The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 1178 - I Want to Make You Stay (56)

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Chapter 1178: I Want to Make You Stay (56)

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“Yes, yes, yes. I’m mistaken about you. Let me kiss you,” he said, carrying her onto the bed.

An Xiaoning leaned forward and said, “Come and kiss me.”

Just as he was about to kiss her again, he suddenly caught sight of an item beside the pillow.

He grabbed the square foil pocket and said, “Wow, I really didn’t think that you’d prepare everything beforehand.”

“I didn’t.”

Seeing that she was in denial, he asked, “Who took it out, then? It was clearly inside the drawer.”

“How would I know? It just wasn’t me.”

Realizing that she did not seem to be lying, he asked again, “Is it really not you?”

“It really wasn’t me.”

“It’s not me either. Did someone invade our room?”

They looked at each other and immediately proceeded to watch the surveillance camera footages.

They understood what had happened after watching the footages.

Fortunately, the three children had only come inside here once…


A City was extremely vibrant at night.

Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang had also joined in on the fun. However, Ling Ciye gave it a rain check because he had to stay home to take care of his pregnant wife.

The five of them sat together for a few games over some drinks, and the atmosphere was rather lively.

Xiao Chenyang constantly chugged liquor like it was water while they were in the midst of a joyous time.

None of them stopped him because they, too, were having a lot to drink.

The two women were exceptions since they could not hold their liquor well.

Holding a handful of sunflower seeds, Mei Yangyang sat beside An Xiaoning on the couch with one leg over the other. Despite the deafening music, they could still hear each other clearly.

“Seems like they’re definitely going to get drunk.”

An Xiaoning said, “Let them be. Have you called the bar hostesses over?”

“I have.” Mei Yangyang took a look at the time and continued, “They should be here soon. I called two of them.”

All of a sudden, Xiao Chenyang stood up and walked toward the two of them.

He sat down beside An Xiaoning and asked with a gla.s.s of liquor in his hand, “Hua Jin, what are you talking to my wife about?”

Pointing at herself, Mei Yangyang asked, “Me? Your wife?”

An Xiaoning chuckled and said, “He must be drunk.”

Long Tianze said in disgruntlement, “Brother Xiao, she’s not your wife… she’s clearly my wife.”

Xiao Chenyang glowered at him and retorted, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You’re so ugly, how could you possibly have such a beautiful wife? She’s clearly my wife, mine!”

“I’m ugly? Brother Xiao, how could you insult my looks? You have no idea how many girls have carried a torch for me when I was still in school…” Long Tianze s.h.i.+mmied and said, “I’m very handsome, okay…”

“I don’t care. My wife, come here and let’s exchange toasts.” He handed a gla.s.s of liquor to Mei Yangyang before picking up another one for himself. An Xiaoning stood up and gave up her seat for him.

Thus, Long Tianze watched as his wife exchanged toasts with a drunk man. “I don’t care, we must exchange toasts too. Sis-in-law, let’s do it,” said Long Tianze.

An Xiaoning remained silent.

“Are… are you asking for death? If you want to exchange toasts with my woman… you’ll have to defeat me first,” said Jin Qingyan, who raised his gla.s.s and continued drinking with Long Tianze.

The two hostesses from the Night Genie Bar were greeted with this amusing sight when they arrived.

Mei Yangyang then said to Xiao Chenyang, “They’re the hostesses in our bar. I called them here to accompany you.”

She then stood up and allowed the girls to have a seat.

After staring at the two girls, Xiao Chenyang said to one of them, “You may leave, she’ll stay.”

Mei Yangyang shot her a glance and gestured for her to leave.

Despite feeling disgruntled about having to leave as soon as she sat down, the girl still complied nonetheless.

Xiao Chenyang pinched the girl’s chin with his long and bony fingers, and he said, “You’re… really pretty. How old are you?”

“I’m 19 years old,” the girl answered bashfully while smiling coyly at him, feeling extremely astonished for she had never seen such a handsome man before.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Jiang Shu.”

He nodded and asked, “Shall I give you a name?”

“A name? What would you like to name me, Sir?”

“Nan Chuang.”

An Xiaoning, Mei Yangyang, and Jin Qingyan looked at each other and continued to hear him out.

“Sure, if that’s what you like.”

“Nah, something else. I think you’d better stick to your own name…” he said in a deep voice.

Seemingly reminded of something, he pulled Jiang Shu into his embrace and caressed her long and silky hair, as if he was holding his dearest loved one in his arms.

Sensing that her phone was ringing, An Xiaoning opened her bag, only to discover that she had received dozens of missed calls from Fang Erlan. She went outside to return the calls.

“h.e.l.lo, it was too noisy in here. I didn’t hear your calls.”

“Sis Xiaoning, I’m at your place right now. Where are you?”

An Xiaoning answered, “I’m at a nightclub. We’ll be going back soon. Why are you at my place?”

“I want to see Xiao Chenyang.”

“What for?”

“I”d like to apologize to him.”

“Don’t you have anything else to say to him apart from an apology?”


An Xiaoning said truthfully, “I’ll help relay your apology to him. You’d better not meet him right now. He probably wouldn’t want to hear your apology. After all, he did all of those things for you willingly, out of his own accord. Erlan, haven’t you always wanted him to leave your life? Since he’s actually done that now, you should date whoever you’d like to and focus on filming. Isn’t that great?”

“I don’t know why but I feel terrible. I really don’t know what to do anymore. As you’ve said, I also thought that his departure would be what I want, and I have been looking forward to it. However, things are nothing like I had imagined. I don’t know why they turned out this way either,” Fang Erlan lamented while sobbing.

“How about you wait for me in the guest room and stay over tonight? We’ll be returning soon.”


An Xiaoning ended the call and walked back to the room.

Once she was inside, she whispered something into Mei Yangyang’s ear, after which Mei Yangyang said, “What do we do with her, then?”

She was referring to Jiang Shu.

“We’ll let her return to the hotel.”


“Hey, isn’t this Ms. An?” said a familiar voice.

An Xiaoning turned around, surprised to see that it was CEO Zhou.

The sight of CEO Zhou reminded her of what happened previously. That Ms. w.a.n.g…

She bent forward and picked up a gla.s.s of liquor before walking toward him. She s.h.i.+fted her gaze onto the woman beside him, who was his wife.

“CEO Zhou, have you brought Mrs. Zhou here to have some fun?”

“h.e.l.lo, Ms. An,” greeted Mrs. Zhou, who had put in a ton of effort into taking care of her appearance and maintaining her youthfulness. She appeared much younger than her actual age and had shoulder-length hair.

“It’s rare that I get to take time out of my busy schedule to come out for some fun. What a coincidence to be seeing you here. Let’s have a toast,” CEO Zhou said, raising his gla.s.s.

The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 1178 - I Want to Make You Stay (56)

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