Great Doctor Ling Ran 582 The Day Of The Volunteer Medical Consultation

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Early in the morning, Ling Ran departed for Bazhaixiang with Lu Wenbin and the others. He did not wait for the hous.e.m.e.n and medical intern sent over by the Medical Affairs Department to arrive at the Emergency Department.

Even though those hous.e.m.e.n and medical interns belonged to other departments, according to the sequence of management, the Emergency Medical Center were responsible for them right now. In other words, the novices would be under the guidance of Huo Congjun as soon as they arrived, and Ling Ran did not need to worry about them at all.

The fleet of cars was headed toward Bazhaixiang at a uniform speed.

Xiang Xueming had waited for them for a long time at one of the entrances of the China National Highways. [1]

He only breathed a long sigh of relief when he saw a fleet of cars from Yun Hua Hospital.

The hospital had put up a notice yesterday, and he had been waiting there since early in the morning. He would have a hard time explaining things to people at the hospital branch if the doctors from Yun Hua Hospital were to arrive late.

"Doctor Ling!" Xiang Xueming stood by the highway and waved excitedly.

The first car pa.s.sed by without acknowledging him...

The second car pa.s.sed by without acknowledging him… 

All the cars pa.s.sed by without acknowledging him.

Xiang Xueming waved nonstop. His facial expression went from excited to desolate, and his voice went from husky to squeaky.

The fleet of cars continued going forward and did not slow down even the slightest bit.

In one of the cars was Lu Wenbin. He clutched his steering wheel tightly and he followed the car in front of him closely. He said with a smile, "I specifically made a pot of pork trotters in the morning, and there are even some pig tails. I want to give Xiang Xueming a surprise today. It has been quite a while since he last ate my pork trotters. It'll definitely tantalize his taste buds!"

"Pig tails?" Yu Yuan arched an eyebrow. "You didn't tell me about that."

"I didn't dare to. Do you know how hard it is to purchase pig's tails nowadays? The moment they go on sale, everyone would be scrambling for them and they would be gone in a few minutes. I can't even stop those people," Lu Wenbin said in an extremely solemn tone, "Each pig only has a tail, and everyone's always scrambling for the tails with the best quality. If it weren't for the fact that I wake up at three… I mean, it's not difficult to purchase good pork trotters, but the butcher never allows me to pick the pig tails I want…"

"Pig's tails are not as hard to get as you say. I buy them at the wet market all the time."

Lu Wenbin snorted in contempt. "Not all pig's tails are the same. You have probably only bought short pig tails, right?"

"Are there even long pig's tails in the market nowadays?"

"Of course," Lu Wenbin said, pleased with himself. "As long as those pigs are not from large-scale farms."

Yu Yuan froze and came to a sudden realization. "Oh. Some pigs have short tails because the farms cut a segment of their tails off, so it means that pigs with long tails are not from farms."

"Not from large-scale farms. Some small-scale farms don't cut off their tails."

"That's rare, isn't it?"

"Yeah. Pigs wag their tails all the time, and this expends a lot of energy, which lowers the feed conversion ratio," Lu Wenbin answered.

Yu Yuan said, "But it's illegal to cut off the tails of pigs who are not raised in intensive livestock farms."

"You know this too?" Lu Wenbin was a little astonished.

"A scholar knows all the world's affairs without going outdoors." Yu Yuan laughed out loud. "I also know that pig's tails serve to chase away mosquitoes and protect the pigs' So, even though we can't conclude that pigs with short tails are definitely not wild boars, we know that pigs with long tails are definitely wild boars."

Lu Wenbin could not help but offer Yu Yuan his praise. "Alright, when we get there, I'll let Xiang Xueming sample some first. I'll then show you guys my pot of long pig's tails. They definitely taste different and are more delicious compared to short pig tails…"

Yu Yuan nodded furiously when she heard that, "Is this why you bought pots and pans for the volunteer medical consultation?"


Half an hour later, Xiang Xueming headed back to the hospital by bicycle and was panting when he arrived. He saw that the courtyard of the hospital was already full of people.

Xiang Xueming nervously locked his bicycle and charged into the hospital to see what was going on. He saw that there was a row of tables in the reception hall and that a few doctors clad in large white robes were sitting behind them. There were a few colorful posters on the wall.

"Xiang Xueming, where did you go?" Lu Wenbin walked over to him from behind and called out.

Xiang Xueming said in a wronged tone, "I went to welcome you guys…"

Lu Wenbin shook his head. "You were the one who asked us to come here. You can't just go out and play."

"I didn't go out and play. I went out to welcome you guys."

"I didn't see you."

"I was standing by the road."

"I didn't see you by the road either. By the way, I bought some pig's tails over. Do you want to give them a try?"

Xiang Xueming immediately lost all desire to defend himself. He said in a soft voice, "I can't eat now, but I can try them at noon."

"Alright, then. Remember to welcome us next time. Don't miss our arrival again." Lu Wenbin had a grin on his face.

Xiang Xueming said helplessly, "I didn't miss…"

"Oh, there are also some pork trotters and pork shanks. You can either put them in the refrigerator or share them with other people."

Xiang Xueming wanted to say something but ended up swallowing his words. He sighed and said, "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome. Go ahead and help Doctor Ling out. Be a little sharper in your head. Why do I feel like you've become dumber ever since you returned to the village? Oh, by the way, are the pigs in Bazhaixiang delicious? Do the people here rear their own pigs or import their pigs from other places?" 

"I've never paid attention to this. You know what, I'll go and help Doctor Ling. Where is he?"

Lu Wenbin pointed at a direction. "The operating theater."

Xiang Xueming slapped his head. "What was I thinking…? Of course, Doctor Ling would head to the operating theater the moment he arrives at the hospital."

"He's taking a look at the facilities and equipment here. If he needs anything extra, it's still not too late to send them over. You have to understand that Zhang Anmin's habits are not the same as Doctor Ling's." Lu Wenbin chuckled. "After all, Zhang Anmin is not from the Emergency Department, and he learned his craft from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and did not receive hands-on training from Doctor Ling from the very beginning of his career."

Xiang Xueming immediately looked around. He did not dare to talk bad about Zhang Anmin behind Zhang Anmin's back. If other doctors from Yun Hua Hospital were to overhear it, they might deal Bazhaixiang hospital branch such a huge blow that the doctors in the hospital branch no longer had any patient to operate on.

With Zhang Anmin's capabilities right now, it would be very hard for him to operate on patients in the operating theaters in the Bazhaixiang hospital branch without a hitch.

The operating theaters in the Bazhaixiang hospital branch were a lot shabbier compared to the operating theaters in Yun Hua Hospital.

It was not even possible to implement a laminar airflow system there, as even the floor was sort of uneven. However, the operating theaters were still better compared to those in the nineties, and they looked pretty clean and sterilized.

After Ling Ran took a look at them, he could not tell if he was satisfied.

The operating theaters in the Bazhaixiang hospital branch fulfilled all the basic requirements of an operating theater. However, they were not considered excellent.

If a person were to look at things from an investor's perspective, things like the laminar airflow system did not really bring about a high return on investment. Even though the laminar airflow system in Yun Hua Hospital's operating theater was ten times more valuable compared with the one in the Bazhaixiang hospital branch, it would be an exaggeration to say that surgeries in Yun Hua Hospital could be carried out 10% more effectively because of this.

But of course, the floors, walls, and ceilings of the operating theaters in Yun Hua Hospital were more well-constructed. They were also better when it came to environmental control, sterilization and supporting facilities. Because of this, working in the operating theaters in Yun Hua Hospital had plenty of advantages compared to working in the operating theaters in the Bazhaixiang hospital branch.

"Are the operating theaters okay?" Xiang Xueming walked behind Ling Ran, and he did not dare to say much.

"Yeah," Ling Ran gave a short answer. He then asked, "Are the nurses skilled?"

"They had been a.s.sisting in a lot of surgeries lately, so they should be quite skilled in ordinary surgeries."

"We're good to go, then. Let's go for outpatient consultation." Ling Ran said nothing else. The facilities in the Bazhaixiang hospital branch were a little better compared to what he had expected.

Xiang Xueming followed Ling Ran to the reception hall in a daze, and only gasped in astonishment when he saw that Ling Ran was sitting down. "Huh, Doctor Ling, are you partic.i.p.ating in outpatient consultation?"

"Every doctor is required to give a few hours of outpatient consultation for this volunteer medical consultation." Ling Ran had no qualms at all as he sat behind one of the long tables with his back straight. He looked like an experienced doctor, aside from the fact that he was extremely young and handsome.

Lu Wenbin immediately walked over and poured Ling Ran a cup of tea. He then mouthed to Xiang Xueming. "Five, four, three…"

There was suddenly a long line in front of Ling Ran.

Great Doctor Ling Ran 582 The Day Of The Volunteer Medical Consultation

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