Yes, I'm Straight. But What Have I Done Wrong? Chapter 4: Story 28-36

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Coquettish Guy's birthday was approaching, Domineering Guy felt extremely restless. In fact, he had been feeling this way for a long time, probably his whole adolescence.

He suddenly remembered that he had hidden a bag of something he treasured deep in Straight Guy's closet, which he expected to use on Coquettish Guy's birthday.

Then, Domineering Guy looked for it stealthily. Unfortunately,

Straight Guy caught him in the action.

"Hey, boss, what are you doing?"

"Uh…I am…uh…I'm just looking for the gift that I hid for Xiao Chen, my closet is too small, so I borrow yours, yours is deep!"

Straight Guy curiously asked, "Wow, it's so big! What is it?"

"Just take it as local specialty!" said Domineering Guy.

"What?" Straight Guy doubted.

Then, Domineering Guy began to bulls.h.i.+t and justify himself slowly, "You know, Xiao Chen is rich. But it's meaningless giving him a gift that is not practical and it's perfect to give him local specialty to show my sincerity."

Straight Guy totally bought it and called his mom to mail a kilo of walnuts.

Coquettish Guy divided the walnuts evenly to the other two guys on his birthday, saying "It's good for your brain!"


On Coquettish Guy's birthday, all three of them drank alcohol. Domineering Guy deliberately got Straight Guy drunk by constantly mentioning cla.s.s representative of literature and art, which made Straight Guy feel bitter. He drank beers one after another until he got blackout drunk and couldn't help crying.

When Domineering Guy helped him to go to bed, Straight Guy's legs were so weak that he threw up on Domineering Guy's bed.

Domineering Guy was overjoyed after frowning shortly.

"See, Xiao Chen, my bed was too dirty to sleep on," said Domineering Guy.


The next day, Straight Guy who was still hungover apologized to Domineering Guy and offered to wash his sheets.

Domineering Guy instantly pointed at Xiao Chen's sheets, saying "Please wash his as well."

Straight Guy was shocked, blaming himself to be so troublesome after drinking, "Whoops, Xiao Chen's sheets were ruined by me as well?"

Domineering Guy looked at Coquettish Guy with guilt and said to Straight Guy, "Um…well, you vomited on me and my sheets, Xiao Chen was kind enough to spare me some s.p.a.ce in his bed, so I contaminated his sheets."

However, Coquettish Guy couldn't listen to his bulls.h.i.+t anymore and replied with a cold face,

"Don't believe him, I will do it myself."

"No, no, let me do that." Domineering Guy said, then he went to wash the sheets happily.

Straight Guy found Domineering Guy a nice person, because he found joy in helping others.


Domineering Guy didn't quite deliver on Coquettish Guy's birthday night, so he was worried that his beloved would judge him. As a result, he strengthened physical exercise crazily, which made Straight Guy confused.

After a short time, Domineering Guy attempted to show off his fitness achievements, but he was too shy to show Coquettish Guy, so he walked towards Straight Guy and said, "See. Can you find me anything different?"

Straight Guy looked him up and down for a long time and said, "Ah! Your chest seems to be getting bigger."

Domineering Guy looked a little angry and embarra.s.sed.

Coquettish Guy couldn't help laughing out loud, throwing his image out of the window.

Straight Guy immediately added, "I mean getting muscular, muscular!"

After Straight Guy left, Domineering Guy approached Coquettish Guy with an aggrieved look on his face, saying, "Honey, I toned up a lot recently. Do you want to touch my muscle?"

"Sorry, I like true man, not someone with such a big chest." Coquettish Guy joked.


Domineering Guy wanted to stay on campus with Coquettish Guy for the last summer vacation of high school. But he was worried that might arouse suspicion from his father, so annoying.

While Straight Guy was filled with joy and said, "Hey, have you heard that our school received a tip-off from neighboring school because of our scheduled remedial teaching plan. That's so great because I have free time to go out and have fun."

"Remedial teaching plan?" asked Domineering Guy.

"Yes, we would be taking senior year's courses in advance if the plan weren't cancelled. Teachers also have a lot pressure of increasing students' enrolment rate for entering higher education."

Domineering Guy pondered for a while and called his father after going back, saying, "Dad, I know remedial teaching is against principles, but what neighboring school did was wicked indeed. For us students, taking senior year's courses in advance is necessary. Summer vacation is such a golden opportunity of 'corner overtaking', which we must seize!

His father was touched deeply after hearing the words and he thought, "My boy has grown up and is motivated enough to study hard."

Therefore, school's remedial teaching was in full swing having Domineering Guy's father's protection.

Straight Guy then said angrily, "Oh, f.u.c.k! Such a stupid school, it can't occupy my travel time."

Domineering Guy sneezed out of guilt.


After the senior students graduated, the senior-students-to-be felt pressure gradually.

It became normal to study till late. Every morning, Domineering Guy would get up early and go to canteen to grab three people's breakfast in order that his sweetie could sleep longer.

Of course the third breakfast for Straight Guy was just a cloak.

Straight Guy was moved deeply and advised, "How about buying breakfast in turn? We couldn't always let you buy it, boss."

No way! Domineering Guy thought worriedly. He bought breakfast just to help his sweetie sleep better and longer. That was the whole point! No way would he allow his sweetie to get up early.

Consequently, Domineering Guy refused firmly, which touched Straight Guy so strongly that he almost burst into tears.

But Straight Guy really felt ashamed and he talked to Coquettish Guy privately, "Xiao Chen, how about we persuade the boss together to let him agree? I'm really ashamed of letting him get up early half an hour to buy us breakfast."

Coquettish Guy agreed to him and said, "You are right."

The rota for breakfast was made in the case of two to one.

When Domineering Guy was having breakfast bought by his sweetie, such a steel-willed man felt heart-melting.

"What's the matter with you? You look a little emotional, boss." Straight Guy said.

Domineering Guy replied, "I'm fine. I'm just wondering what good deeds have I done to meet such nice roommates!"


After several days of taking courses, Straight Guy went back home to stay with his parents who missed him very much.

Domineering Guy amused at the news. He couldn't help laughing happily after seeing Straight Guy off.

"Xiao Chen." Domineering Guy took Coquettish Guy in his arms, "At long last I can hug you."

"You can look at me every day, isn't it enough?" asked Xiao Chen.

Domineering Guy kissed him severely and said, "Not enough, never enough."

Coquettish Guy smiled slightly, and he fondled his chest hair and poked at it, saying, "Your pectoral muscles are well trained."

Domineering Guy was embarra.s.sed and sighed, "Everything will be smooth after we graduate. By then, I will tell my father about our relations.h.i.+p and we live out together."

"What if your father disagrees?" asked Coquettish Guy.

Domineering Guy pondered for a while and said, "That will be ok. As long as you agree" This cheeky guy kept hugging him while the other hand had already pulled up his clothes and touched his waist.

When Coquettish Guy was about to lose balance, he was hugged tightly by Domineering Guy, hearing him whispering softly in his ears, "Xiao Chen, I want to…"


Of course, Domineering Guy didn't go all the way. Actually, he was a little worried, because he previously learned that gay s.e.x might lead to a fever.

In the critical period of senior three, he didn't want Xiao Chen to get problems, because he planned to go to a key university with Xiao Chen and come out to the family.

This time he performed better than last time. They didn't finish until Coquettish Guy's inner thigh was worn out.

Fortunately, they didn't make a mess, because Domineering Guy's father came to school the next day. The father found it abnormal that his son didn't get home for a long time. And he had been attracted deeply to Coquettish Guy from his childhood, the father felt uneasy thinking of this.

Though Domineering Guy didn't go too far on Coquettish Guy, Coquettish Guy was still feeling uncomfortable that he could barely walk regularly. He braced up spirits to say h.e.l.lo to Domineering Guy's father.

The father greeted back with a pleasant face, then looked around and asked seriously, "Where is the other roommate?"

"He went back home."

"What are the odds?" the father seemed unpleasant, "I just so happen to miss him?"

Domineering Guy replied, "Today is…"



The father was still worried. It looked that his son had nothing dodgy with that boy, but there still was a lurking uneasiness in his heart.

So, the next day he came again.

It happened that he met Straight Guy who was back from home.

The father attempted to ask some useful information, "Do you guys get along well?"

"Very well, we are buddies!" Straight Guy answered without hesitation.

The father paused and said, "I mean... uh…maybe some of you do something together except studying?"

"Sure, a lot!"

The father's eyes lit up, thinking secretly, "Just as I expected."

Straight Guy pa.s.sionately continued, "We did a lot of things together such as watching a film, going out, etc. I have dreamed of having two brothers at an early age and little did I expect that they showed up at school."

Seeing his unsophisticated look, the father asked, "Those two boys didn't stay together without you?"

"That wouldn't happen at all." He answered with confidence, "We do everything together."

The father breathed a complex sigh of relief, "You really love each other."

Straight Guy laughed and said, "That's common for us boys."

Yes, I'm Straight. But What Have I Done Wrong? Chapter 4: Story 28-36

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