Black Tech Internet Cafe System 240 No Money To Buy Potions? Kill And Rob!

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While a group of people fought with the big-sabered guard at the entrance of the village, Fang Qi walked by and picked up some wooden swords and clothes and sold them to a shop. After a lot of corpses piled on the ground, Zha Gu and Iron Rock Daoist finally howled in defeat, "How come we can't beat this b*stard?!"

"Forget it! This guy is only a guard stationed at the entrance of the village. If we don't mess with him, he won't come and kill us." Iron Rock Daoist said, "Don't waste time on him. Let's go and level up!"

As time went by, the players gradually found that the cultivation strength growth by killing monsters in the Legend of Mir 2 was greater than the single-player computer games.

They hadn't felt this way after killing one or two monsters, but after they leveled up a few times, many of them found that the increase in their cultivation strength was much faster than in other games!

- In Jiuhua City's Shop -

"I don't have money to buy potions. Do you have money?" After killing some monsters, Guo Xiong realized that he ran out of potions and money!

Although the players could dodge attacks with their own skills and thus consumed less potions in the remake version game compared to the original version, the System had made adjustment in this regard. For example, the small bottles of the lowest-level of potions were much more expensive than those in the original version!

All the changes resulted in the same outcome – Guo Xiong found that he had no money to buy potions!

"Well... Let me see." Xi Qi and the other warriors realized that they had also run out of potions and money!

"F*ck!" Guo Xiong cussed.

"Fighting with that b*stard wasted my potions! If it wasn't for him, I would have had enough for a little while!"

"How about... hunting for some meat and selling it for money?" Their strengths increased fast since they didn't need to worry about potions. They had killed chickens and deer to level up, and they had made some money by selling the meat. However, almost all of their money was spent!

If they went back to kill the small animals, their strengths wouldn't grow that much; it would be primarily for making money. Even though the increase in their strengths slowed down, there was a solution for their current problem.

At this moment, Zha Gu and Iron Rock Daoist had also discovered the same problem after they summoned a little over ten people of the Huang Family.

They had no money to buy potions, and that meant that they couldn't kill more powerful monsters to level up fast! Zha Gu was in bigger trouble since a wizard without mana would be in mortal danger! If he had to recover mana and HP by sitting down and meditating, it would take him a long time!

"What can we do now?" Zha Gu asked in bafflement, "Should we go back and get deer meat?"

"It's too troublesome..." Iron Rock Daoist came to the edge of the village and saw many players killing wild beasts. His eyes lit up instantly.

"In for a penny, in for a pound!"

"Okay!" They knew that when they killed people, some items in the others' storage s.p.a.ce would fall out, and they could just pick them up. The two guys extended their evil paws to the players who were collecting deer meat right now!

After all, killing the wild beasts one by one was slow! If they could kill a player who had a storage full of deer meat and chicken meat, they would become rich instantly!

With this thought, they began killing players who were hunting in the forest one after another! Surprisingly, they gained abundant loot!

As the Deputy Commander of Jiuhua City, Gong He was now also playing the game. Since he started a bit later, his level was low as a beginner. He was hunting the wild deer in the forest and collecting deer meat.

Suddenly, a dash of fire shot out from behind a big tree and knocked down his chubby body!

Then, a Taoist ran over and stabbed at him with a wooden sword!

"Who?! Which b*stard sneak-attacked me?!" Gong Hao screamed. But before he could fight back, another fireball crashed onto his head!

He was dazed by the attack! With one in charge of hacking and the other in charge of launching fireb.a.l.l.s, Gong He soon fell to the ground!

"So much meat!!" The two attackers were excited at the sight of the meat all over the ground after Gong He died.

"This guy must have collected for a long time!"

"Hahahaha! It all belongs to us now!"

"Although we can't find and kill those sc.u.mbags, it feels great to kill these guys and obtain some loot!" They laughed arrogantly.

"Ahhh! My meat!" Gong He had planned to collect a lot of meat and sell it in one trip. However, before he could return, he was killed, and all of his meat was dropped!

He was so furious that he felt like killing someone! Some of his colleagues playing nearby heard his sad scream and asked immediately, "Brother Gong, what happened?"

"I was killed by two b*stards, and all the deer meat in my backpack dropped!" Gong He was livid.

"Where are they?" His colleagues who were level 7 wanted to avenge him.

"They dared to kill you! They deserve to die!"

Gong He said, "Come! Follow me! Let's go out and kill them all to get their items!"

Half an hour later, Zha Gu and Iron Rock Daoist surrounded Gong He and his five colleagues with more than ten members of the Huang Family!

"Kill!" Zha Gu and the others were excited!

"F*ck!" After being killed and returning to the resp.a.w.n spot, Gong He and his colleagues lost a lot of their items. They screamed in rage, "Where are our brothers in the Jiuhua Army?! Get the elite team here! All of them! We'll kill those b*stards!"

On the other side, the killers walked toward the village and said, "Each of us has a pack of chicken meat and deer meat. Guess how much money we can get after selling them?"

"Haha! We don't have to worry about money for a while!" When Zha Gu and Iron Rock Daoist walked to the entrance of the village, Fang Qi and Loli Jiang Xiaoyue also returned.

These guys look fierce with murderous spirits... Fang Qi displayed their names and realized that their names were all in red!

"Boss! The game is so troublesome! We have to kill beasts to earn money before we can buy potions!" Jiang Xiaoyue frowned. She realized that she had to earn money in the game just like in real life.

"Ugh... We don't have to kill monsters to earn money," Fang Qi explained.

"What else can we do?"

Fang Qi pointed at Zha Gu and Iron Rock Daoist who were walking toward the village and said, "Xiaoyue, they are sending money to us."

When the two guys got close to the entrance of the village, they saw a saber shadow cras.h.i.+ng toward them!



With two shrill screams, items were dropped all over the ground!

"Go! Go! Go! The money is here! Go get the money!" Fang Qi immediately pulled Jiang Xiaoyue over to pick up the stuff on the ground. Except for some small items that were picked up by others, they picked up the rest and almost filled their storage s.p.a.ce!

Without money, Huang Shan was sitting in the Red Name City and trying to think of a way to get out. Suddenly, he saw two guys climbing up wearing only a little more than underwear; almost all of their items were dropped.

Fortunately, the System gave them some clothes to cover themselves. Otherwise, they would have had to walk around in underwear!

"How come you're here as well?!"

"I don't know!" They lamented.

"That d.a.m.ned guard hacked us with saber for some reason! We died immediately!"

"Do you have money? Loan me some to buy potions!" Huang Shan said.

"We have no money..." they howled.

"Hey... how did you guys come in? Tell them to send us some money!" Huang Shan looked bitter.

- In Jiuhua City -

"Deputy Commander Gong! Where are the morons who killed you?!" About 40 people blocked the entrance of the village with fierce expressions and wide-opened eyes.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System 240 No Money To Buy Potions? Kill And Rob!

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