Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 926

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Chapter 926: Health

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“Everyone, that is it for today's seminar. Tomorrow, the next part of the seminar begins at the same time. Please be punctual. In addition, there are some small gifts at the door. It is but a humble gift, so please, don't regard it with disdain.” At the end of the seminar, Zuo Cidian stood on the stage and spoke into the microphone.

 The doctors, like locusts, made buzzing sounds and rushed out quickly.

 There were also doctors who sat in the front row and asked him loudly, “Does this seminar really take three days?”

 “Tomorrow focuses mainly on surgery on the spot. Besides, Doctor Ling will be connected to the conference room, and everyone can ask questions.” Zuo Cidian smiled. He could not explain that the seminar was three days long because they had too much funds. A two-day seminar would not look nice. So, they extended it by one more day to make use of all the donated funds perfectly and make sure the donors were relatively satisfied.

 However, the longer the academic conference took, the higher the agreed standard specification was. Often, a three-day-long seminar sounded like a great deal. The main audience who came to attend the seminar were all from other places. It was not a big deal for them to stay for another day.

 More doctors acted as if they were just attending an ordinary academic conference. They chatted as they went out. They only slowed down to receive the small gifts when they reached the door.

 “That's Zhu Bajie drawn on this pen.” Since Hospital Director Bo sat at the back, he ended up exiting the hall ahead of others. He took the small gift and found himself stunned.

 There was nothing to a.n.a.lyze local pens. It was just that a fat Zhu Bajie was drawn on the cap of the pen with the style of ink wash paintings. At first glance, it was a bit silly and cute. It was a very pleasant and joyous sight to look at with its fat head and big ears after observing the pen again. The nine-toothed rake beside it was connected with the pen tube, which attracted more people.

 Hospital Director Bo could not help but take out another pen from his briefcase. As expected, he found that the design on the cap was Tang Seng. His golden ca.s.sock covered the penholder. At first glance, it was a bit crude, but now that it matched with Zhu Bajie, he looked quite wealthy and n.o.ble.

 “Do these come in a set?” Hospital Director Bo held the pens and looked at them in front of the light and gasped in amazement.

 “Yes, they are,” said Qi Zao, who was the intern distributing the gifts. At this time, she chuckled like an undergraduate intern. She sounded stupid, rigid, and youthful, “You may not have noticed, but the covers for yesterday's matching notebook look like a scripture book.”

 “Oh… no wonder,” Hospital Director Bo smiled, still rotating the pens.

 “Tomorrow morning's gift will be Sha Wujing.” Qi Zao smiled cutely again.

 Hospital Director Bo's heart instantly skipped a beat. “How about Sun Wukong?”

 “It will be distributed tomorrow night.”

 “Why can't they be distributed together?”

 “We're giving out the souvenirs using the style of stamp collection in events.” Qi Zao continued to smile.

 Hospital Director Bo was a cunning fox. He laughed out loud. “Hey, if I leave early tomorrow, I would not get Sun Wukong?”

 “As long as you attend the seminar on time tomorrow, you can get the souvenir. What's more, it's very rare to see Doctor Ling's surgery on the spot tomorrow,” Qi Zao explained with a smile, just like the way she was trained by Yunli Medical Company.

 Pharmaceutical sales companies never take the matter of gifts that would be given to doctors lightly. Everyone liked gifts with high value, but the pressure of pharmaceutical sales companies was too great, especially in such a conference. Even if each person was given a gift worth several hundred RMB, it would cost a lot, but for doctors like Hospital Director Bo, it was nothing.

 Instead, interesting sets of gifts would be very attractive.

 The h.o.a.rding habits in a person was a very interesting thing. There were surgeons who would squeeze out time out of a busy work day just so that they could get an extra 5 RMB-priced gift so they could complete the whole set of the series. If people were to explain this purely by saying that it was silly, then the people saying that it was silly were the ones who did not understand and were stupid.

 A young doctor next to him also put away his pen and said with a smile, “What's rare? Ling Ran's surgeries can be seen every day through Yunli Medical Company's livestreams. I was on duty once. I had to perform surgery at three in the morning. As soon as I went out and sat in the waiting room, I heard Ling Ran say good morning through the screen. I almost went crazy at that time.”

 “Yes, yes, I have too. I turned on the TV at three or four o'clock in the morning and went to the livestream, only to hear Ling Ran ask about the preparation of his next surgery. He even said that the surgery he was currently working on will finish soon…”

 “Me too.”

 “Don't they say that there are people who occupy livestream channels constantly? They're talking about people like Ling Ran.”

 The doctors started making sarcastic quips, but most of them only treated it as an interesting topic to talk about and also to prove that they, too, got up early and were on s.h.i.+ft duty.

 Qi Zao waited for the people around her to quiet down a little before she pretended to be cute and said, “This time, you can ask questions as Doctor Ling operates. Wouldn't it be more interesting to have Doctor Ling answer questions online while performing surgery?”

 “Ask what? I wouldn't even understand what I am watching.” With that, the doctor laughed at himself.

 Some of the doctors at the front laughed, but some did not.

 The atmosphere instantly turned slightly awkward.

 Qi Zao covered her mouth and laughed. “When we were in school, the smartest student in school always says that he would fail the exam.”

 “Oh, you are still a student?” The group of surgeons were immediately led astray by Qi Zao's words.

 Hospital Director Bo had no expectations for tomorrow's situation. But he thought of Tang Seng and his three disciples who traveled due west for a pilgrimage. If he only brought two back, it would be really sad. Anyway, he should at least get their eldest senior brother with them.

 1“Will tomorrow's surgery also be in the livestream platform of Yunli Medical Company?” Hospital Director Bo asked.

 “Yes, but no questions can be asked online at the livestream platform,” Qi Zao thought that Hospital Director Bo still wanted to go back.

 Hospital Director Bo smiled. He did not explain any further as he nodded and left. He then sent a message via WeChat to the family doctor of the chairman of Tonca Group.

 The earning power for an old organization that was worth ten billion RMB was already crippled since a long time ago. However, their welfare benefits for their higher ups used large European and American enterprises as their benchmark, and there was also someone specialized a.s.signed to take care of the health of its chairman. Professional nutritionists, routine physical examinations once every half a year, having minor illnesses being treated as major illnesses were all the benefits that higher ups had.

 However, health itself was a very metaphysical thing, especially with the emergence of cancers. The phrase, “everyone is born equal” would then turn into something incredibly cruel and indifferent.

 “If you have any questions, you can ask Ling Ran on the spot.” In a cunning manner, Hospital Director Bo decided to let someone else feel conflicted.

 “Okay,” WeChat responded stiffly, just like the person's face as he typed out of the message.

 On the next day, when Ling Ran woke up unaided, he went for an unprotected snooze session before getting up.

 Although an Energy Serum was good, he still needed to save up. Ling Ran was satisfied with the 2,168 bottles of Energy Serum that he had acc.u.mulated, but he did not allow himself to feel relaxed at all.

 He could finish using 168 bottles of Energy Serum in just half a year. By then, if he could not replenish his supply, all two thousand bottles of his remaining Energy Serums would be used up.

 “Ling Ran, are you up? Do you want to have some porridge?” Ling Jiezhou asked in surprise after he heard the sound from upstairs. “Aren't you supposed to go to the hospital earlier today?”

 “No, I have an early appointment.” Ling Ran looked at the time, dressed up, and opened the door to his Volkswagen Jetta.

 Tian Qi had bought the shares for a Cantonese-style teahouse and invited Ling Ran to try the dishes. Coincidentally, he did not have to rush to the hospital today, so Ling Ran naturally went there. Regardless of whether it was a gastrectomy in combination with hepatic resection or hepatectomy, both were major labor-intensive operations. Being full before a surgery was an important part that would affect the surgery process.

Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 926

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