The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 871 - A Million Times for You (233)

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Chapter 871: A Million Times for You (233)

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“Isn’t that easy enough?”

He lay atop her body and hugged her from behind, his hands lingering around every inch of her skin.

An Xiaoning turned her face around, locking her lips and tongue together with his. Her body faced him, and she crossed a leg over him, giving him a ready opportunity.

The two were breathing raspily and were in a state of exhilaration, probably because they had not seen each other for many days and this absence had made their hearts grow fonder .

When he slowly moved down to her lower body, An Xiaoning cooperated and leaned in closer to him.

As he slowly advanced forward, his lips curled into a smile as he remarked cheekily, “Umm… this is remarkably comfortable. I really want to call your mother right now.”

“Why do you want to call her?”

“To thank her for giving birth to such a great daughter.”

An Xiaoning’s face flushed instantly, and she thumped her fist on him. “You’re never serious.”

This incited him to use greater force.

“You’re going way too hard, be gentler.”

“Jin Qingyan…”

“Slow down…”

The atmosphere in the room rose gradually with the romantic mood.

The sound-proofing of the bedroom walls was good, and the two went on for a long time before they stopped.

By then, the sky outside had already turned pitch black.

Both of them bathed once more and changed before going downstairs.

As he ate, all she did was watch him at one side with her cheek rested on her hand.

“You’re not eating some more?”

“I’ve eaten already, I’m not hungry.” Her voice was rather airy, evidently revealing how fatigued she was because of him earlier.

“Tell me, how did you come back?”

An Xiaoning touched on it lightly by simply replying, “As long as my handcuffs were removed, getting out wasn’t a difficult feat for me. He didn’t send anyone to chase after me either. When I returned, I heard from s.h.i.+xin that you accepted that child.”

“Didn’t you already acknowledge him as your son?” With his head lowered, he continued eating as he remarked, “Since you’ve already acknowledged him, what else can I say?”

“Actually, I didn’t intend for you to acknowledge him. After all, I know that you must feel uncomfortable inside, and you wouldn’t like acknowledging someone else’s son as your own either. It’s not like you have no son. However, what you did really made me overjoyed.” She went on, “Qingyan, you’re really great.”

“Gu Beicheng wants to take care of him too. How can I lose to him? I mean, isn’t it just raising a child? We can afford to do so, and I see that this child is quite obedient too. But you have to promise me something.” His tone turned serious. “You’re only allowed to acknowledge this one. In the future, I don’t want to see you acknowledging other children. Don’t let this happen again.”

“Yes, Sir!”

He beamed with delight. “I’ve already let s.h.i.+xin settle the child’s household register. I’ll put the child under my household registry and he’ll follow my surname. Do you have anything against this?”

“Of course not. But, Qingyan, Rongyan’s grandfather has a serious illness and isn’t going to make it. I think we should send some people to take care of him until he goes and is buried. That should be enough on our part.”

“Gu Beicheng will do that. You don’t have to worry about this.”

“I’ll call Beicheng to ask him. If he hasn’t done so, I’ll send some people over.”

She immediately gave Gu Beicheng a call and, as Jin Qingyan had expected, Gu Beicheng had already sent people over.

Since it was like this, An Xiaoning could at last rest a.s.sured.

After Jin Qingyan had eaten, they took a walk around the house hand in hand.

The atmosphere was pleasant and tranquil.

During their chatter, An Xiaoning revealed Rongyan’s background to Jin Qingyan. “His grandfather has imparted to him medical skills and said that he especially loves reading about it. His grandfather taught him many words as well. This child is sensible and loves learning. He’ll definitely accomplish big things in the future.”

“Looks like you have a lot of confidence in this child.”

“I believe in my judgement. Moreover, with him having grown up in a family that studies medicine, his genes are already full of pa.s.sion toward it. Having a doctor in the family, why wouldn’t I be happy about it?”


After their walk, she returned to the Sanqiao Estate.

Only after some babbling with s.h.i.+ Qingzhou did she finally go upstairs.

She leaned against the bedrest and quietly read the book her second Master had left her. It had been some time since she had gotten the book, yet she still had not finished memorizing it.

It was the foremost thing she had to do, so she intended to finish reading and fully grasp it.

She read her book alone in silence, without anyone disturbing her.

She continued reading in one go and finally fell asleep late in the night.

After recovering almost completely at the hospital, Xiao Yue returned to work. Fang Erlan did not expect that she would be willing to continue working and was especially touched.

The two still couldn’t help but shudder upon recollecting that night in the ancient town.

However, that incident had also brought Fang Erlan and Jing Shui closer together.

Jing Shui took good care of Fang Erlan on set, which made her rather grateful toward him.

As she had more scenes scheduled today and had to wear in the hot weather an ancient costume that had a few layers, Fang Erlan was somewhat bored. Ever since that night in the ancient town where Fang Erlan had discovered that he had a blind date, she had grown more conscious about keeping a distance between her and Yan Ge.

She had become so self-conscious that every time she recalled the kiss scene they filmed previously, she seriously wondered if she had gone mad. If she had not gone mad, why would she have acted that way?

As such, since that night, they only interacted when they were acting on set. In private, she became more quiet. Even when she went to ma.s.sage him, she did not speak at all either. It was like she was a completely different person.

Yan Ge noticed such changes as well, but he did not express anything and merely let it be.

“Sis Erlan, there’s a call from your family.” Xiao Yue pa.s.sed her the phone.

Fang Erlan hurriedly went to pick up the call. It was from her brother, who said that their grandmother had been hospitalized for these past few days already and was in a serious condition. He then told Fang Erlan to visit her.

She had to visit her grandmother, of course, but she still had scenes scheduled for her to film.

She could only tell him that she would visit her after work.

While filming the remaining scenes, she obviously could not get into it and, after the director had called her out a few times, she finally forced herself to get into it.

After work, she changed and headed to the city hospital along with her a.s.sistant.

Fang Erlan came from an ordinary family and lived with her grandmother since she was young. Her parents, on the other hand, had taken her little brother to the city where they worked.

As such, she had formed an especially close bond with her grandmother and was gripped with anxiety on the way there.

Despite having a tiring day at work, she was still worried about her own grandmother.

When they reached the city, they hurriedly rushed to her ward.

Fang Erlan’s mother was there to stay over for the night.

Seeing her arrive, her mother started hitting the roof. “You only care about your work, you didn’t even know that your grandmother was sick. To think that your grandmother has raised you this big.”

The old lady on the hospital bed said to her daughter-in-law in a frustrated tone, “I was the one who didn’t let all of you tell Lanlan. What are you blaming her for?”

“Grandma…” Fang Erlan went forward. “Hasn’t your body always been healthy? Why are you hospitalized?”

“It’s nothing much, just some old ailment acting up. Look at you, you’ve grown thinner again lately. Filming has been tiring, right?”


“How can it not be tiring?” the elder said gently. “It wasn’t easy for you to become the female lead. You must do a good job. Acting has always been your dream. Grandma will wait for your show to air and watch it.”

Fang Erlan nodded. “Then, Grandma, you must recuperate properly. Don’t worry about the hospital bills, I’m earning money now.”

The elder responded in a gratified tone, “There’s still your Father, Mother, Uncle, and Aunt. There’s no need for you to fork out my hospital bills. You should save your money properly. When you get married next time, your parents won’t be able to give you much dowry, so you have to prepare it yourself.”

The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 871 - A Million Times for You (233)

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