The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 860 - A Million Times for You (222)

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Chapter 860: A Million Times for You (222)

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Jing Tian immediately whipped out his phone to call An Xiaoning.

Upon hearing what happened, An Xiaoning immediately instructed Jing Tian to kill a live chicken and splash the chicken blood onto Xiao Yue. She also told them to observe the situation while waiting for her to arrive.

She headed there in a helicopter due to how urgent it was.

Once the helicopter touched down on the streets near the ancient town, she slowly slid down the rope.

Jing Tian frantically rushed forward and said to an Xiaoning, “The chicken blood has no effect on her at all. We offered prayers to the G.o.ds and spirits before filming commenced here. Who knew something like that would still happen? Seems like the prayers don’t work at all.”

“Let’s go in and take a look.”

Jing Tian followed closely behind An Xiaoning. As soon as she opened the door, her senses were infiltrated with the metallic odor of blood.

Xiao Yue was sitting on the bed with an eyebrow grooming blade in hand, which she was using to slit her thighs in a slow and unhurried manner. She remained unfazed at the sight of them and even threw the blade at An Xiaoning.

An Xiaoning swiftly dodged, causing the blade to fall onto the ground.

The amulet that An Xiaoning was holding darted out of her hands all of a sudden and latched itself onto Xiao Yue’s forehead.

A shrill voice filled the air and immediately ceased moments after. Xiao Yue then abruptly collapsed onto the bed.

Thick white fumes began wafting up from her body and gradually formed a silhouette, which glowered at An Xiaoning and snapped angrily, “How dare you get in my way!”

An Xiaoning could not be bothered and instead whipped out a different amulet and began chanting a spell, after which the amulet darted toward the female spirit like a sharp knife.

The amulet would chase her around regardless of how quick she tried to run.

Pointing at Xiao Yue, who was lying on the bed, An Xiaoning instructed, “Carry her out.”

Jing Tian immediately stepped forward to see that Xiao Yue’s legs were covered in blood. He dared not delay further and mustered the courage to carry her out of the room, making sure not to touch her bloodstained legs.

An Xiaoning had already gotten rid of the spirit by the time he entered again.

“Alright, there are no more spirits around. Clean this room up,” said An Xiaoning.

“Got it,” answered Jing Tian, who took his hats off to An Xiaoning.

Xiao Yue was sent for treatment to the hospital while An Xiaoning checked the rooms for other spirits before leaving the place in peace.

Fang Erlan initially wanted to visit Xiao Yue in the hospital. However, Jing Tian instructed her to stay behind and only go to the hospital after she was done filming her scenes.

She had no choice but to abide by his instructions. She slept in the nanny van that night.

Terrorized by the horrifying incident, her hands were still trembling uncontrollably as she was sitting inside the van.

Her heart palpitated vigorously, unable to recover from the shock. It was her first encounter with such a hair-raising experience.

Yan Ge got inside her car and asked, “What happened at first?”

“I was just browsing through the web when a glitch happened and my phone began operating on its own. I felt really spooked so I called Xiao Yue a few times. However, she didn’t respond and so I ran out of the room on my own. By the way, where’s that girl who was with you?”

“She left.”

After some thought, Fang Erlan said, “Regardless of what your relations.h.i.+p with her may be, it’ll affect the television series if you get caught by the paparazzi, especially since you’re a famous celebrity. Please be more mindful.”

He kept quiet while Fang Erlan turned to look at him and continued, “I was wrong for doing that today. Rest a.s.sured, it won’t happen again.”

Yan Ge c.o.c.ked his head to the side and expressed a.s.sent. “Do you feel terrified, staying in the van alone?”


“In that case, I’ll go back to the house to sleep.”

“You still have the guts to go back in there?”

“Do you think I’m like you? Besides, Ms. An has already done a thorough check, everything’s fine now,” said Yan Ge before getting out of the nanny van and closing the door after him.

Fang Erlan peeked out of the window and watched him leave. Pangs of anxiety engulfed her, for she was still spooked and terrified despite already being inside the car.

She was extremely timid.

Fang Erlan tossed and turned and could not fall asleep. She was filled with fear and could not rest her mind at all.

She watched as the lights outside went out gradually.

Just as she was overwhelmed with terror and panic, Jing Shui appeared.

“Erlan, can you manage on your own?”

“Um, could I trouble you to stay here with me for tonight? I’m scared.”

Jing Shui got inside the car and said, “I figured out that you must be frightened. I was really horrified too. Sure, I’ll accompany you.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, that’s what friends are for.” After a moment of silence, he said, “I wasn’t there during the kiss scene. I heard from my brother that he’d added it at the last minute.”

“Yes. Did you see that girl who was with Yan Ge on set today?” she asked.

“Are you referring to her?” Jing Shui asked, showing her the profile picture of a contact on his mobile phone.

“How did you… do you guys know each other?”

Jing Shui answered with a nod, “Her name is Xin Min, she’s my former cla.s.smate. I saw her today. She’s here for a blind date with Yan Ge.”

“A blind date?” Fang Erlan asked in astonishment.

“Yeah. According to her, her mother and Yan Ge’s mother used to be from the same dance troupe. Yan Ge’s mother was the one who arranged this blind date so she dropped by to take a look.”

Fang Erlan nodded in acknowledgment and asked, “She looks pretty young. Aren’t you 29 years old this year?”

“She’s 28. She just came back from studying abroad too. We both graduated with a doctorate degree. She does look younger than her age.”

“I thought she was at most 25 years old. She’s really pretty and comes from an affluent family too. What a great match for Yan Ge.”

“She instructed me not to tell anyone about this, but you’re the only person I’m going to reveal it to. Don’t spread this around, okay? Yan Ge’s mother holds high standards for her prospective daughter-in-law. It just happens that Xin Min meets her expectations. Everything seems to be going well, and Yan Ge seems to be pleased with her too. Xin Min is not from the s...o...b..z industry and comes from a wealthy family. She’s really talented too. I reckon it’ll definitely work out between them.”

Fang Erlan agreed, “Yeah, I think so too.”

However, she could not help but feel an inexplicable feeling of dejection and disappointment deep down.

An Xiaoning returned to Wei Ni Estate and lay in bed while Jin Qingyan gave her a ma.s.sage.

However, he never ma.s.saged her in the right spots.

For example, his hands would unknowingly wander toward her hips whenever she got him to ma.s.sage her back.

An Xiaoning smacked his hand back several times.

“In my eyes, you’re now just like an emergency firetruck. You’ll rush to render help immediately whenever someone needs you. Aren’t you going to tire yourself out if you keep doing this?”

“What can I do? I invested in this television series. I’m going to take a loss if there are any casualties. How can I leave them in the lurch?”

Jin Qingyan stopped ma.s.saging her and asked, “Would you like to take a shower?”

“I don’t feel like moving.”

“I’ll help you.”

“Let’s just not shower today. It won’t hurt not to shower for a day,” said An Xiaoning, turning over and closing her eyes.

“I haven’t gotten intimate with you in so long…”

“Who’s the one who did it with me last week, then?”


He picked her up in his arms and said, “I don’t care, I must shower you. You may play dead, it doesn’t bother me.”

“I’m really going to sleep,” said An Xiaoning, who closed her eyes and dozed off.

Once he was done bathing her, Jin Qingyan realized that she had really fallen asleep.

Noticing how fatigued she was, he decided to abort his plan and hugged her to sleep until daybreak.

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