Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 480

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Chapter 480: Wild Goose

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Deng Wensheng arrived at Yun Hua Hospital in a lackadaisical fas.h.i.+on, carrying his camera.

Hospital news reports were staple components in the media. They could never be cla.s.sified as bad news. After sorting it out, hospital news can be written to be of average quality. After all, medical care, education, and pension were always topics that easily affect people. However, it would be much more difficult to make hospital news more exciting than other news.

In comparison, when it came to official news, judicial news, and even environmental news, as long as a person dug deeper, it would have great potential to become big news, and it would also be news that can highlight the work of journalists.

It was difficult to make reporting hospital news outstanding.

Saving a patient was expected of a doctor, but even if the patient died, it was something that was commonly seen, so it was not interesting.

When it came to new medical technology… Reporters did not understand them, and the readers might not necessarily care about them, and it was incredibly rare for the medical world to reach any breakthroughs that could truly be recognized by the public. If anyone counted, things like AIDS, cancer and human head transplants were the only things that could attract a little more attention.

Unfortunately, the medical breakthroughs that the public would care about were never realized.

Deng Wensheng was someone who had visited hospitals for a while. At one time, he was a frequent visitor to the Shao family's restaurant. He had reported Boss Shao's acute illnesses three times, so much so that during the last time he reported it, the readers even questioned whether it was fake news.

Since then, Deng Wensheng rarely went to the hospital.

There were many stories in the hospital, many strange things, and many things people needed to pay attention to, but the rewards they brought were very few.

However, he still had to show Huo Congjun some respect.

Deng Wensheng walked through the parking lot and randomly took two photos of the Emergency Medical Center side profile.

Deng Wensheng had never come to report the completion of Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center even after it was completed some time ago. He was working it out in his mind. He can request the photos of the front part of the medical center from Yun Hua Hospital. If he took a side view of it by himself, he may be considered to have treated this matter quite seriously.

As he took photos, Deng Wensheng came to a fountain behind the building. There was a cacophony of voices over there.

A big white goose, puffed out its chest and looked up proudly while it patrolled its own territory—the fountain.

The water in the fountain was clear, and the pillars of water would occasionally surge out from it, spraying water all over the white goose until it was drenched, and it was in an extremely comfortable state.

When the fountain spouts stopped, the white goose will chase the children around.

Only children would sneak into the permanent territory of the big white goose.

“The goose is so white. It's so beautiful.”

“It's name is Fragrance Yard!”

“I like to call it goose, goose goose, goose goose…”

Two eight to nine-year-old children stood by the fountain and had a heated debate.

Next to them was a six to seven-year-old child who looked at the big white goose called Fragrance Yard timidly. The child recited offhandedly, “Goose, goose, goose, neck bent, it sings towards the sky, white feathers floating on green water[1]…”

After he finished reciting it, a round of applause rose from the area around him.

“It's well recited.”

“Look at other people's children!”

“Son, didn't you learn the poem before?”

Then, voices reciting the poem were heard again from the fountain area, “Goose, goose, goose, neck bent, singing towards the sky…”

The children's voices were loud, and easily drowned out the surrounding ruckus.

If someone stood among the white clean hospital buildings, smelled the surrounding smell of the hospital, looked at the surrounding people's pale and sick faces, and the sorrowful faces, then the children's voices were like clean spring water that cleansed the frustration in their hearts.

Deng Wensheng could not help but lift his camera, and he took a few photos of the crowd before he pressed the shutter quickly at the big white goose.

*Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap.*

A series of shutter sounds attracted the attention of some patients; it also attracted the attention of the great white goose Fragrance Yard.

It counted the distance and did not immediately approach Deng Wensheng, but silently remembered how he looked!

Huo Congjun greeted Deng Wensheng with a warm welcome. He was followed by eight young doctors behind him, who were all that remained in the office that day.

They had nothing to do, anyway. Department Director Huo had never been afraid to use the junior doctor to put on a display of grandeur.

Deng Wensheng was instantly in the mood. He once again recalled the reasons why he went back and forth Yun Hua Hospital so frequently in the past. When Huo Congjun showed respect to someone, he will truly show full respect, especially during the times when he watched him lecture others for him… he was truly the epitome of a leader.

“Department Director Huo…”

“Wensheng, I was just thinking when would you be arriving…” Huo Congjun hugged Deng Wensheng just like how he always did during the time when they were most familiar with each other.

“Department Director Huo…”

“Have you been promoted?” Huo Congjun smiled from ear to ear and pointed at Deng Wensheng.

“Yes, but I'm still a reporter…”

“Let's go. I will bring you to watch a surgery, let's talk while watching,” Huo Congjun spoke as he pulled Deng Wensheng to the surgical floor. They then went into the operating theater for the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

“The room is full,” the circulating nurse said without even turning her head around after hearing the noise from the door.

She made the call according to her experience. The operating theater could only hold a limited number of people, and people could not enter it as they pleased. If there were too many people, the filtration system in the operation theater would not be able to work and the infection rate would increase.

However, if the person who came to look at the surgery were a medical director or a hospital director, and the nurse still said that the theater was full even after she saw them, the nurse may offend them.

Therefore, she shouted first before she looked.

When she saw that was with a stranger, the circulating nurse immediately became nervous, but felt lucky in her heart.

As expected, Huo Congjun just smiled and signaled with his eyes. “Those below the rank of an attending physician shouldn't watch in the operating theater. Go to the demonstration room..”

The two young doctors present could not help but lower their heads and left the operating theater.

Huo Congjun led Deng Wensheng, moved through the crowd, and came to the front. He then said, “You can't use flash in the operating theater. If you really need it, I'll have them position themselves for you to take some photos of them later.”

“I know.” Deng Wensheng may have not come to the hospital for a long time, but he still remembered the rules.

He Yuanzheng who was pretending to be the chief surgeon looked up at Deng Wensheng and secretly envied him for a few seconds.

Finding a reporter and media willing to cover for a doctor was also an ability.

Deng Wensheng had managed more than ten reporters. But if He Yuanzheng did not include those who died, there were only a few left who could help him.

In addition, He Yuanzheng also lacked stories with sensational points to give reporters, unlike the Emergency Department, who had things like that happening every day.

Occasionally, when a doctor like Ling Ran appeared, the reporters would at least be somewhat useful.


“Raise it a little more.”

During the time He Yuanzheng looked up, Ling Ran quickened the operation's progress and pushed it to the next stage.

He was too experienced in performing hepatectomy.

In regards to performing a lesion excision for liver cancer, the resectioning alone was not really as complicated as hepatolithiasis.

He Yuanzheng had already discovered this point a long time ago. So even though he had the t.i.tle of the chief surgeon, he had already handed over the surgery for Ling Ran to do.

He Yuanzheng did not want to cause trouble to a person that was personally brought over by Huo Congjun.

As far as his thoughts and feelings were concerned, He Yuanzheng was faintly dissatisfied. He felt that Huo Congjun and even Ling Ran were trying to do a show of force, but He Yuanzheng was a person who liked an amiable atmosphere. He would rather hide how he felt and not voice his thoughts.

Deng Wensheng took two photos, and the camera quickly focused on Ling Ran.

‘He's so handsome!' Deng Wensheng complimented in his heart as he clicked on the shutter and took a few photos.

After taking a hundred photos in one breath, Deng Wensheng put down his camera and asked Huo Congjun, who was next to him, and said, “What is the surgery being performed now?”

“Radical treatment for early-stage liver cancer,” Huo Congjun said.

Radical surgery cannot be said to really be able to eradicate cancer completely, but it was capable of surgically eradicating as many cancer cells as possible.

Deng Wensheng looked and asked, “Is the patient old?”

“More than sixty years old. Do you need the specific age?”

“No, I'm just curious, is that a wild goose on the second a.s.sistant's cap? Why is it pink?” Deng Wensheng pointed to the bodybuilder, Lu Wenbin, whose arm circ.u.mference was 15 inches.

Lu Wenbin wore the standard green surgical gown today, but his cap was pink, and there was even a row of wild geese by the sides of the cap.

Huo Congjun was also quite dazzled by it. He shook his head and said, “The second a.s.sistant is the a.s.sistant Ling Ran brought himself. I don't know what he's thinking. Ling Ran is the first a.s.sistant. I actually want you to focus on him for today.”

“An a.s.sistant brought along his own a.s.sistant?” Deng Wensheng was someone who had also seen many things. He looked at Huo Congjun with a weird expression.

“Doctor Ling can be said to be a celebrity doctor in Yun Hua Hospital,” Huo Congjun chuckled, “He does hepatectomy and orthopedic surgeries very well.”

“He does both hepatectomy and orthopedic surgeries?” Deng Wensheng repeated.

Huo Congjun nodded and pulled Deng Wensheng to watch the surgery from another direction.

When he watched the surgery from a vertical angle, he saw that there was actually a length of plywood beneath Ling Ran's foot.

Deng Wensheng was stunned. “Is he testing orthopedic treatment methods on himself?”

“Doctor Ling's foot was injured, but the injury did not affect his performance!” Huo Congjun wanted him to report this scene.

Deng Wensheng did not care about anything else. He immediately brought out his camera and snapped fifteen consecutive shots.

When he turned around, Deng Wensheng thought about asking some of Ling Ran's feats, but he was subconsciously attracted by Lu Wenbin's cap

“Pink… it feels like the color of peach blossoms,” Deng Wensheng muttered to himself.

Huo Congjun hummed, but was quite puzzled.

“Wild geese seems to be a symbol of love.” Deng Wensheng was a person working in the media industry, and he was very familiar with these things.

“Oh,” said Huo Congjun, and he immediately showed a face of understanding. “Yes, Doctor Lu has also arrived at the age to get pot… um, arrived at the age of marriage.”

Translator's Note:

[1] This is the official translation from Luo Binw.a.n.g's “An Ode to Geese”.

Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 480

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