Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 24: Facial Recognition

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Mu Chenyan realized that she could not forget that night's events!

If this continued on, it would be very dangerous if a minor incident was blown up into a serious matter!

She quickly turned over and sat up before quietly saying, "I slept soundly because I was exhausted yesterday, what does that have to do with you?"

When Yuan Xuan looked at the woman who said one thing but meant another, he recalled how she had called him "Brother Xuan" in a pampered voice last night. However, there was no anger in his heart. Instead, he strangely desired to dote on her even more.

Yuan Xuan got out of bed as well and took his clothes out of the cloakroom and placed them on the bed. He glanced at the pet.i.te woman, smiled and said, "You've returned for two days but have yet to see my grandmother! I'll bring you to buy some clothes and gifts today. We will be holding a banquet at home during the National Day holiday, so you should use that opportunity to have a good chat with my grandmother!"

Mu Chenyan's heart pounded faintly.

For someone like her who had grown up in a prominent ill.u.s.trious family, attending a banquet was nothing new!

However, she was in an awkward status as a well-known socialite who was recently freed from prison. If she relied on her status as the wife of the Yuan Family's grandson to attend an influential banquet like this, she felt slightly uncomfortable at heart!

However, Mu Chenyan did not want to display her true innermost thoughts before Yuan Xuan.

It was like having to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. In any case, she would have to come out and meet people!

Regardless of how she had descended from the ranking of Luo Hai City's number one socialite two years ago, she would need to crawl back up there again no matter what.

Since her release from prison and Yuan Xuan brought her back, she would have to face this fate sooner or later!

"Alright!" She faintly responded with one word!

From the clothes that Yuan Xuan had picked out for her, Mu Chenyan pulled out an apricot-colored cardigan and a pair of beige pants before putting them on!

When the little slim waist that twisted and turned before Yuan Xuan's eyes, the man's enchanted eyes looked at it for a while before feeling pain in his member ...

After breakfast, Yuan Xuan delegated some tasks for Yan Jun as he would not be going to the office.

Several of Yuan Xuan's subordinates were capable individuals. Since it was no issue for the Yuan clan to take complete charge, he could wash his hands of this and accompany his wife to go shopping without any pressure!

Mu Chenyan sat in Yuan Xuan's car a cold and condescending look on her face. Along the journey, she merely concerned herself with looking out at the scenery through the window and left Yuan Xuan to admire the back of her head.

Although it was like this, Yuan Xuan was still in a pretty good mood. This puzzled Mu Chenyan even more!

All of the shop a.s.sistants and store managers of various renowned brands would nod and bow before Yuan Xuan wherever he went. They even frenziedly treated Mu Chenyan with the same kind of enthusiasm!

This was the first time that they saw Yuan Xuan bringing a woman out shopping. The store managers were not stupid. If they had missed the best opportunity to fawn over the CEO, they did not know how many hundred years they would have to wait for the next chance!

"Miss, you simply couldn't be more beautiful if you wore this outfit!"

"There's no one in the whole of Luo Hai who could wear this and look as good as you!"

"Miss, you should try this again. It's a limited edition piece and only seven of them in total have been produced worldwide. The international superstar Mei Mei has reserved one piece because of her tall stature so it would be a waste if someone with your physique did not reserve one as well..."

Chenyan's mood was now frigid. When she saw people acting overly enthusiastic, she felt particularly awkward. Thus, she chose not to respond!

She was merely concerned with trying on clothes because she could not find the mood to shop either. Hence, she completely left it to Yuan Xuan to decide based on his preferences.

He nodded, and the store attendants speedily wrapped everything up without even blinking their eyes. In the end, it seemed like Yuan Xuan never had any intentions of paying.

Mu Chenyan last time lived inattentively and after spending two years in prison, she was unaware that paying methods such as cash, credit cards, and mobile payments were all out of date. There was another new payment method known as 'facial recognition'...

Mu Chenyan was feeling puzzled when Yuan Xuan plastered himself beside her ear and lowered his voice explaining, "I purchased this chain of shopping malls last month. If you want to buy clothes next time, you can simply show your face and be recognized no matter which city you visit!"

"Hmph! Facial recognition? I still want my face!"

Mu Chenyan rolled her eyes at him before walking to another shop on her own!

Yuan Xuan did not fly into a rage as he watched the woman's figure from the back. He smiled faintly before striding forward with his long legs to chase after her.

Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 24: Facial Recognition

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