Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: Can You Not Look at Me with Such a Dumb Face?

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When Yuan Xuan heard Shao Yibai's statement, he could not help but be stunned.

Shao Yibai had lived an unfettered life since young. With the love his parents had lavished on him, coupled with his perfect family environment and his family background, this had led him to develop a fearless character.

The traces of the young man of aristocratic families who had been spoiled—conceited and arrogant, were etched in his bones. Even so, he could not get rid of the seal and restraint that came with his birth status.

If he had liked men, he would definitely be rejected by the people in his circle.

This was probably the reason why Shao Yibai was distressed.

“Do you really like men?” Yuan Xuan asked according to his understanding.

Yuan Xuan sat by the window. In the old building, the lights were dim, and the atmosphere was tranquil. The man was fiddling with a crystal photo frame on the table, and the woman in the photo was Mu Chenyan.

“I'm not sure either!”

This was the first time Shao Yibai felt so helpless. His sullen voice sounded, “To be exact, I was hoping he's a woman…”

“Then, do you or do you not like him?”

Yuan Xuan could not understand what Shao Yibai had meant, but he knew that it could not be a simple matter if it could trouble this bandit-like warrior.

Shao Yibai simply recounted what had happened recently.

From the rescue of the two little demons to the moments spent with Su Qingcheng, and how his relations.h.i.+p with her changed from being a savior to her master.

In the end, he pinched the spot between his eyebrows and queried, “Could it be that because I haven't been dating for a long time, and I haven't touched any woman in the occluded circle of mine, so there's now a problem with my physiological needs?”

“If you like the person, why do you care whether he's a male or female?”

Yuan Xuan smirked. At least, that was how it was with him. Why was there a need to bother about her ident.i.ty as long as he liked her? The man gazed at Mu Chenyan in the photo frame.

“But I like women!” Shao Yibai spat in dissatisfaction.

“Then, are you thinking of asking that little fellow to undergo a s.e.x rea.s.signment surgery to satisfy you?” Yuan Xuan smiled plainly and asked.

The sky was brightening up. He always had trouble sleeping at night. Since Shao Yibai's distress had not been resolved, his plans on catching up with his sleep could not be implemented.

“What nonsense.”

Shao Yibai was somewhat depressed. Although Xiaodai was forlorn, it did not mean that she was someone without a mind of her own and was one to be shoved about by others.

On the contrary, Su Qingcheng was very stubborn, and there was a kind of unyielding air deep within her which could be seen during those training sessions he had with her. It even made him have a whole new level of respect for her.

“Then, stay away from that little guy. After a while, if those absurd ideas still remain when the sensation of novelty is over, then why care about whether he's a male or woman? Just include her into your harem!”

Shao Yibai began to seriously consider Yuan Xuan's proposal when he hang up the call.

He reasoned that he just felt comfortable when he was with Xiaodai, but how could that be the determining factor that he liked “him”?

He might just be overthinking!

“Captain Shao, about the overseas capture mission this time, I want in too…”

Tian Qi had been pestering Shao Yibai for two days about this.

Yan Zhou was located at the border, so it was not a land of peace. On top of that, the harsh environments with the batches of garrison troops had been changed one after another.

Shao Yibai's elite special forces were considered one of the troops that had been stationed here for a relatively long time. They had collaborated with the local comrades the most too.

This time, they had received orders from their superiors to join hands with their comrades at the Yun Nan-Burma border to ambush a group of drug dealers hiding in the jungle.

His heart became restless when Tian Qi first got hold of the news.

He had not partic.i.p.ated in any actual mission. Back then, he had dreamt of putting on a military uniform, having his tummy filled, and carrying a gun to war. Two of them had been fulfilled, and now the last wish remained to be realized through actual combat.

Shao Yibai was hesitant. Tian Qi's close combat skill, shooting skill, and physical strength had improved rapidly. He even caught up with the veterans who had been training for several years under Shao Yibai, but he still did not want to take him along.

After all, such actual combat was actually very dangerous. It was equal to living life on the edge and hanging his life hang on a thread.

“Captain Shao, if you don't bring Tian Qi along, he won't be ready for war when he really has to go on the battlefield next time.” Liu Tong, the staff officer, pleaded for Tian Qi.

Shao Yibai thought about it for a while. There were indeed not as many people who had come with him this time. It would be extremely advantageous to have an additional elite infantry in action in this kind of jungle warfare.

Hence, Tian Qi won himself the opportunity to go into battle for the first time. The beaming Tian Qi went to organize his equipment immediately. The helicopters that were to pick them up were on standby at the military airport not far away.

Su Qingcheng panic when she got hold of the news.

Now even Tian Qi had joined the battle, but she was to remain here as a logistics security personnel?

“I'm going too!” Su Qingcheng's little hand grabbed Shao Yibai's armor bag. Biting her lip, she stopped talking after spitting those three words. She was determined to express her firm desire to go along.

Shao Yibai's lips twitched and was on the verge of anger. It was a perilous place. Was she going there to die?

However, seeing the pitiful face on Xiaodai, the fire that he could easily vent on others somehow could not be spewed out when the person was “him.”

“You can't even fire a gun. Are you going there to become a target? What's more, taking someone like you along who can't even protect yourself would only cause us trouble and not be of any help. I don't have time to keep an eye on you!”

When Shao Yibai made those remarks, Su Qingcheng's face paled, but she was still unwilling to resign.

“Furthermore, what are you pestering me non-stop? I've already taught you kung fu, but with your physical quality, you can't make it into the special forces. Later on, I'll have the team send you to the military school to study. Don't keep following me around!”

Shao Yibai's voice was not loud, but he did mock Su Qingcheng mercilessly, wanting to drive her away…

He knew that she had great pride deep within her. If he did not give her a blow, she might stick onto him forever. Although ridiculing her was somewhat ruthless, it was better than having her life sacrificed.

Sure enough, Su Qingcheng's hands loosened from the backpack, and her eyes reddened.

Liu Tong lowered his head. Having been around Shao Yibai's side for many years and obtaining the position of a staff instructor, he had long since possessed the skill of taking notice of every movement or change of expression.

He saw the expression on Su Qingcheng's face was not only sad, but there was also disappointment and devastation. There was even an inexplicable tremor of surprise…

Liu Tong tugged at Shao Yibai's sleeves. “Captain Shao…”

Shao Yibai was also aware that what he had said was very hurtful and harsh.

However, Xiaodai would make him unable to focus on the task at hand, so he could never take her with him. That was for sure.

The troop set out with three military helicopters letting out booming roars and cutting through the sky. The turbulent wind stirred up by the propellers ruffled Su Qingcheng's hair. She tilted her head up the sky and stared at the helicopters flying farther and farther away…

This mission turned out to be harder than everyone had expected.

This tropical monsoon climate zone with an average annual temperature of 28 degrees had some ushered in a storm, and raining here was equivalent to the winter season.

Whether it was the special forces or the local anti-drug team agents, both parties had spent a lot of mental and physical energy in this confrontation having contended with the drug traffickers who were hiding in the dense forest for almost a week.

Joining in on combat that went on for a long time could get one exhausted easily. For the elite special forces whose strength was in a quick and precise battle, this was their biggest bug.

After half a month…

There was finally good news from the frontline. Those drug traffickers who had run away were all arrested in a siege battle.

Just as Su Qingcheng thought that Tian Qi, Shao Yibai and the rest were coming back, the Yan Zhou garrison station suddenly needed another group of soldiers.

Su Qingcheng could not make sense of it. They were supposed to return, so why did this side have to send people over?

Su Qingcheng was worried. She ran to catch hold of Zhang Han before the last batch of rescue team left.

Zhang Han, the garrison commander of Yan Zhou, knew Su Qingcheng. He also knew that she was the little kid who Shao Yibai had rescued. He could not hide the news anymore.

“Little Su, there's unfortunate news…”

Zhang Han saw as Su Qingcheng's face grown pale, and he suddenly could not bear to continue.

“Has something… something happened to Brother Shao?”

The first thing Su Qingcheng thought to ask was that. Her eyes reddened and her fingertips trembled. She forced herself to calm down as she stared at Zhang Han.

“Don't panic!” Zhang Han now had a headache. He did not know how to pacify those in the Capital City yet, and there was already this other trouble right in front of him.

“While they were carrying out the mission, the small team led by Captain Shao had a fierce confrontation with the other party during the process of besieging.

“You're also aware that the trees in the mountains are concentrated and tall. Captain Shao and the others were separated from one another, and we still can't find them yet. The troop sent over this time is to enter and search the mountain…”

“I'm going too!” The rim of Su Qingcheng's eyes was crimson in color. What she made was a statement rather than a plea. “Please make the necessary arrangement for a spot for me on the helicopter for this round of dispatch!”

Su Qingcheng returned to the camp dormitory to pack up her his own field survival kit upon finis.h.i.+ng her order.

Zhang Han was shocked by her behavior just now. After all, he had been in the army for more than ten years, and he had not ordered his men around as such. If it was not for the special forces sent by the Capital City camping at his territory, he would be the boss here!

Shao Yibai was the bandit leader who did not play his cards according to common sense. The apprentice he was training also had the same temperament as him…

Su Qingcheng had not partic.i.p.ated in any actual field survival training before.

Fortunately, the place where she was born was full of mountains.

The experience she had while growing up in the mountains for so many years had made her unafraid of such difficulty.

She had changed into a tight-fitting camouflage suit and brought along the field survival gear she thought she could use.

Before this, Tian Qi would recount his experience to her every time he came back from his field survival training. Su Qingcheng would listen to his experience and pick up a few things here and there at the same time.

She did not expect that the knowledge would come in handy this time.

However, she would rather not use that knowledge than to lose contact with Shao Yibai.

Yan Zhou was very close to Wu Yuan. When they had arrived in Wu Yuan County, the people in the army did not stop to rest for a moment. They entered the mountain right away.

In addition to the people brought by Shao Yibai and the men sent by the local police station, coupled with the newest batch including Su Qingcheng, there were more than 500 people sweeping the mountain and forest for Shao Yibai and his team members.

On the second day of entering the mountain, three soldiers who had lost contact with Shao Yibai were found. Their vital signs were good even though they were injured.

This made Su Qingcheng both happy and anxious.

Shao Yibai must be alive!

Where was he then?

Su Qingcheng waited in anxiety, antic.i.p.ation, and panic.

She worked tirelessly during the search hours. She did not speak or rest, even to the extent of not eating nor drinking. She did not feel hungry at all.

She never knew she could care about a person this much.

Deep in the jungle, there were a lot of gullies. On the third day of entering the mountain, Su Qingcheng finally fell into a ravine!

She grabbed onto the branches and leaves to stop herself from sliding down too fast. Otherwise, just the branches on both sides of the ravine alone would break her fine and tender skin.

“I haven't saved anyone, yet I've gotten myself into danger!”

Su Qingcheng was extremely annoyed that she wanted to swear at her mom, but when she thought about it, she did not even have a mother, so what was there to curse about?

Fortunately, the backpack was still strapped on her back, and there were water and food as well as a wireless intercom. Su Qingcheng let out a long sigh of relief and could not be bothered about her bleeding arm for now.

She gripped the branches of the vines to prevent herself from sliding further down the ravine and took out the carabiner lock from her backpack with another hand.

Using only one hand to support herself had depleted her energy pretty quickly, and the slippery slope made her slide down a dozen meters.

“d.a.m.n. Do the heavens want me dead? Even if I'm to die, at least let me find Shao Yibai first… I… haven't told him that… I like him…”

Su Qingcheng clutched onto the vines, laid on the slippery slope and cried.

After so many days, she finally understood one thing.

The reason for the blus.h.i.+ng of her face and her rapid heartbeat whenever she was with Shao Yibai was because he had a place in her heart.

Just when she made sense of this fact though, she had to face the pain of losing Shao Yibai.

When she was abandoned by her parents, trafficked twice, beaten, chided, ridiculed, and nearly violated, she did not feel such agony as she did now nor had she wept out loud. Right now though, she really wanted to argue with the heavens. What was the reason for hurling so many miserable events at her?

Why was she so unfavored?

“Who? Who's up there…”

Suddenly, a weak voice traveled from the shadows at the bottom of the slope. Even though the person with the hoa.r.s.e voice sounded injured, one could still feel the masculinity of a man from it.

“Shao Yibai?? Is it you?” Su Qingcheng sobbed and shouted. The woman who was just screaming about how unjust the heavens was was instantly filled with grat.i.tude toward the heavens!

How fortunate was her to have slipped down this slope!

“Haha, it's me… What were you ranting crazily about?” Shao Yibai said while laughing. “Where are you? How come I can't see you?”

Su Qingcheng could sense the weakness in his voice. Indeed, he had lost contact with them for three days, and he probably had nothing to eat all this time. Even a tough guy could die of hunger.

Su Qingcheng followed the source of his voice and moved over slowly by clutching onto the vines.

A man was lying on a slightly flatter platform down the slope.

Since he was wearing a military green camouflage uniform, one could not really find him if they did not look carefully.

“Master… It really is you!” Su Qingcheng cried and rushed over to him. Hugging the wounded man and shuddering, she cried until she was exhausted.

Shao Yibai's expression was of a disgusted one. He moved his limbs which had suffered bone fractures on many parts and said, “Can you not look at me with such a dumb face? I'm hungry and would like to have some food. Did you bring any?”

Even when the handsome man was in danger, he was still wearing that proud and uninhibited expression. His smile was still the same carefree smile as always. He smirked as he looked at Su Qingcheng, not wanting her to think that he was at the brink of death!

Nevertheless, only heavens knew how much pain he was in!

He had been stuck here for three days.

If not for the multiple fractures on his body, he could definitely have climbed up here with his skills.

Seeing that he still had the mood to make jokes, Su Qingcheng broke into laughter. She took out the vacuum packed biscuits and mineral water from her backpack immediately.

“How do you feel?”

When Su Qingcheng saw Shao Yibai had only one small bite of the biscuit but drank lots of water, she thought that his internal organs were injured and could not help but get nervous.

“I'm fine!” There were a few scratches on Shao Yibai's face, but he looked really charming from a certain angle.

“Can't eat too much. I'm not sure if I'll die. If I do, I can't be wasting your food. You have to wait here for the rescue…”

Su Qingcheng clamped her hand over his mouth and cried, “I won't let you die… If you die, I'm not going to continue living in this world…”

This silly woman! The situation had not taken a turn for the worse, but she was already thinking of dying for love!

Shao Yibai looked at “him” and sneered sinisterly, “What did you shout at the heavens halfway down the slope just now?”

Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 362

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