The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 577 - The Secret About the Past (195)

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Chapter 577: The Secret About the Past (195)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Okay.” He turned around and asked An Xiaoning, “How do I look?”

“You look amazing,” she answered with a straight face.

Tuoba Gucheng was pleased with the suit and instructed for it to be delivered to him.

She was the only bodyguard he had brought along.

An Xiaoning initially thought that he would return home straight after trying on the suit. Yet, to her surprise, he actually brought her to the garden instead.

There were floral beds in front of them, consisting of all sorts of flowers that have bloomed beautifully.

The pleasant fragrance of the alluring flowers wafted up to their noses.

“They’re so beautiful!” An Xiaoning exclaimed in awe.

“What kind of flowers do you like?”

“I used to think that I liked all types of flowers, but somehow, I feel like I’ve developed a liking for lilies.”

“Come with me.” He took the lead and walked in front while An Xiaoning hurriedly chased after him. After making several turns here and there, they were greeted with the sight of a lily field.

An Xiaoning’s eyes lit up with joy and excitement. She bent forward to sniff the flowers and asked, “Which type of lilies are these?”

“A type that can adapt to all seasons, including the freezing cold winter. It’ll still blossom even if you keep them indoors.”

“That’s great. Your Highness, may I move some into a pot and place them in my room?”

“Sure, I’ll get someone to do that and send it over to you,” he agreed without hesitation.

Well, to him, what’s so difficult about gifting her with a pot of lilies?

“Thank you,” she thanked with a look of gentleness.

She whipped her mobile phone out and handed it to him. “Could you help me take a photo?”

He took the mobile phone from her hands and unlocked it to see that her wallpaper was a photo of a child’s back view, though he did not find anything unusual with it. He then opened the camera function and snapped a few photos of her.

After taking a look at the end results, An Xiaoning praised, “You really know the right angles, Your Highness. The photos look great. You must enjoy photography during your free time, don’t you?”

“All photos taken by me are beautiful.”

An Xiaoning pouted her lips in distaste. How full of himself, I merely gave him a compliment and he’s already so arrogant.

Tuoba Danxue and Zhi Yin were walking toward the entrance when An Xiaoning and Tuoba Gucheng returned.

Upon sight of them, Tuoba Danxue asked, “How’s Mu Ning’s training going so far?”

“It’s alright. What’s the matter?”

“Brother, I’d like to transfer Mu Ning back to my place.”

“Does Bai Zhi not make the cut? Bai Zhi is very skilled in martial arts too,” said Tuoba Gucheng.

“She is very skilled, but she’s too thick-skinned and argues with Zhi Yin all day. Although Mu Ning and Zhi Yin don’t get along well either, at least they don’t get into such heated conflicts every day. Besides, Bai Zhi can’t swim at all. I don’t think it’d be safe when we go near lakes,” Tuoba Danxue said, expressing her disdain for Bai Zhi.

An Xiaoning thought that he would agree to let her be transferred back immediately. To her surprise, he said, “Ever since the attack we’d met with previously, I haven’t been able to sleep in peace at night. I’ve instructed Mu Ning to take over duties at night. I’ll transfer her back to you after my wedding.”

Tuoba Danxue snorted with laughter and said, “Brother, can’t you just let a male bodyguard take over the night s.h.i.+ft? You won’t feel unsafe at night anymore once you marry Sis-in-law.”

“Little la.s.s.”

“Okay, fine. You may transfer Mu Ning back to her original position after your wedding, Brother.” Tuoba Danxue then instructed An Xiaoning, “Mu Ning, protect my brother well.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“By the way, Brother, did you read the news? Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning have gotten a divorce, they made the headlines!”

“What’s there to fuss about?” Tuoba Gucheng hissed nonchalantly.

“Of course there’s a lot to fuss over. When Minxing comes by again, I must ask him why they had gotten a divorce.”

“Don’t be such a gossipmonger. You guys may go back, I’m heading inside now,” said Tuoba Gucheng, waving his hands.


Tuoba Danxue and Zhi Yin left immediately. Noticing the lack of expression on An Xiaoning’s face, he asked, “Do you like working under Danxue or me?”

“To me, there’s no difference between working for Her Highness and for Your Highness.”

“You’re really much more normal after becoming human again.”

Those words of his…

Why did they sound so crude?

Ever since the news of An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan’s divorce broke out, the matter was discussed repeatedly across all platforms. Events from the past were rehashed, including An Xiaoning and s.h.i.+ Shaochuan’s marriage in the past, as well as the matter about Jin Qingyan carrying a torch for Chi Rui’er.

Netizens were enjoying the gossip and actively engaging in hot discussions about them.

Due to the fact that An Xiaoning did not bother reading the news and comments, she was not too affected by the opinions of everyone else, though she was not exactly in the best mood.

However, it was a different case for Jin Qingyan. He was no longer in the mood for work and spent all day on his computer, looking at the comments made by netizens online. He used to be apathetic toward others’ opinions of him. Yet, he was now rather affected by the malicious comments on the internet.

He could not help but wonder if he had made the right decision by making her announce the divorce herself.

A netizen who goes by the username of “To the blazing summer that finally killed us” commented: “An Xiaoning has already married thrice before. Seems like she has already found her next target since she took the initiative to announce her divorce. What a cla.s.sic example of a shameless b.i.t.c.h. Why don’t you just die, horrid woman!?!”

Another netizen with the username “What’s the point of being invincible?” commented: “I heard An Xiaoning has three sets of G.o.dparents and they’re all from wealthy and authoritative families. This woman actually married Jin Qingyan twice. She must be a scheming woman who devises plots to get what she wants. Average people would be no match for her. Has she any idea how many women are yearning to marry Jin Qingyan? She’s already married him twice and yet she’s still so discontented and decided to divorce him a second time. G.o.d knows how much of the Jin family’s a.s.sets she gets to take with her. Heaven, why don’t you just strike her with lightning and kill her!?!”

“A cowardly hero” commented: “Why does everyone say that she’s pretty? She looks pretty average and mediocre to me. You guys must be blind and have inferior beauty standards. In fact, I think I look even better than her. Aren’t there several forums and discussions about her practicing witchcraft? I reckon she must’ve put a spell on Jin Qingyan to make him marry her twice. Otherwise, how could he possibly be so blind as to do that?”

There were several other malicious comments like these.

Needless to say, there were also speculations made by netizens, saying that one of them must have been unfaithful toward the other.

There were various remarks and comments all over the internet.

The topic had initially gone viral. However, Jin Qingyan soon realized that all discussions regarding the topic had been deleted from the sphere of the Internet.

Any information regarding An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan could no longer be found on Weibo, although he did not instruct anyone to remove them. Clearly, someone else must have spent a huge sum of money to get the information erased.

The gem necklace and wedding band were placed on the table.

After giving her the gem necklace time and time again, it returned into his hands again at the end of the day.

So did the wedding band.

The things he had given her would often return to him ultimately.

She was the one who initiated their first divorce. This time, it was him instead.

I’ll be fine for the rest of my life. Take care too. If we’re not fated to be, so be it.

Since he had decided to get a divorce, he will not give up his life again for the sake of a woman who had betrayed his love and trust, regardless of how upset he may be.

“Young Sir, I heard that Gu Beicheng had paid a hefty sum to remove your and… Ms. An’s information online,” Fan s.h.i.+xin reported.


“I got Auntie Chen to fix you some food. Go downstairs and have some. You still have to go to the office tomorrow. How are you supposed to work if you don’t nourish yourself properly with some food?” Fan s.h.i.+xin said, trying to persuade him.

The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 577 - The Secret About the Past (195)

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