Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 361

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Chapter 361: I Keep Having All Kinds of Whimsy Thoughts for a Man Recently

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She wrapped her two slender legs around the man's waist. Her hand embraced his neck from behind, and she buried her head in the spot beside his neck. He was not sweating at all, but she had begun perspiring all over.

The scent of the shampoo on his body mixed with the odor of male hormones were wafting into her nostrils and invading her olfactory senses!

The man's voice was sonorous and hoa.r.s.e with a bit of magnetic sense. He remarked, “Xiaodai, you're not more than 100 pounds, I suppose? With this physique of yours, you're no different from a woman…”

Su Qingcheng's face flushed red when she heard him.

His seemingly regretful tone caused this ignorant young girl who had been mingling amid various kinds of hormonal tough guys every day to feel a strange tremor in her heart.

She had not fallen in love before. In her secluded past life, she had not communicated with any men other than her brothers at home.

Hence, when she first came to the military camp, she only regarded those studm.u.f.fins as her own brothers.

Those soldiers would make obscene jokes in the dormitory. She would laugh along with them even when she could not understand some of them. Even if she got the joke, she would not shy away from it. She was so deeply engrossed in the character she had to play that she had almost forgotten she was a girl…

However, the kind of intense tremors felt within her soul would cause her to blush easily and swelter whenever she met Shao Yibai. She even felt the impulse to avoid him, but somewhere in her heart also yearned secretly to come into contact with him.

Many years later, when Su Qingcheng recalled her days in Yan Zhou, only then did she realize that that kind of feeling was known as having a crush.

A young girl's first love had just bloomed. Her gray and blurry life had been invaded by a man whose body radiated golden light. He had torn open her dark heart and invited himself in airily!

He was made of suns.h.i.+ne, so much so that she could not ignore his existence.

He was crude in most matters but refined in some. His seemingly aggressive and temperamental manner of going about things actually blended perfectly well with the expensive air of a well-bred gentleman coming off from him.

Su Qingcheng placed her face on Shao Yibai's back and could not suppress the delight in her heart. She was enjoying the feeling of coming into contact with him.

Suddenly, a naive voice sounded from behind her back, and what followed was a pat on her b.u.t.tocks. “Xiaodai, what's up with you? You even dare to have our boss carry you over?”

Tian Qi asked gleefully as he approached.

D*mn your sister!

My a.s.s!

Could it be simply hit by anyone?

“Brother Shao, please let me down…”

Su Qingcheng saw that there were more and more people mingling around the canteen. She thought that it would not be a good idea for Shao Yibai to continue carrying her, so she struggled to jump down.

Shao Yibai did not stop her. He dropped her down from his back and cast a look at Tian Qi.

These two fellows had come to the military camp together. If one were to compare the both of them side by side now, Tian Qi had gone through enough training and became darker and tougher just like a rock while Xiaodai was still fair and tender, charming like a bulrush.

Shao Yibai's imagined Su Qingcheng having trained into Tian Qi's physique and actually felt a great sense of reluctance in his heart to let it happen.

This was also why he had chosen to train her in the indoor arena.

He had his own selfish motive for that. He did not wish for this fair and tender fellow to become a rough guy like Tian Qi…

“How f*cking ugly!”

Shao Yibai said without rhyme or reason. The handsome man turned to leave and headed to the canteen area that was designated for sergeants.

Tian Qi was holding a half-eaten bun in his hand and was about to stuff it into his mouth. When he heard Shao Yibai's remark before the latter left, he looked left and right and found that there was no one else present but Su Qingcheng and himself.

Shao Yibai could not be talking about Xiaodai, then he must be referring to himself?

Waa~ Mom, he swore at me!!

How devastating!

The days Su Qingcheng spent learning kung fu with Shao Yibai past happily.

She made rapid progress. Shao Yibai exclaimed that although she looked weak, there was an air of arrogance in her bones. She was tough, and he now had a whole new level of respect for her.

After two consecutive months of physical training, she had now developed V-line and toned abs. She had ma.s.sive improvements in leaping, stretching and other aspects of physical fitness. There was even a change in the way she carried herself.

She had grown from the weak and thin little girl she once was and had become fitter and much more confident.

Shao Yibai felt sentimental about her change and was delighted to have witnessed it as well. He was glad that she had finally developed some machoness…

Shao Yibai's combat technique was very famous in the Capital City. Plus, he liked to delve into the art of it. He had incorporated his own understanding and improvisation into his movements and tactics. In the close combat club in Country Z, Shao Yibai had been on the top ten list all year long.

One could envision how quick Su Qingcheng, who had been trained under him, could master the various skills of a melee attack.

The way Su Qingcheng addressed Shao Yibai had also changed from Brother Shao to “Master.”

“Master, let me help you get your meal…”

“Master, let me give you two more pieces of meat…”

“Master, I want to join you all in the next field survival training…”


” Wukong, can I have some peace and quiet for a while?” 1

Shao Yibai did not expect the fair-skin boy who was once shy and quiet could become such a chatterbox!

Su Qingcheng, though being reprimanded, was smiling so big her eyes curved. Her two shallow dimples almost made Shao Yibai fell into a daze staring at them.

d.a.m.n! It must be because he had not gone out and let loose for a long time. That was why he would constantly have some whimsy thoughts for a boy!

Shao Yibai could not find a suitable reason to convince himself. The time he had spent with Xiaodai had indeed felt fleeting.

So much so that every week he went for the field survival training, he would keep thinking of “him” who had been left behind!

How could this be?

Shao Yibai studied in the military academy, and the people he had encountered there were mostly men. A lot of them were tough guys as well. Seeing such a soft and cute “guy” like Xiaodai was also a first for him.

He began to worry whether this abnormal reaction of his meant that he was to take the route of a h.o.m.os.e.xual?

Shao Yibai had many friends since he was young, but his most trusted playmate was his older cousin brother.

After eating, Shao Yibai returned to the camp office and gave Yuan Xuan a call.

Between them was a 7-hour time difference, and Yuan Xuan was still asleep. Yuan Xuan was somewhat confused when he saw Shao Yibai's number.

“You're at the military area. Aren't you not allowed to use your mobile phone?”

Yuan Xuan's sweet dreams were disturbed, so the usually modest gentleman was slightly annoyed.

“Yuan Xuan, I have something to tell you!” Shao Yibai's tone sounded serious. His character was different from Yuan Xuan. Yuan Xuan could have a secret buried deep in his heart for more than ten years. He could love someone and protect her quietly by the side. On the other hand, Shao Yibai was someone who frankly.

“Mr Shao, speak up!”

The tone of the man eased down. The early morning in the UK was infused with mist, and dew was falling from the leaves of the guava tree in front of the window onto the ground.

Yuan Xuan looked at the clock on the wall. Since he had already woken up, he might as well listen to Shao Yibai's distress. Perhaps, his happiness could be built on Shap Yibai's misery…


What a bad friend he was indeed!

“I keep having all kinds of whimsy thoughts for a man recently…”

As Shao Yibai said, he looked through the office window and saw Su Qingcheng holding the water hose from the camp garden. She was aiming at Tian Qi and had made him soaking wet while she only giggled mischievously!

Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 361

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