Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 237

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Published at 18th of July 2019 12:55:07 PM Chapter 237: 237

Over at Luo Hai

Feng Rao put on an innocent face when she was called to the major crimes department to a.s.sist with the investigation . She was an important young lady of the Feng Family and although the Feng Family was not ranked any higher than the other aristocratic families, they were not commoners either . Her lawyer arrived at the major crimes department after the questioning had gone on for less than an hour .

This was the most stressful part for Wu Huai .

He was reluctant to deal with scholars who memorized law clauses .

As there was no concrete proof of the black market transactions due to a lack of surveillance, the lawyer was quickly able to find loopholes based on the testimonies of several black market pimps .

“My client has the right to remain silent . Those people may have recognized the wrong person or they may simply be framing her because it would be impossible for Miss Feng to be involved with the black market . Unless the police can find better evidence, my client can sue you for defamation!”

The lawyer who wore gold-rimmed spewed a pile of set phrases, provoking Wu Huai until his heart was filled with annoyance .

He suppressed his anger and nearly roared, “Shall we see how you'll actually sue me?” How dare she?!

Privately, however, Wu Huai quietly reminded himself that he was a police officer, not the leader of outlaws .

Feng Rao became more arrogant when she saw that Wu Huai could not do anything once her lawyer had reached the police station . She kicked up a fuss and said, “If you don't release me within two hours, I'll ask my father to get the munic.i.p.ality-level leaders to make an appearance!”

Wu Huai had never yielded to force or persuasion but he felt that today's case was destined to come to a standstill .

Before Feng Rao arrived, the police sketch artist's picture that was based on the black market pimp's description allowed them to recognize that the woman making transactions at that time was indeed Feng Rao .

However, they could not convict her for this crime solely based on the pimp's testimony because it was still considered as a lack of evidence .

Nonetheless, one thing could be confirmed . An important young lady of Feng Rao's status was certainly not engaging in large transactions of gold and jewelry on the black market simply to buy several dozen Hermes bags .

The person behind her who needed this money was definitely Mu Chenwu!

Once he had concluded this Wu Huai went through the main threads of this complicated affair . Mu Chenwu had trained this group of hackers for his own use . They had first attacked the Zhong Heng group that was under Yuan Xuan's name to steal the things they needed . However, they were unsuccessful .

Next, he used this group of hackers to hack Zong He's website while coordinating both internal and external forces . They created this ma.s.sacre for some unspeakable secret .

Other than the motive for this crime, everything else was smoothly compiled in a rather coherent manner .

It was highly likely that Third Young Master Yuan knew the motive best and kept it in his heart .

Wu Huai only understood now that he had been tricked by Yuan Xuan .

When Third Young Master Yuan fled with Mistress after leaving behind some information, it certainly meant that he was hiding his Little Mistress .

Since Feng Rao knew Mu Chenwu's whereabouts, would Mu Chenyan know as well?

Yuan Xuan cunningly escaped because he was worried that his wife would be disturbed . He threw a smoke bomb before he left so that the police would not know where to start even if they wanted to interrogate him .

Wu Huai thought of his cousin brother again at this moment .

Wu Huai made a phone call and contacted Wu Ze because he wanted to hear the news about Mu Chenyan straight from Wu Ze's mouth . When Wu Ze heard that the investigations were directed at Mu Chenwu, he instantly understood why Yuan Xuan was hiding Mu Chenyan .

That wife-protecting devil probably knew long ago that the person who was orchestrating this in the background was Mu Chenwu . Thus, he strained his mind to hide his wife while making the police run in circles .

“You shouldn't pay attention to Mu Chenyan anymore . Yuan Xuan doesn't want you to lay a finger on her because Mu Chenyan is probably unaware that all of this is related to her brother . ”

Wu Ze was more knowledgeable when it came to matters involving Yuan Xuan .

Upon hearing that, Wu Huai asked, “How are you so sure that Mu Chenyan is unaware? After all, she had previously led the police to investigate Zhao Ruoxin . Thus, how can you determine that this woman wasn't just tricking us so that she can escape?”

Wu Ze could not help but laugh when he heard this . He said, “Brother, you've been in the crimes department for so long that everyone looks like a criminal to you now!”

Wu Huai snorted, expressing his refusal to accept this .

“Even without using your brain to think, you'd be able to understand that Mu Chenwu had a certain aim when he returned to Luo Hai . Why wouldn't he contact his blood-related sister and ask her for help?”

Wu Ze did not know how to explain this to Wu Huai . He could only ask, “If Mu Chenwu and Mu Chenyan had met up much earlier, wouldn't it be much safer for him to pa.s.s such a large amount of gold and jewelry to his sister rather than his mistress?

“Moreover, since Mu Chenyan had never visited Zong He prior to the case, how could she coordinate the internal and external forces to apply the poison? On the surface, it seems like the victims this time have no connection to the Mu Clan siblings at all…”

Frankly, Wu Huai had already known the things that Wu Ze mentioned . However, he could not help but become slightly anxious when he saw that his leads were mysteriously cut off .

Wu Huai waited until the call ended before he sat on his office chair and fell into deep thoughts .

This time, the Mu Clan siblings had played the lead roles in causing this dead-end situation .

Three or four days later, Mu Chenyan was finally unable to bear the condition in Liu Li Villa where she was cut off from the rest of the world . She made a request of Yuan Xuan, saying, “I'd like to return to Luo Hai . ”

It seemed as though Yuan Xuan had antic.i.p.ated that this woman's limit would be several days . The man with a refined aura that wafted across his entire body quietly agreed, saying, “Alright, we'll pack our things tomorrow and prepare to return to Luo Hai . ”

Mu Chenyan gently sighed in relief . Her seven-day vacation in Liu Li Villa was finally over . She felt a sort of yearning and reluctance to leave when she turned around and looked at the hundred-year-old mansion .

When Yuan Xuan saw through her faint thoughts and quietly said, “Next time, we could come here for a holiday once every other week . Yes, I'll really miss the large bed here…”

Yuan Xuan emphasized the implication behind his words, Mu Chenyan coughed till her face turned red .

The most stressful part of Liu Li Villa to her was that large bed that had almost cost Mu Chenyan her life .

Mu Chenyan returned to pack her belongings . She had not actually taken many things with her but Sister Liu had brought some of the produce that she grew around this mountain villa for her .

Yuan Xuan took his phone out and dialed a number, “Captain Wu…”

Wu Huai secretly laughed to himself . This respected individual was finally willing to show himself .

“Are you enjoying your vacation, Third Young Master? What instructions do you have during this call?” The case involving Zong He was already set aside . He would not even think of any progress unless they caught Mu Chenwu . Wu Huai suppressed his raging anger as he mocked Yuan Xuan .

Yuan Xuan's dark aura returned . It was unlike his gentle appearance when he was with Little Chenyan . His tone was cold and arrogant when he flatly said, “I'd like to make several things clear with Captain Wu in advance . Please moderate your subordinates' words once Mu Chenyan has returned to Luo Hai . I don't want Mu Chenyan to know too much about this case . ”

Wu Huai coldly groaned and said, “Third Young Master Yuan, can you tell me how I can benefit from that?”

“Perhaps you'd already known long ago that the person behind this was Mu Chenwu?”

Wu Huai could not help but be filled with rage when he thought of how he had been led by his nose the whole time .

Yuan Xuan suddenly laughed . Through the phone, Wu Huai could also feel the imposing manner and coldness that this man was spreading .

“I've been trying to capture Mu Chenwu all along . We'll definitely work together if we get the chance in the future,” Yuan Xuan casually said .

Wu Huai sneered, “Hmph, I was thinking that Third Young Master Yuan is certainly well-versed in Sun-Tzu's Art of War . It's likely that you'll want to borrow our manpower to get rid of Mu Chenwu in the future, right? That way, you won't have to offend your Little Mistress!”

“That's an exaggeration, Captain Wu! It's the duty of police officers like you to eradicate evil for the sake of the people . ” Yuan Xuan argued with Wu Huai .

“I contacted you to tell you that I didn't want Mu Chenyan to be excessively involved in this right from the beginning . Since you've already directed the investigation towards Mu Chenwu, you should just do your work properly then! You should know what you have to do for Mu Chenyan, right?”

Wu Huai flatly said, “Alright, I'll help you but you'll have to keep your word in the future and help me arrest Mu Chenwu as well . ”

“I'll cooperate, of course . ” Yuan Xuan' hung up . His gloomy expression brightened when he saw his dainty wife happily holding a beautifully carved pumpkin…

Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 237

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