Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 360 - Dilly-Dallying Like A Lady

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Chapter 360: Dilly-dallying Like A Lady

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Su Qingcheng had no choice but to admit that her life in the military camp was such an abyss of misery.

If one did not have any self-control when faced with these muscular machos who would frequently make a show of their masculinity, one would probably have a ruptured vein sooner or later.

Fortunately, her mind was pure and simple, so she did not think much about things like that.

Truth to be told, she had made her own plans in her heart.

The experience of being trafficked twice made her feel a little fearful of the outside world. If she learned kung fu, then she would not need to be afraid of being bullied if she were to venture out later.

That was why she was willing to do anything to cling to Shao Yibai!

As for the reason for wearing men's clothing, one was to get through all of this easily and gain Shao Yibai's trust so that she could obtain the opportunity to learn kung fu.

Secondly, her looks were something she should be worried about.

Even though she was masquerading as a boy, she was still pinched by others at the cheeks and b.u.t.t all the time. If she were to walk around as a female, she could not imagine how much trouble would arise.

Wait until after she had learned kungfu, things would be different then.

She could protect herself by then and would not have to worry about being pounced on by any men…

Perhaps, if she chanced upon someone she liked, she could pounce on him instead?

Souga (TN: a j.a.panese term which means "so, that's what it is.")!

Su Qingcheng worked out her plans and found herself antic.i.p.ating whatever her future held for her.

The next day, Su Qingcheng was already dressed neatly and waiting in front of his dormitory before Shao Yibai had come back from his morning training.

Out of sheer boredom, she sat down on the steps and fixed her eyes at the training ground not far away, watching those "hormones" doing their weight-bearing running while sweating.

She saw Shao Yibai's gorgeous frame from the back. Even in the midst of so many handsome men, he was still as outstanding as ever. Su Qingcheng blushed a little when she recalled yesterday's gaffe…

"Hey! What are you thinking about?"

When Tian Qi returned from the morning training, he saw Su Qingcheng sitting on the steps daydreaming, so he patted her on the shoulder.


Su Qingcheng was waiting for Shao Yibai. When Shao Yibai had finished his breakfast after the morning training, he would be able to teach her king fu then. Su Qingcheng did not want everyone to know about it.

Maybe it was because of her guilty conscience!

She wanted to spend time with Shao Yibai alone. At least, her stupid side would only be seen by him.

When Shao Yibai came back, he saw Su Qingcheng looking at himself with her adorable large eyes. The striking man retrieved a white towel from the towel rack to wipe his sweat and said, "Go have your breakfast. I'll take you to the combat hall after that!"

Su Qingcheng gorged herself on the food. After having her fill, she did not help Master Zhou and the rest to clean up the dishes as she usually did but ran off in the direction of the combat hall.

Yan Zhou was, after all, not a big city. The facilities here were relatively simple. The combat hall here was only built after Shao Yibai went and applied for funding.

There were two floors to the hall. On the first floor was a small and standardized compet.i.tive performance stage while the second floor was mainly used as the grandstand.

Usually, all combat performances or compet.i.tions in the troops would happen here.

After taking a shower, the man changed into a light camouflage suit and combat boots. Shao Yibai could always switch easily between his good and evil charming aura.

"Combat itself is an ancient skill. It's a skill because its purpose is contrary to the purpose of most sports.

"Before the start of a match in Taekwondo, both parties will greet each other by bowing; in fencing, both parties would greet each other with their sword before attacking…"

Shao Yibai first briefed Su Qingcheng on some basic knowledge.

The little girl's education level was not high. However, she was rather smart during her schooling days. If not for her family's poverty and miserable life's journey, she would have had prospered well academically.

Her beautiful and lively eyes were fixed on Shao Yibai who was standing opposite of her. She listened carefully to the man's charming and magnetic voice, feeling both envious and jealous.

One really could not compare one's self with others. The man in front of her was simply the darling of the creator. He was excellent in whichever aspect one looked at—appearance, education, and family background. How lucky he was to also be born with such handsome looks at the same time.

He attempted a few demonstrations while briefing Su Qingcheng.

"What I've told you just now only apply to compet.i.tions and performances. Hmm, that is to say, they're all useless in real life!"

Su Qingcheng was speechless. "Ah…"

d.a.m.n, what was the point of telling her when there was no use to it…

"There're many types of combat. Regardless of the variety, defeating your opponent in the quickest, ruthless, and most efficient manner is the basic requirement for fighters. Hence, I'll be teaching you actual combat skills. Your attacks must be steady, precise, and ruthless. Your goal is to defeat your opponent. You could even use crafty methods…"

The man smiled. "For example, Monkey Stealing Peaches (TN: a shady trick that involves the grabbing of a man's crotch). If this trick could be executed, there's no need to be polite with the other party!"

Su Qingcheng had no words for that.

Shao Yibai watched Su Qingcheng's face turned from white to pink. A kind of inexplicable shyness could be seen from her face, and he sighed in his heart that such a fellow was no better than those who did not have any peaches in their pants…

Shao Yibai did not teach her any moves, but he had her underwent a series of physical training the whole morning.

Frog jump, push-ups, sit-ups, handstand walking…

Whenever she did not do well, Shao Yibai would kick her in her a.s.s…

She gritted her teeth in pain and lamented in her heart.

All the other big brothers liked her little a.s.s. He could let it go when they tried to pinch it a few times, but he never f*cking pinch. He just kicked instead!

No wonder those soldiers who had trained under him called him the Great Devil behind his back. They both loved and hated him at the same time. He would really show no compa.s.sion whatsoever when he was strict. Almost half of the soldiers in the camp had been hit by him.

In the end, the training ended with Su Qingcheng lying exhaustedly face down in the compet.i.tion hall.

"Your physicality is extremely weak!" Shao Yibai commented with a frown when he saw Su Qingcheng lying on the ground like a dead cat without moving at all.

Su Qingcheng quietly greeted his entire family in his heart (TN: greeting one's family is a derogatory phrase for cursing the other party's family members).

For four hours straight, she was tormented non-stop, and still, he complained that she was not persistent enough. Did he have any humanity in him?

However, she did not complain. After all, learning kung fu was what she had wanted.

"Do you need me to carry you to lunch ?"

Shao Yibai knelt down to pull Su Qingcheng up from the ground as he spoke.

Her legs were indeed feeble, and she was dizzy from hunger. Would it not be too shameful though if she were to let Shao Yibai carry her to the canteen?

"I… I can go by myself…"

Su Qingcheng gritted her teeth and tried to stand up, but the frog-jumps just now had caused her legs to be so sore that no strength was left in them. She flopped to the ground right away.

She glanced embarra.s.singly at the man who was standing beside her with his arms on his waist. Her face flushed red instantly.

"You're dilly-dallying just like a lady!"

Shao Yibai chided. He suddenly tugged her arms and pulled her up from behind. Holding her two arms, he carried her on his back.

Su Qingcheng muttered, "Brother Shao, I… I can walk…"

She struggled to come down, but Shao Yibai's face turned cold. He said, "Don't be stubborn! We'll continue training in the afternoon after we had lunch!"

Su Qingcheng was at a loss for words.

Her fragile life demanded an explanation to all this suffering!

Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 360 - Dilly-Dallying Like A Lady

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