Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 594 - Fifth

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Chapter 594: Fifth

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"Your recovery seems to be pretty good. Take a good rest." Ling Ran went into the room, checked the patient for a few seconds, and nodded.

The people who filled the room were like young students. They stood by the sides obediently looking at Ling Ran while waiting for his diagnosis. After that, everyone thought that something was wrong.

That was the checkup?

A few of them responded slowly. Right when they stood up and their knees were still bent to show that they were in the process of standing up, they noticed that the doctor had actually was about to leave.

"Doctor, please put a little more effort into this." A middle-aged cadre stood up. He seemed to be very good with his words. He seemed extraordinarily serious as he spoke, "Please perform another check. Don't come to a conclusion so quickly. Please check again."

Ling Ran could not help but remember his lecturer's expression, and the expression on his face became serious as well. Could it really be that there was an error in his own physical examination?

Truth to be told, Ling Ran looked forward to it a little. His physical examination skill was already at Master Level at the moment. If something went wrong in the physical examination, would that not mean that there was something very special about the patient's sickness?

In this current day and age, it was not easy to find a patient who had a different physical structure compared to an ordinary person's. It would be even rarer than seeing an alien, but they were even more fun than aliens.

Who knew what sort of physical structure an alien had? Could it be they were actually Transformers? Since there were cases where doctors could suddenly lose their jobs, and they were more common than patients with different physical structures.

Ling Ran wiped his mouth.

"I shall take a look at him one more time." Ling Ran took out the alcohol-based hand sanitizer again and checked Cao Lu from head to toe again. After that, a puzzled look appeared on his face.

It was a very puzzled expression, and he was also thinking very deeply and seriously.

Government officials were the best at reading people. Cao Lu's whole family was stunned because of that.

"Doctor Ling, please tell us directly if there is any problem." District Mayor Shen Jiufeng was still capable of taking some pressure.

Cao Lu tried to act tough. "You can just tell it to my face. It's just an illness, there's nothing special about it. Humans have to eat to survive, and there are none who will not fall sick."

She felt a little diffident when she said that.

Falling ill was like a string of endless disasters for the family members of the patient, but to the patient, it was like the end of the world.

Ling Ran furrowed his eyebrows slightly and said, "I did not find any problem."

Shen Jiufeng looked at him, showing an expression that said that he could not understand Ling Ran's words.

Cao Lu had also widened her eyes as she grabbed the bedsheets. "Doctor Ling, you say that you didn't find any problem…?"

Ling Ran turned his eyes toward the middle-aged man who seemed to know his words and asked, "Which part do you think had a problem?"

"I… How would I know…?" The middle-aged man was speechless before he said, "I am not a doctor.'

Ling Ran appeared to be thinking. "If we didn't find it during a physical examination, could it be that it showed during the clinical examination?"

Zuo Chidian was too familiar with Ling Ran. He looked at the two sides and understood the situation very quickly. He coughed a few times by the side and explained. "Doctor Ling, the patient's family members just want you to be a little more detailed in examining the patient, it's not that they found something wrong with the patient."

It was only then that Ling Ran understood. But he nodded at Cao Lu who was lying on the hospital bed and said, "Apologies, I misunderstood and wasted your time."

From Ling Ran's point of view, that was a few minutes wasted for no reason, and it was indeed improper.

The patient's family members and the patient found themselves unable to understand.

"When Doctor Ling performs his ward round, he came to the conclusion that there is no problem with the patient, but you asked him to reexamine the patient, and Doctor Ling thought that the patient had some sort of underlying disease." Zuo Cidian explained things to the patient and her family, and he implied that even her head was perfectly fine.

Everyone looked at the middle-aged man who seemed to know his words around at the same time.

"Take a good rest. Remember to take the test later on." Ling Ran turned around and walked out of the door after seeing that his attention was not required at the place.

There was really nothing to check with synovitis at the knee joint. Instead, rehabilitation and self-protection after the operation must not be overlooked. Meanwhile, in Ling Ran's group, this part of the job had already been pa.s.sed to the nurses as part of the test.

The main point about doctor's orders was not for the patients to just know about them, but they had to remember it as well.

Cao Lu's family quickly nodded. They did not care whether Ling Ran could see them nodding or not.

Shen Jiufeng gave his son a hint with her eyes.

Shen Deguan got back up on his feet unwillingly and went out. He put his hands in his pocket and touched the 5,000 RMB inside.

He often saw and accepted red envelopes, but giving them was something he had never done. If it were not because it was inconvenient now for his father to do so but he still wanted someone from the family to give it to Ling Ran, Shen Deguan would not have the chance to do it.

As he walked out of the door slowly, Shen Deguan could not locate Ling Ran. After dragging out the matter again and again, Shen Deguan could only ask the people around the area about Ling Ran's whereabouts.

When he located Ling Ran once again, he saw that there were two familiar shadows across Ling Ran. One was standing, and the other was sitting.

The one who was standing was the famous track and field athlete in the country, Liu Weichen. Meanwhile, the one in the wheelchair was the national football player Li Tianhong.

Shen Deguan could not help but stand still for the moment. He did not immediately walk forward.

As a second-generation young man who was super awesome in his region, Shen Deguan subconsciously felt himself gaining some spirit of love for his region. Since he was the best in the area, Shen Deguan was not willing to be involved in matters in other places. He was not even fond of traveling to other regions, which were the favorite thing that the new generation of young people loved to see and hear.

When he could occupy two spots alone because of his status whenever he walked in his own region, why was there a need for him to go out?

As a celebrity, Shen Deguan also had his own way of seeing things.

For local celebrities, no matter how awesome they were, Shen Deguan would only ever look at the them at eye level, because there will always come a time for them to come begging him. But when it came to celebrities from other regions, Shen Deguan would need to behave much more courteously.

This was especially so when it came to Liu Weichen and Li Tianhong, who were celebrities who were famous across the country, Shen Deguan would not be willing to offend them, he was even unwilling to get to know them. After all, if he made a mistake, he might end up being a popular search on Weibo.

However, a.s.sociate Hospital Director Zhou who was at the opposite of Li Tianhong and Liu Weichen seemed so happy that he looked like he was a fan.

The hospital had always welcomed famous celebrities to receive medical treatment from them.

There was no better advertis.e.m.e.nt than them. Furthermore, famous celebrities would pay as well. There were not many fields that could utilize such amba.s.sadors.

"Mister Li, you can rest a.s.sured that Yun Hua has sufficient experience in treating Achilles tendons. You do not need to worry about Doctor Ling's skill." a.s.sociate Director Zhou boasted about Ling Ran.

Li Tianhong smiled slightly. "I believe in Old Liu."

Liu Weichen pulled up his pants as he smiled to reveal the scar by the side. He smiled and said, "After Doctor Ling performed surgery on me, other than the scar being a little longer, everything is good. This time, I'll need to count on you again, Doctor Ling."

They had actually asked Academician Zhu before this, and as a doctor focusing on research, Academician Zhu's demand on celebrity patients was not that high. So he suggested them to look for Ling Ran for treatment at Yun Hua Hospital.

Of course, that was also Liu Weichen brought the patient over, or else Academician Zhu would most likely pa.s.s it to the people below him to operate on him. He had more than thirty official doctors and doctors-in-training whose number was about the same as the official doctors in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, and they were all crying piteously for food.

Ling Ran just read the scans. He just nodded with a simple sound as his response.

Liu Weichen looked at Li Tianhong's expression and laughed. "Doctor Ling is just like that. Oh, by the way, a.s.sociate Hospital Director Zhou, you might need to find a quieter room. Don't let the reporters block our way."

a.s.sociate Hospital Director Zhou responded without the slightest hesitation.

Shen Deguan who wanted to take out his phone to take a picture changed his mind when his hand touched the phone. He no longer wanted to take it out as he reflected in his heart. "What the h.e.l.l is wrong with me? I am not some fan. So why should I bother myself with them as to whether they are going to operate on the leg or cut their d*cks?"

At that moment, he heard a.s.sociate Hospital Director Zhou continue boasting about Ling Ran. "Choosing Yun Hua Hospital is the correct choice you have made. I can a.s.sure you that Doctor Ling's Achilles tendon repair technique is number one in the entire country. He is even the third in the entire world…"

"The fifth." Ling Ran corrected and said.

a.s.sociate Hospital Director Zhou was interrupted when he was boasting about Ling Ran. He looked at Ling Ran in resignation. It was impossible to say who was the best in such a subjective area. Who on earth was capable of operating on two Achilles Tendons which were exactly the same and have those people compete against each other?

Ling Ran remained speaking truthfully. "In terms of just Achilles tendon repair, I'm only at fifth place. I'm not even in the top three."

Liu Weichen and Li Tianhong did not have any idea what to say. Shen Deguan who was eavesdropping in front suddenly felt a little regretful for not pulling out his phone. It would have been great if he could record the scene that happened just now.

Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 594 - Fifth

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