Black Tech Internet Cafe System 330 Mortal's Civilization

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"Ugh… What now?!" Although they were used to robbing and killing in the Legend of Mir 2, this game seemed different since the people that they faced appeared to be defenseless ordinary people, even though they didn't know the situation.

They didn't even know what their characters were doing.

"Sir, is this a so-called role-playing game?" Ruan Ning obviously got this term from the players of Jiuhua City. In the Legend of Mir 2, the characters that the players controlled represented themselves. However, in role-playing games, the characters that players controlled had their own lives and backgrounds.

In other words, the players would experience other people's lives.

"Why is this so weird?" She remembered that role-playing games were very cla.s.sical, such as the Legend of the Sword and Fairy and Resident Evil, but those games were not released in this shop yet.

On the other side, after killing the hostages by accident, the Xichi Spiritual Master heard her teammate murmur some cussing words and then reminded her, "Detonate the bomb!"

Obviously, this was a tutorial since another prompt appeared on the screen. [Please use your cell phone to detonate the bomb.]

After digging out the cell phone from her pocket, she saw a number for detonation and dialed it…

The explosive device set at the entrance of the vault of the bank was quickly activated.

Then, they went into the vault with teammates and took hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"Huh?" The more they played, the stranger they felt.

"Yun'er…" The Xichi Spiritual Master clicked on the external communication option and yelled, "How come this world is even stranger than the one in Harry Potter?"

"Yeah." Liu Ningyun killed a guard with her gun and said, "I have the same feeling. Are they robbing stuff? And they even killed several guards."

Watching from behind, Ning Bi said, "Little Girl, aren't you doing the same?"

"I would have died if I didn't do it!" Liu Ningyun controlled Michael to hide in a corner and yelled, "Ah! There are so many of them. What's this game really about?!"

She still didn't know much about the situation except that this scene happened nine years ago, which meant that this might be the memory of one of the characters.

"How come the weapons in the world of Muggles are so powerful?" Ruan Ning murmured to herself while she dashed out, shooting with her submachine gun. She laughed wildly, "Hahaha! This weapon is fun to play with! I'll kill my way out!"

"This girl is almost out…" Liu Ningyun tried to catch up. Obviously, this was a scene from someone's memory, and she couldn't change the plot. Therefore, she could only follow the instructions.

Although her marksmans.h.i.+p was bad, her teammates were good at this, so the plot continued slowly.

Obviously, this was a bank robbery, and the characters that they played were robbers. However, the plan wasn't successful. Also, someone had leaked the information to the police, and many police cars raced over to the bank.

After the tutorial, most of the robbers died or were wounded, except two guys which were two of the three main characters in the game, Michael and Trevor.

When they saw Michael stay at the scene after faking a gun wound, they understood who had leaked the information.

This was the end of the memory.

The offline portion of GTA 5 was like an American movie that the players could control. Nine years later, Michael obviously had gained lots of benefits by tipping off the police. Trevor, on the other hand, had escaped with a hostage. People were quite curious as to what would happen after that.

At this moment, the players had two options. One was to continue playing in the offline mode, and the other one was playing online with other players.

After putting down her virtual reality headset, the Xichi Spiritual Master, who had never played such a game before, had many questions to ask

Mr. Fang explained things such as guns and the worldview in detail.

"Do you mean that the purpose of this role-playing game is for us to experience another person's life with our own perspective?" The Xichi Spiritual Master asked in surprise, "Is it something like going through reincarnation and cleansing one's mind in the mortal world?"

"Going through reincarnation and cleansing one's mind in the mortal world, one would experience the mystery of a fetus and all kinds of trials and tribulations in the mortal world." Ning Bi stared at the screen intensely and said. "But we can exit from this game at any time. Besides, as for the stuff named technology that the shop owner mentioned, are the people of Dajin really studying it now?"

"Sir, can we do whatever we want in the game?" Black Demon, who was planning to go online to play The Legend of Mir 2, looked over.

Liu Ningyun started at Fang Qi fiercely. In the Legend of Mir 2, players could kill and take treasures from others, but the general worldview and values were acceptable.

However, why do the characters in this game look like evil criminals?

"Do you want us to experience the lives of these people?" Liu Ningyun was not pleased. After all, she was the Nanhua Heavenly Fairy, and it was beneath her to do such evil deeds.

She felt like she had just partic.i.p.ated in a robbery.

At this moment, Ruan Ning suddenly exclaimed, "How come I've changed to myself? I can adjust my own looks? Isn't it a role-playing game?"

Fang Qi explained, "Now, you can choose the online mode or offline mode. You've just experienced the offline mode. As for the online mode, you can enter this world as yourself, and you can decide on what you're going to do."

"Ugh?" Liu Ningyun's contempt expression disappeared. "I can do this!"

Meanwhile, Ruan Ning had just entered the game.

On the screen was a bird view of a huge city which was many times bigger than any city that they had ever seen. They couldn't even see the end of it.

The skysc.r.a.pers soared into the clouds, and helicopters were flying in the sky under the setting sun. All kinds of cars were driving on the wide roads orderly, and rows of fancy houses lined the coastline with coconut trees in their front lawns. Since these houses were on the beach, people could see the blue ocean. Compared with the remote and hermit-like lives in Qzone, this was a luxurious sight.

In fact, they had seen some views of the modern world in Harry Potter, but this place was obviously cleaner, neater, and more advanced than the one in Harry Potter.

In Harry Potter, they were amused by the ignorant and incompetent mortals in the same world. But now, they saw that these talentless ordinary people, who were the muggles despised by the wizards and witches in Harry Potter, had created a great civilization!

In the grand and fancy car dealer shops were all kinds of modern, metallic, and luxurious cars. The rich people were playing all kinds of sports, such as golf and tennis, and huge, snow-white pa.s.senger planes flew fast in the sky. Through the windows, they could see pa.s.sengers who were sitting orderly inside.

When the whole world was presented to them like a huge picture, a shocking sensation rose in them silently.

This was the world created by the ordinary people in their eyes.

Spiritual boats? They had planes.

Demon beast carriages? They had cars.

Not to mention all kinds of mysterious and weird-looking weapons.

They were stunned to find that even these ordinary people had created a civilization no less advanced than their own.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System 330 Mortal's Civilization

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