The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 887 - A Million Times for You (249)

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Chapter 887: A Million Times for You (249)

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“What if something happens to him? Are you still forbidden from telling me in that case?”

“We’ll settle it if something happens to Young Sir. Don’t worry, Young Madam. Young Sir is fine. The situation in M Nation is just too complicated,” said Xiao Huang, who did not know how he should explain.

An Xiaoning squinted and decided not to probe further. Instead, she left Wei Ni Estate.

When she stopped at the traffic light while driving, An Xiaoning called Gu Beicheng and said, “Could you help me find out where Jin Qingyan would be staying in M Nation, apart from a hotel?”


She continued to drive home, feeling ill at ease.

She would not stop feeling worried until she sees Jin Qingyan with her own eyes.

After waiting for several hours, she finally received news from Gu Beicheng, who informed her that Jin Qingyan was currently staying in a chateau that belonged to the Jin family in M Nation.

He also informed her of his exact location.

She stared at the GPS device on her wrist, which could only be unlocked with Jin Qingyan’s fingerprint unless it was ruined.

However, she sought the help of a professional locksmith whom she had hired using a hefty sum of money and finally managed to dismantle the device after a long while.

The GPS device was not damaged despite being dismantled, and the bodyguards at Wei Ni Estate could still see her location clearly.

She returned to Sanqiao Estate and placed the device in the cabinet beside her bed.

She then brought two sets of clothes with her and boarded the evening flight to M Nation.

She slipped into a slumber the moment she boarded the plane.

She only woke up upon touchdown.

It was still midnight in M Nation when she arrived, and there were a few more hours to go before daybreak.

It was raining cats and dogs.

She put on her pretty human mask and a long wig in the washroom at the airport.

After all, M Nation was where the headquarters of the DK Organization was located, and she did not want to show her true face. She decided that it would be better to be safe than sorry.

She bought an umbrella before hailing a taxi to Jin Qingyan’s location. She only arrived after a two-hour car ride.

She alighted from the taxi and stared at the sky during dawn, a black umbrella in hand.

An ancient chateau stood before her under the pouring rain.

It was her first time at this place.

It was rather dilapidated.

Noticing immediately that the sky had yet to turn bright, An Xiaoning found a wall and climbed over it to get inside the chateau.

It was different from what she had imagined.

She initially thought that there would be several guards inside. However, she did not see any on duty at all, though she was unsure if it was because of the heavy rain.

There were two rows of bodyguards standing by one of the exits.

They were each holding a black umbrella in their hands and were standing with their backs as straight as a ruler while facing each other, as if they were guardians in the rain.

An Xiaoning wanted to go inside. However, there was no way she could do so without getting into a conflict with the guards.

She stayed in her corner and tried to call Jin Qingyan again.

As usual, he did not answer.

Is he really that busy?

Or did something happen to him?

She was filled with panic and worry, wis.h.i.+ng that he would pop up in front of her the next second.

Should I remove my mask and reveal my true ident.i.ty?

After much thought, she decided to just observe first.

She retreated from the chateau.

She climbed onto a big and st.u.r.dy tree outside and stayed well obscured beneath the lush greenery of the leaves. She would easily go unnoticed.

The sky finally turned completely bright.

An Xiaoning took out a pair of binoculars from her bag and realized that she could clearly observe the situation inside the chateau from her position.

While waiting, she used the time to gather information about the chateau online and checked if there were other ways for her to enter. For example, she could disguise as a maid or a servant. To her surprise, there really were job vacancies for a servant.

Apart from barging in, all she could do was observe the situation.

The rain finally stopped after more than three hours.

A luxury car began driving toward the chateau and pulled over in front of the main gate. Soon, the guards opened the gate and allowed the car to proceed inside.

An Xiaoning held onto her binoculars and scrutinized the car that was advancing forward.

The person who alighted from the car was none other than Fan s.h.i.+xin. Despite the great distance, An Xiaoning could still see clearly the look of panic and anxiety on his face.

Fan s.h.i.+xin was usually calm and composed; he was rarely this fl.u.s.tered.

She began to feel more and more uncertain.

Did something really happen to Qingyan?

I really want to go in to have a look.

Not long after, Fan s.h.i.+xin exited again and got inside the car.

Noticing that his car was about to exit, An Xiaoning took out another gadget from her bag and threw it onto the bonnet of the car when it was moving out of the gate.

She climbed down from the tree after the car left.

Instead of continuing to wait outside the chateau, she returned to the city.

She wanted to find out what Fan s.h.i.+xin was up to.

After renting a car, An Xiaoning checked the location on the GPS system on her mobile phone. The gadget she had thrown at Fan s.h.i.+xin’s car was a self-adhesive tracking device.

It was directly connected to her mobile phone and could accurately pinpoint the location of Fan s.h.i.+xin’s current location. She used the information to track down his car.

The car was parked in the carpark of a nightclub.

An Xiaoning removed the device from the bonnet of his car and waited patiently for Fan s.h.i.+xin to return.

To her dismay, Fan s.h.i.+xin continued to visit several other nightclubs one by one, seemingly trying to look for someone.

Who is he looking for? she wondered in bewilderment.

An Xiaoning was famished after tailing Fan s.h.i.+xin for the entire day. Her stomach was empty since she did not stop to have a morsel of food or a drop of water at all, for fear that she would miss something important.

When evening came, he once again returned to one of the carparks he had pulled over at previously.

Noticing that he had entered the nightclub, An Xiaoning hurriedly proceeded to buy some food and water before entering the nightclub while eating.

She felt as if her ears were about to burst from the deafening music played by the DJ.

Majority of the crowd were dancing in euphoria with their hands in the air.

There were also several men who were enjoying themselves, sipping on wine while holding onto their female companions.

She had no idea where to begin searching for Fan s.h.i.+xin.

She had no choice but to enter first.

Her eyes darted around, trying to scan for a familiar face amongst the crowd.

However, there were just too many people in the club, making her search all the more difficult. It did not help that the disco lights were the only available light source. Hence, she made her way onto the second floor and scanned each area from above with her binoculars.

All of a sudden, she paused in her actions.

The cup of milk tea fell from her hands and soiled her shoes, which were instantly covered by the white liquid.

She could not be bothered by it at all and instead kept her eyes fixed on a dimly-lit spot. A handsome face entered her field of vision under the lights.

She could recognize it even if he were to turn into ashes.

That was how familiar she was with his face.

It was none other than her Qingyan!

She hurriedly zoomed to the first floor and forced her way through the crowd. She finally reached the spot that she had been looking at.

She supported herself against a high chair and s.h.i.+fted her gaze toward a tall and slender babe who was flirting merrily with Jin Qingyan.

Jin Qingyan was dressed in red from head to toe and had an undeniably striking presence.

He was constantly smiling widely.

All of a sudden, her vision became blurry.

He refused to go home or answer my calls all because he came here to toy with women. Is that how it is?

The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 887 - A Million Times for You (249)

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