Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 443

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Chapter 443: Be Careful

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Ling Ran walked toward the reception desk with grace. He looked outside the door as he waited for the ambulance.

Now that the traffic in the city was getting worse and worse, ambulances often had to spend more than half an hour on the road. This sort of made the atmosphere in the Emergency Department less tense.

Doctor Zhou ordered the young doctors under him to check that all the emergency equipment and drugs were ready before arranging a department consultation. He then leaned against the nurse's desk and said with a grin, “Doctor Ling, didn't you mention that you feel like having some English afternoon tea just now? Why don't we head to my office and make some?”

“I never said that.” Ling Ran did not mind these little tricks from Doctor Zhou at all.

Doctor Zhou flashed a slight smile and said, “I know that you feel like it, but find it troublesome.”

“I don't.” Ling Ran did not even turn to look at Doctor Zhou.

The young nurse behind the reception desk laughed and said, “Doctor Zhou, you're the one who feels like drinking tea, aren't you?”

“Ling Ran's the one who mentioned it in pa.s.sing,” Doctor Zhou said.

“Doctor Ling is a straightforward person.” The young nurse chuckled a few times. She looked at Doctor Zhou with the type of expression that showed that she was able to see through his tricks and said, “Besides, if Doctor Ling feels like drinking tea, he'll just use the word 'tea'. He would never say something like 'English tea'.”

Doctor Ling chuckled a few times too.

The two other nurses behind the nurse's desk applauded the young nurse who managed to outtalk Doctor Zhou.

Three seconds, five seconds, thirty seconds…

The young nurses who were sitting in front of the computer suddenly stopped working and said, “Since we have nothing to do anyway, why don't we make a pot of tea?”

“Doctor Ling doesn't like fancy things like English tea.”

“How do you even come to that conclusion?”

“I'll ask in our group chat if anyone has a pot.”

“Ask for things like red tea and milk too.”

“Cups. That's the most important thing.”

The three young nurses discussed among themselves, and less than ten minutes later, a pot of English tea appeared.

The pot and teacup were from a woman working in the Administration Department. They were gifts sponsored by some random medical company. Even though they had not been used for a while, they had been sterilized under high temperature before being stored in a box. Now that they were taken out and cleaned, the enamel flower motif on them still looked bright and beautiful.

The bone china cups which were the size of a fist was also very beautiful. The white eggsh.e.l.l porcelain was so thin that it was almost translucent, and together with the red tea, it was really aesthetically pleasing.

“Doctor Ling, have some tea. The ambulance happened to be stuck at a traffic light. We'll have to wait for around ten more minutes.” The young nurse behind the reception desk handed a tray with the whole set of an English afternoon tea to Ling Ran. Other than a small pitcher of milk, there was also a small plate with two handmade m.u.f.fins.

Ling Ran only hesitated for two seconds before he took the tray and thanked the nurse. The English afternoon tea looked very ceremonial, so much so that how the tea actually tasted did not really matter. The warmth of the tea itself had a relaxing effect on people.

Doctor Zhou chuckled and asked, “How about me?”

“You have a thermos, right?” The young nurse rested her hands on her hips and looked at Doctor Zhou.

Doctor Zhou obediently handed the nurse his thermos and said in a soft voice, “There's some Chinese wolfberry inside…”

“Do you want tea or not?”

“I do.”

The young nurse poured the hot water and Chinese wolfberry inside the thermos into the sink and poured some red tea inside.

“Add in a little bit of milk too.” Doctor Zhou smiled. “It's afternoon tea, after all. I need to replenish my energy.”

The young nurse did as she was told and poured a little bit of milk inside a thermos. She then handed the thermos back to Doctor Zhou with an Orion choco pie. Then, she turned around and ignored him.

Doctor Zhou did not mind the unfair treatment at all. He held his thermos and started sipping the red tea inside.

Ling Ran lifted the white bone china cup and quietly savored the tea.

The sunlight that filtered in from the second floor fell gently on the reception door on the ground floor, illuminating Ling Ran's face and the tiles behind him. It was a sight.

The vines of the two pots of devil's ivy on the reception desk were entangled together. Even though they were placed far apart, they were closely connected to each other.

There was a pot of spider plant on the windowsill. All its leaves hung low, and it was as quiet as an old willow. It seemed like it was quietly observing the devil's ivy on the reception desk.

The ambulance just got through the cross junction. It'll be here in thirty seconds.” The nurse at the reception desk placed the receiver of the phone back on its holder and notified the others in a soft voice.

Cases like this where patients were injured in ordinary car accidents were extremely commonplace in the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital.

Ling Ran placed the teacup which was already empty on the reception desk. He straightened his large white coat and put on a pair of gloves. He composed himself as well.

As Ling Ran had just learned how to perform hepatectomy, he needed to mentally prepare himself before every single surgery.

“The patient is a forty-eight-year-old male. He's conscious and there's trauma on his lower limbs and abdomen. His blood pressure is 106/75, his pulse rate is seventy-seven, and his respiratory rate is twenty-four…” The paramedic who was pus.h.i.+ng the gurney into the hospital reported loudly.

Doctor Zhou walked behind Ling Ran as they walked toward the gurney.

The patient's eyes were open, and he greeted them. “h.e.l.lo. Doctors nowadays are all so young…”

“Let me take a look.” Ling Ran inspected the wounds on the patient's abdomen, and as expected, there was a lesion that had most probably caused hepatic trauma.

“I looked at it in the ambulance. I think that the liver is ruptured and that immediate surgery is needed.” The patient's family member who came along dashed out of the ambulance and suggested.

Ling Ran looked at the other party in astonishment.

“I'm an a.s.sociate professor in the University of Chinese Medicine and teach sanitary science,” the patient's family member said, “The patient is my husband.”

Ling Ran nodded at her and said, “We're going straight to the operating theater.”

A nurse immediately went forward and called the person in charge of the operating theater.

“Let me take another look. Doctor Zhou, help me out.” Ling Ran commanded those around him as he s.h.i.+fted the patient's position a little.

“Be careful with his liver,” the patient's wife said in a soft voice.

“Dear.” The patient's lips were trembling due to excessive blood loss, and his gaze was a little lifeless. He grasped his wife's hand weakly and said, “Don't shout like this outside. We're already old, and it's pretty embarra.s.sing.”

“n.o.body's shouting at you…” His wife was speechless. “I was reminding the doctors.”

“All the more that you shouldn't shout… Cough, cough…” The patient spat out a mouthful of crimson blood and flashed a wan smile. “Oh dear, I'm coughing blood.”

Doctor Zhou immediately examined the patient with a torchlight, and his originally tensed up body became relaxed again. “The flesh in your mouth is torn.”

Ling Ran had already identified the bleeding point. He applied slight pressure on the muscles near the crush injury, and the patient who had just s.h.i.+fted positions immediately stopped bleeding.

The patient's wife was extremely surprised. “You stopped the bleeding?”

“It's a temporary bleeding control measure,” Ling Ran answered with certainty.

“How did you do it?”

“By applying external pressure. Sometimes, this works to stop the bleeding temporarily,” Ling Ran replied.

The patient's wife stared at Ling Ran in a daze for a few seconds before she realized something. “Your surname is Ling, isn't it? Are you Doctor Ling from Yun Hua Hospital?”

“I am,” Ling Ran answered without hesitation. He was the only doctor with the surname Ling in Yun Hua Hospital.

“I heard that you performed Achilles tendon repair surgery for Liu Weichen.” As the patient's wife was also part of the medical circle of Yun Hua, she had heard a lot of legendary stories about Ling Ran. At this moment, Liu Weichen's operation was the first thing that came into her mind.

Ling Ran nodded. “Yes, you should sign the informed consent forms now.”

“Alright.” The patient's wife merely glanced through the forms before putting down her signature in all of them. There was a total of six or seven forms, and she signed all of them at one go.

She knew very well that the faster she finished signing all the forms, the better it would be for the patient.

“Let's enter the operating theatre.” Ling Ran and Doctor Zhou felt rather relaxed when they saw how readily she signed the informed consent forms. They went to change into scrubs after informing the patient's wife that the patient would be sent into the operating theater.

The patient's wife who was not allowed to enter the operating theater hesitated for a moment and asked, “Doctor Ling, who's going to be the chief surgeon?”

Doctor Zhou answered without hesitation, “Ling Ran.”

“But Doctor Ling… aren't you an orthopedist?” The patient's wife inquired as she stood outside the door.

“I'm also very good at hepatectomy.” Ling Ran had nothing to hide at this moment and immediately said, “I'm very skilled in bleeding control, hepatectomy, splenectomy, and orchiectomy.”

When the patient's wife heard the last example, she could not help but widen her eyes. She then gulped and said, “Then… please take care of my husband well.”

“Okay.” Ling Ran nodded and headed to the changing room.

The patient's wife stared at the blue wall in a daze for a few seconds before she came back to her senses while she was outside the door. She whipped out her phone, and with trembling fingers, called the most recent number in her call history.

“Professor Huang, my husband has already entered the operating theater… Yes, Ling Ran from Yun Hua Hospital, that doctor who operated on Liu Weichen… Should be, you don't need to rush over anymore…”

Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 443

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