patient's condition.

His expression was tranquil, and he explained things in an orderly manner. He did not need to say much to calm the patient's family members down.

As a specialist in cardiovascular surgery, Wei Jiayou could be said to be very skilled in handling patients with myocardial infarction. Because of this, he was totally at ease right now.

Of course, patients who were sent into operating theaters for cardiovascular surgeries were very near death's door, and it was not always possible to save patients with conditions like myocardial infarction. Wei Jiayou was equally at peace when it came to this.

“The patient needs immediate surgery. Send one of the family members to pay for the surgery fee, and ask an immediate family member to sign the informed consent form,” Wei Jiayou ordered in a hushed tone, and he did not look like he had any intention to discuss this with the patient's family members.

From his perspective, there was indeed nothing worth discussing.

“What surgery?” The middle-aged man who came along with the ambulance was hesitant.

Wei Jiayou gave him a puzzled look, straightened his back, and said, “We have confirmed that the patient is suffering from myocardial infarction, and we'll be starting with thrombolytic therapy…”

“You guys will be inserting a stent in his heart, right? Isn't this very expensive?” The man became even more hesitant.

Wei Jiayou furrowed his eyebrows. “There's a very high possibility that he'll die if he doesn't receive this surgery.”

“I know. We're all his relatives. But his son needs to be the one making such a major decision.”

“Just sign the form first. You can discuss privately with his son later.”

“Give me a moment, I'll give his son another call.” The man refused to sign the form no matter what. None of the relatives who came along were willing to sign the form either, and the only thing they did was hold their phones against their ears and made one phone call after another.

Di Maocai slowly walked toward Wei Jiayou, who was feeling extremely resigned, and said in a soft voice, “See, this is one of the differences between emergency surgeries and scheduled surgeries.”

Wei Jiayou's expression became even gloomier. “It wouldn't benefit anyone to delay things like this.”

“They wouldn't need to bear the consequences, anyway,” Di Maocai said in disdain. He then glanced at the monitor and continued, “Let's just prepare to carry out CPR.”

Even though they could not operate on the patient because the informed consent form was not signed, they definitely had to resuscitate the patient if his heart were to stop beating.

Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 431

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