Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 482

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Chapter 482: Great

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“Get two more blood bags over.” Ling Ran had lowered his head while he performed the surgery, but he suddenly raised his head and spoke.

Deng Wensheng was shocked as he was shooting the surgery.

The circulating nurse in the operating theater immediately took the phone and made a call.

He Yuanzheng was worried and asked, “Are two bags sufficient?”

Two blood bags were 800cc, which was equal to 27 ounces of blood. In a situation where another fluid was added, normal major surgery would only require that amount of blood.

However, all surgeries were performed on the basis that bleeding was controlled. This included surgeries that seemed to have a large blood loss. The surgeon had to consider the problem of blood loss with every step he took.

Ling Ran was currently performing limited hepatectomy, so blood loss could easily go out of control. He Yuanzheng was not confident in taking over under the situation where the blood loss was out of control. Therefore, he patiently confirmed with Ling Ran again.

Ling Ran could not give a certain answer at this moment as well. Instead, he said, “Get two blood bags first. We can still make it even if they are not enough.”

“Alright.”An answer like that was already enough to make He Yuanzheng feel satisfied.

At this point in the surgery, He Yuanzheng was filled with complete admiration toward Ling Ran's operation.

He had performed more than five hundred cases of surgeries like hepatectomy. That was considered a huge number in the country.

However, performing a total of five hundred cases of surgeries could only allow He Yuanzheng to master making judgments when it came to whether he should cut more or less of the liver. He needed to protect the liver, while he also needed to make sure that all parts that needed to be cut were taken away. He Yuanzheng had read some research papers, but he did not feel those were a doctor's normal daily operations.

However, when He Yuanzheng looked at Ling Ran's operation, he could not help but feel confused.

On one hand, there was his precise judgment. His obvious acc.u.mulated anatomical knowledge had also impressed He Yuanzheng. There were even many times during the current operation where He Yuanzheng could not be certain whether what Ling Ran did was right or wrong. Most importantly, Ling Ran had done the parts that He Yuanzheng was certain of correctly.

“Doctor Ling has not reached thirty yet, right?” He Yuanzheng did not feel stressed as the first a.s.sistant. He maintained the normal operations in his surgical field before he asked in a low voice.

“Yes,” Ling Ran answered in a m.u.f.fled tone.

“How many dissections have you done in the past?” This was the thing that intrigued He Yuanzheng the most.

Reading alone would not help a person understand anatomy. This was just like repairing a car, no matter how many books a person read, he would never be able to solve the problem. He would only be capable if he had handled countless cars before. But just handling new cars alone was not enough, the person still had to handle different kinds of problematic cars.

The same reason was applied to anatomy. A doctor had to dissect a real body in order to improve his or her knowledge quickly.

However, the number of real cadavers were very limited.

Ling Ran did not even look up as he answered, “I've done it quite a number of times.”

“Is it? I can tell you have done it many times, too.” He Yuanzheng chuckled as he said.

At this moment, Lu Wenbin coughed and said, “Department Director He, please move the suction machine slightly to your side.”

“Oh, okay.” He Yuanzheng lowered his head and took a look. He realized that the suction machine was not in a wrong position, so he pursed his lips and cast a glance at Lu Wenbin. He thought secretly, ‘If this guy belonged to my department, I would make him work on night s.h.i.+fts every day until he dies.'

When the topic was interrupted, it could not be continued easily. Therefore, the operating theater became scarily silent again.

Ling Ran did not say anything while he performed the surgery. If the first and second a.s.sistants did not say anything, naturally, the others were also not qualified to say anything.

There were no green plants and big white goose in the operating theater. There were only blue as well as green drapings, flooring, and ceiling…

The only light colors we're visible in the pink surgical cap and wild goose on Lu Wenbin's head.

“Play a song.” Ling Ran suddenly straightened his body.

He Yuanzheng asked, “What song?”

“The king.” Ling Ran said in a short and crisp fas.h.i.+on.

He Yuanzheng was not able to catch up to his rhythm, so he tried to ask, “Pardon me?”

“Let me do it.” Lu Wenbin moved two steps backward before he whispered to the circulating nurse.

In a short while, there was a happy melody could be heard. “The king asked me to patrol the mountains… I wandered around the world…”

It was the music from Ling Ran's ringtone.

With the music as accompaniment, Ling Ran's maneuvers quickly sped up.

He Yuanzheng followed up, but even his movements were a mess for a while. At the same time, he asked in puzzlement, “Do the surgeons nowadays start to listen to this kind of music?”

Meanwhile, Lu Wenbin listened to the music while he was filled with sentimentality. “Doctor Ling sometimes also needs some background music.”

“What?” The middle-aged Chief Physician He Yuanzheng did not understand what Lu Wenbin meant.

Lu Wenbin whispered to himself while he had that pink cap on his head. He was suddenly filled with pa.s.sion and said, “n.o.body could win over Doctor Ling when he has his BGM on!”

“Who wants to win over whom?” He Yuanzheng felt more confused.

“Alright, the resection is completed.” Ling Ran straightened his body before he took a look at the lymphatic structure in the abdominal cavity. He first let He Yuanzheng check. When he saw that there was no problem with blood loss, he said in a straightforward manner. “I'll change to a new pair of gloves. Then, we can continue with our next step.”

He Yuanzheng was still stunned. Then, he heard the phrase ‘The king' repeatedly. He felt doubted and asked, “Is the effect so good?”

There were a few people standing in front of the operating table, but n.o.body paid attention to him.

Ling Ran took off his attire. He turned around, washed his hands again, and ma.s.saged his own shoulders.

Handling the liver for such a long time only made Ling Ran feel that his gloves were sticky, and he did not feel at ease.

If it had to be said, he never spent a long time to do a single surgery with him serving as the chief surgeon alone.

Even if it was a finger replantation, unless the patient could get his finger severed in an interesting way, otherwise, a finger would only cost Ling Ran thirty to fifty minutes. If the patient had a high number of severed fingers, the hospital would also arrange a team to help.

But the surgical steps for liver cancer surgery were very tedious.

It was especially so during the process of lymphadenectomy. It was very similar to surgeries like finger replantations, so it required extreme care, and the workload was also very high.

Ling Ran held the endotherm knife and quietly performed the surgery.

His Hemostasis by Heat skill was in Perfect Level, and his lymphadenectomy was also at Perfect Level. With these two skills, there would not be any problem for him to treat cancer cells.

Ling Ran's expression was dark, and like an experienced farmer, he performed lymphadenectomy without any mistakes.

Reporter Deng Wensheng noticed Ling Ran's facial expression, so he asked Huo Congjun by his side, “Is the surgery not going smoothly?”

“It's the other way round. It's going very smoothly.” Huo Congjun showed a smile on his face.

“Then, why does Doctor Ling look unhappy?”

“Ling Ran feels unhappy…?” Huo Congjun put away his smile. Then, he shook his head in the next second, “Young men always have a lot of thoughts, and old men like us could never figure them out.”


“Compared to Ling Ran, you and I are considered old men.” Huo Congjun chuckled.

Deng Wensheng's mouth twitched, and he felt displeased.

Ling Ran actually felt slightly displeased.

His displeasure came from the surgery, but not because of the surgery.

Today's surgery was considered quite successful. Although the surgery had not been completed yet, it was considered nearly perfect at the current speed.

He performed limited hepatectomy, and his lymphadenectomy was nearly perfect. The abdominal cavity would be sutured after a while, and the surgery could be used as teaching material for hepatectomy in primary liver cancer cases.

However, Ling Ran's displeasure was due to the perfect and successful surgery.

The surgery was extremely successful, but how about the patient?

Even if Ling Ran performed limited hepatectomy on the patient, he could not guarantee that the patient would not have cancer recurrence.

He could not even guarantee that the patient would not relapse within a short period of time.

This kind of uncertainty made Ling Ran feel horrible.

“The surgery is completed.” Ling Ran left right after he finished the surgery. Even though there was a reporter, he did not want to stay any longer.

Huo Congjun was thinking of something while Reporter Deng Wensheng felt very excited by his side. “He is a doctor who has a great personality, has good hobbies, and he is full of humanism and care for humans. This is great…”

Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 482

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