Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 749

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Chapter 749: Big Zebu

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Big Zebu weighed more than 2,400 pounds, which meant that it weighed more than one ton.

If it were not for the fact that it was already castrated, a Big Zebu of this weight had a high chance of being used for breeding. It would just have to pa.s.s a physical examination, have its measured, have the gap between its eyes measured, and have the length of its ankle joint measured. After all these, it would have become a large breeding bull who was valued at 10,000 RMB or more. It could have lived a good life where humans would be helping it up after s.e.x and was.h.i.+ng its d*ck for it.

Unfortunately, to improve the quality of its meat, not long after Big Zebu was born, its and d*ck were cut off. It never got to know the joys of s*x. A person could say that ever since Big Zebu was born, everyone had expected it to grow up to become a delicious zebu. And it had indeed tried its best to achieve this.

It liked exercising, and it was used to waking up early in the morning every day to take walks. However, it had never exercised excessively. It liked food too and ate many meals a day. However, it never ate excessively, and it was able to maintain a good diet where it ate small portions of food many times a day. It liked walking instead of running, and with its pace, it often walked at very strategic spots among the herd of zebus.

If Big Zebu had a grandmother, its grandmother would have definitely praised it for being obedient.

During the chilliest times of the year, Big Zebu would even wear long johns, which protected its legs from the cold. This prevented its muscles from contracting because of the low temperature. This was a trade secret among Chinese farmers.

It managed to emerge victorious among all the other zebus in its herd. Hence, it was given the name “Big Zebu”. This could be considered the highlight of its life.

At Zheng's Farm, this meant that it enjoyed its own feed trough. It was just like eating in a private dining room. There was also a staff member who was designated to take care of it alone. It was as if it had its own servant. Every time it fought with the other zebus, the staff members would even show favoritism and side with it.

For the past two years alone, three cows had been slaughtered because they fought with Big Zebu.

Today, Big Zebu finally got to show its value.

Zheng's Farm was filled with chatter and laughter, and everyone was tremendously happy.

The 1.1-ton zebu was slaughtered in a traditional manner. No matter how many guests came, it was impossible to finish eating all the beef.

It would already be considered an achievement for an ordinary human to eat 2.2 pounds of beef per meal. Those who could eat 4.4 pounds of beef at one go could go without food for the next twenty-four hours. Even though Tian Guozheng had plenty of friends that he could give the beef to, as they were not exactly throwing a big party today, there would definitely be a lot of leftover beef for all the staff members to feast on.

“The previous time I got to eat a Big Zebu, I have just gotten married. I thought that I wouldn't get the chance to eat a gigantic zebu again before I get divorced. I didn't expect to get so lucky.” The head chef of Zheng's farm was holding a knife, and he personally sliced the beef into cuts. He was doing it so earnestly that it was as if he was having s*x for the first time after getting married.

“Your marriage might be able to last until the next time you get to eat the next Big Zebu.” Chef Zhu traveled back and forth all the time, and he had not been in the farm's kitchen for a while. He quickly licked the head chef's boots when he saw the opportunity.

The head chef glared at Chef Zhu. “Why are you cursing me?”

Chef Zhu was speechless.

The meat on Big Zebu's rump, which was just taken out of the grill, was red and s.h.i.+mmery. In Brazil, among the many types of cuts, the rump was the most expensive one. It was also what the Brazilians loved most. In this aspect, they were totally different compared to Europeans.

As the rump was grilled on top of a strong blaze, plenty of juice was locked inside the meat. It might not be as juicy as expensive steak, but Brazilians never judged the quality of their barbeque beef based on how juicy it was. Brazilians, who were meat lovers, sought for barbeque beef that tasted very beefy.

This beefiness was courtesy of the protein content in beef, and most of the protein in beef was contained in the muscles. Aside from this, beef from different places produced a different kind of beefiness. This was because of the variation in the cattle's food intake.

Zebus were not famed for their fat content, to begin with. However, 90% of the cattle raised in Brazil were Zebus, and this was because the meat of zebus was obviously good. Zebus were extremely tasty and beefy. As long as zebus were cooked in a normal manner, other than vegetarians, very few people dislike them.

Tian Guozheng, who had lived in Brazil for many years, could not hold himself back anymore when the aroma of beef traveled into his nostrils. He sat down in the hospital cafeteria and, with a great show of hospitality, invited Ling Ran and his entourage who had just carried out three surgeries over for some beef.

The four doctors who were on night s.h.i.+ft today had the chance to eat Big Zebu's rump too. Their eyes lit up as they sat down at the table.

Ordinary staff members of the hospital were not given fair treatment. This was a capitalistic society, after all. Hence, they had no choice but to go for the belly, sirloin tip, and bottom round. Still, they enjoyed the food quite a lot.

Unlike the steak favored by Europeans, Brazillian barbeque beef made use of freshly slaughtered meat, as this was when the beef tasted the beefiest. They did not bother with sauces either and only used salt as seasoning. The taste of the beef itself was enough to make everyone salivate.

Today's beef came from Big Zebu, who was chosen among tens of thousands of zebus in Zheng's farm. It was also cooked personally by the head chef, and the rump was the best part. A person would feel compelled to smile the moment the beef touched his tongue.

This was the kind of enjoyment where every cell of a person's body would burst with excitement.

As Ling Ran chewed a slice of juicy tri-tip, he could not help but flash a smile too.

Tian Qi stabbed a slice of meat with her fork. Before she even had the chance to eat it, she smiled as she saw Ling Ran's smile.

“The previous time I came to the farm, my uncle only slaughtered a Zebu Three.” As Tian Qi spoke, she sent the slice of beef on the tip of her fork into her mouth and smiled so brightly that her eyes became thin slits.

“Zebu Three was at the right age last year.” Tian Guozheng smiled. He raised his fork and stabbed a slice of beef. “Moreover, you visit the farm every year. I don't have so many Big Zebus for you to eat.”

“Patients probably aren't allowed to eat beef, right?” Ma Yanlin suddenly said when Tian Guozheng was about to send the slice of beef into his mouth.

After he finished speaking, Ma Yanlin ate a mouthful beef and chewed hard. He was enjoying it so much that it was as if it was the first day his wife was away from home and he was rolling around the empty big bed alone.

Tian Guozheng, who was sitting in a wheelchair, froze and asked, “I can't have any beef?”

“It's basic knowledge that patients are not allowed to eat six hours before surgery.” A little diffident, Ma Yanlin glanced at Wallace. When it came to the dos and don'ts before surgery, things were different in every country. As they believed that happy patients were more willing to pay, European and American doctors made patient comfort a priority. Hence, they were not strict when it came to banning patients from eating before surgery. There were even instances where they allowed patients to eat liquid food and only banned solid food. Meanwhile, Chinese doctors believed in keeping patients safe, as they believed that healthy patients were more willing to pay. This was why they were very strict when it came to banning patients from eating before surgery. They only started allowing the intake of clear liquids two hours before surgery a few years ago to prevent cases of low insulin levels.

Wallace noticed that Ma Yanlin was looking at him and thought that Ma Yanlin wanted someone to support his statement. Hence, he nodded with a smile and said, “Usually, patients are not allowed to eat meat and fried food eight hours before surgery.”

Ma Yanlin immediately got a little embarra.s.sed. He thought of making a compromise, but little did he know that Wallace was also a traditional doctor who used to work in a British government hospital.

Tian Guozheng felt even more embarra.s.sed, or a person could say that he was taken aback and filled with regret. He could not help but gaze at the beef before him. He looked around as the aroma of the rump cut drifted into his nostrils. In the end, he asked Department Director Li, “Can't I have some of Big Zebu's meat?”

“If you want to receive surgery today, you can't,” Department Director Li said earnestly.

Tian Guozheng was deep in contemplation. “I have a meeting tomorrow… and I have something to attend to the day after tomorrow too. The day after that…”

The butler reminded him in a soft voice, “You would be traveling to retrieve the breeding bull you purchased.”

Even Tian Guozheng's lips were trembling. “I'm a farm owner, and I'm supposed to live a leisurely life.”

The butler said what was expected of him, “Sir, your farm is too huge.”

“But we're talking about Big Zebu.” Tian Guozheng wore a pained expression as he looked at Department Director Li. “I can have a few slices, can't I?”

Department Director Li explained earnestly, “You're not allowed to eat any beef, not even a little bit. The part of your body where your stomach and your esophagus is connected is called the cardia. Under normal circ.u.mstances, it would close when you lie flat. However, when you are under general anesthetics, the cardia is unable to close. Hence, if there's food in the stomach at that time, there will be a backflow, and the food might get into your lungs. You're allowed to drink a small amount of water a few hours before your surgery, but you can't eat solid food. This is especially true when it comes to fried food and meat, as they take a long time to digest. We're worried that there might still be food residue in the stomach during the surgery.”

“But I'll only be receiving local anesthesia, right? I'm only receiving arthroscopy, aren't I?” Tian Guozheng felt that he had found a loophole.

Ling Ran stabbed his fork into a large slice of meat and said slowly, “We'll need to administer general anesthetics if something dangerous happens during the surgery. This is why we have to consider this while preparing for the surgery.”

Tian Guozheng froze. “There might be danger?”

“All surgeries are dangerous. Doctor Ling is just playing it safe. So, unless you don't intend to receive surgery today, you are not allowed to eat Big Zebu's meat.” Department Director Li insisted with a smile on his face. He stabbed his fork into a slice of meat that was as huge as a soup bun and stuffed the whole thing into his mouth. The meat was even juicier than soup buns, and at that moment, Department Director Li felt so good that it was as if he was an unlicensed tourist guide who had made a lot of money and was sitting in an expensive restaurant in a tourist attraction spot, watching the confused faces of tourists as he ate free food from the restaurant owner.

He was happy, and he felt like laughing!

Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 749

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