The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 767 - A Million Times for You (129)

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Chapter 767: A Million Times for You (129)Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Being an excellent driver, Jin Qingyan drove at a quick but steady pace, making the ride smooth and jerk-free.

An Xiaoning had no idea where he was headed to, especially since it was nighttime and she had a poor sense of direction.

Once they arrived at their destination, she rolled down the windows and peeked out at a spot that was lit up by the headlights of the car. “Luo Er Lake?” she asked in astonishment.

“Yes, the same lake that you and Ji Yu visited. Does it seem familiar to you?”


It was rather quiet and secluded.

There was not a single soul in sight in the wee hours of the night.

The night breeze was chilly and the air was exceptionally fresh.

She hurriedly rolled up the windows, leaving only a tiny crack that was enough to let some air into the car.

Just as she turned her head around, he eagerly planted a kiss on her lips.

He then unbuckled her safety belt and unzipped her jacket smoothly, after which they pulled each other in for a pa.s.sionate kiss.

He reclined her car seat and pinned her beneath him while stripping her naked with both hands.

Meanwhile, he only removed his coat, leaving his trousers and s.h.i.+rt still neat and untouched. He seemed to be a gentleman on the outside, yet…

He chuckled gently on purpose, causing her to blush shyly.

“Don’t laugh.”

Seeing that he had begun laughing even more loudly, she bit his clammy lips to stop him.

Their senses were filled with each other’s scents. After a long, pa.s.sionate kiss, Jin Qingyan said, “I like the way you are now. So sensual and flirtatious.”

Turning as red as a tomato, An Xiaoning gibed, “Stop feigning ignorance!”

He pressed his hand against her waist, not allowing her to speak any further.

She supported herself by placing her hands on his shoulders and began thrusting her hips to match his rhythm.

She moaned in immense pleasure and euphoria every single time he hit a sweet spot inside her.

They were both drenched in sweat at the end of the session.

She got off him and began cleaning up.

“You’re so much randier than I am. You were moaning so loudly too…” An Xiaoning remarked.

He zipped his pants and began driving away.

An Xiaoning put her clothes on slowly and was fully clothed by the time they reached Wei Ni Estate.

She hugged her knees and sat on the edge of the pa.s.senger’s seat.

On the surface, it really seemed like he drove home alone.

Once he reached the garage, he alighted from the car and carried her inside the house, despite her reluctance.

He carried her straight to the bed in the master’s bedroom.

“Aren’t you going to take a shower?” he asked.

“I don’t feel like doing it…”

“I’ll help you.”

Thus, she lay there sluggishly and allowed him to serve her, as if she was incapable of handling herself. He meticulously removed her clothes and showered her, after which he wiped her body dry with a towel and carried her back to the bed.

“Why do you think it’s possible for us to dream of our previous lifetimes?” she asked while fiddling with his fingers.

“Maybe we’re just different from others.”

Recalling the scenario in the dream she had earlier, An Xiaoning described it to Jin Qingyan, “I slept for a while earlier tonight and I dreamed of Yangyang. I was suffering a miscarriage in the dream and I was bleeding excessively. There was an excruciating pain in my abdomen, and Yangyang brought me a bowl of medicine while weeping continuously. She seemed to be very young then…”

He clenched his fist and said, “We didn’t end up together in our previous lifetime, but I’m more than determined to be with you even until the day we die in this lifetime. I’ll never let go of you again.”

An Xiaoning hugged his waist and remained quiet. She decided not to get her hopes up, for huge expectations often led to greater disappointment.

Hence, she was not at all affected by his promise and decided to follow her heart when it comes to making decisions. She once thought from the bottom of her heart that she would never be able to forgive him again. Yet, she had gained a different perspective and felt differently toward him now.

“Jin Qingyan, you and I are really fated to be embroiled with each other in these two lifetimes.”

“No wonder I ended up in your hands in this lifetime. Turns out I already loved you in my past life.”

“Hah.” She smiled, thinking to herself that fate was truly an incredible ent.i.ty that had bound them together for two whole lifetimes.


An Xiaoning was woken up from her sleep when she felt a pinch on her nose. She opened her eyes to see that Jin Yiheng was gazing at her with his big, sparkly eyes while lying next to her in bed.

“Mommy, weren’t you staying in your own mansion? Why did I wake up to find you sleeping on Daddy’s bed?”

What a question…

She peeked beneath the duvet at her own body to see that she was stark naked, for she had gone to bed after the shower last night.

She grasped the bedsheets tightly and put on an awkward smile. “Well… go ask… Daddy. I don’t know how I ended up here either.”

“Hmph! Do you take me for a three-year-old? Daddy sneaked out to see you when I was asleep last night, didn’t he? You didn’t even bring me along. Do you guys care about me at all?” Jin Yiheng groused in displeasure.

“Of course we do.”

“Well then, Mommy, if Daddy and I fell into the water, who would you save first?”

“You. Your daddy can swim, he doesn’t need me to save him.”

He got out of bed and stood up straight with a distraught look. “Mommy, I could tell right from the start that Daddy comes first in your heart. You’re his first priority too. I’ll always be second to you two. In that case, why did you two still want to give birth to me?”

“Why would you think that way?”

“Mommy, you’re in first place in my heart. But I’m not your number one priority,” he said sulkily with a long sigh.

“How did you come in?”

The door was supposedly locked with a biometric security lock that could only be opened by Jin Qingyan’s thumbprint.

“I woke up before daybreak and woke Daddy up to get him to open the door for me.”

“Okay. Son, go downstairs and wait for Mommy. I’m getting out of bed soon.”

He exited obediently and closed the door after him.

An Xiaoning headed downstairs to see that Jin Qingyan was using his laptop while sitting on the couch. On the other hand, Jin Yiheng was playing a video game on the tablet.

“Would you like to have dumplings or something else for breakfast?”

Jin Yiheng humphed as soon as he heard Jin Qingyan’s words, because the latter had brushed him off earlier by saying, “Look for Granny Chen if you’d like to eat something.”

He did not sound this gentle at all!

There was a drastic difference in treatment!

Hmph, am I even Daddy and Mommy’s biological son?

“I’d like to have some dumplings.”

“Auntie Chen, please cook some vegetarian dumplings for Xiaoning. Don’t forget to add the chili and vinegar,” he instructed Auntie Chen.

“I know, I’m very clear about Young Madam’s food preferences,” Auntie Chen said, smiling as she turned around to enter the kitchen.

The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 767 - A Million Times for You (129)

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