Black Tech Internet Cafe System 333 The Road Killers

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"Sir! What are you doing? Didn't you say that you would take us to rob from the rich and give to the poor?" Song Qingfeng and the others had been sent to play the offline mode, and they had waited for a long time, but Fang Qi still didn't say anything.

"You guys play some more, and I'll be ready in a moment." Obviously, Mr. Fang was still doing missions to level up since he couldn't organize a job until he was at level 12.

However, the game's offline mode was also enjoyable. After the incident nine years ago, Michael, who sold out his teammates, didn't have a good life.

At the beginning of the game, he yelled at his psychiatrist, "I have a big house, a useless kid, and I'm stuck talking to you because no one wants to talk to me!"

It was the typical scene of midlife crisis.

However, the offline mode was obviously simpler than the online mode since the main characters knew how to drive and use guns. The players could just follow their moves and learn the basic knowledge and skills.

In the mansion zone by the beach, the players didn't have much trouble on their mind, and it was enjoyable to sit on the bench and gaze at the blue ocean.

The third main character in the offline mode would appear soon.

"Listen, we're not here to steal cars. This is legal business." Two black guys were arguing on the street behind the bench, and the taller one was Lamar, the black guy who gave guns to the players in the online mode.

"Legal? Oh, yeah. The d.a.m.n retirement benefits and tax refunds, etc." The brawny black guy was the third main character Franklin. They cussed while they walked, and their tones seemed like they would break into a fight at any moment.

They opened the lock and entered the courtyard of a townhouse on the beach, and then they each drove out in a race car.

"What do you think? The cars are fancy, right?"

"He should have paid his debt properly! Hahaha!"

"Seriously, we wouldn't have taken them if he paid what he owed."

They were taking back the cars by force since the owner hadn't paid the loans.

Liu Ningyun was also playing the offline mode. Franklin knew how to drive, and his driving skills included knowledge of traffic rules, what he could do, and what he couldn't do. This was the basic knowledge that was in his memory. Although it was a bit overwhelming for the players who were new to this world at the beginning, they were doing better than before.

As a new driver, Liu Ningyun drove an orange race car while she murmured silently, I didn't do it.

It was comforting to hear these words since she didn't feel like a criminal now.

On the other side, the Xichi Spiritual Master drove a white race car wriggly and soon knocked down a pedestrian. With a dark expression, she sped up and fled the scene before the pedestrian could yell.

The gaming world was easy to understand, and the players were more chill. If she did such a disgraceful thing in the real world, she would have wanted to kill all the people around to keep the secret!

The cultivators usually moved around by riding demon beasts or taking spiritual boats, and they had never seen such novel transportation tools which could move without food or spiritual essence.

More importantly, the race cars looked very das.h.i.+ng with their streamlined bodies. They could put the roofs into the trunk, which made it easier for them to enjoy the views on the side of the street. Right now, they were driving along the coastline, and it was enjoyable to cruise in a race car through this scenery.

"Wow!" Ruan Ning yelled in elation. "This race car is so fun!"

"Ningning! What are you playing?" At this moment, Xi Yue and the other girls came into the shop and saw Ruan Ning driving a das.h.i.+ng race car through the city, which instantly kindled their interest. "What's this? We want to play it too!"

- In the Jiuhua City Shop -

"Hahahaha!" Song Qingfeng sped up his race car in the city. "I saw such things in the movies but never tried it before. It's fun to drive!"

"Master! Master! The car is almost as fast as a demon beast! How can it be so fast?" While watching the game behind Su Tianji, Fenghua and Yuexin were excited that this heavy-looking iron block could move so fast.

"It seems that I can drive even faster." Su Tianji stepped harder on the gas peddle and raced to 200 kilometers per hour.

"See? Even demon beasts don't dare to run so fast in Jiuhua City!" This speed looked very cool.

Su Tianji squinted in the strong winds and then heard a yell, "Master! You're cras.h.i.+ng into something!"

"Brake! Brake!" Su Tianji frantically stepped on the 'brake', but the whole car roared and crashed forward at a greater speed!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Fenghua and Yuexin gaped while a figure flew out of the car, almost being launched into outer s.p.a.ce.


The small semi-truck in front of her was already shattered!

In the sky, Su Tianji waved her arms and legs subconsciously.

The girls covered their faces at a loss for words.

By now, the players of GTA 5 were all racing on the roads of Los Santos.

The scenes were too 'beautiful' to watch, making many people look away. For example, some of them crashed into pedestrians, and blood sprayed all over their faces.

The shop was filled with yells and gasps.

The three main characters in the offline mode were almost ordinary people.

The only good news was that their special abilities were maintained, but the effects were not obvious when the players were at low-levels.

- In the Half City shop -

The players who had been racing were surprised when they received the prompts from the game. "Did you guys see that? This guy seems to have a special ability!"

"It seems like he can slow down the time around him. Sir, can we…"

Franklin's special ability was similar to Michael's special ability, Bullet Time. Franklin's special ability was Driving Focus, and he could slow down time to steer the car when it was too fast to control, which made the game less difficult for players.

"I don't know! I thought you all didn't want to play!" Mr. Fang was impatient.

After all, this thing wasn't a spiritual spell or a combat technique, so he didn't know if it could be learned.

"Quickly tell us!" Ruan Ning was ferocious beside him.

Now that they had entered the game, he wasn't going to tell them anything?

It was infuriating.

While the players in both shops were enjoying themselves, Mr. Fang had almost finished all the missions.

Digging out the smartphone from his pocket, he received a call from Lester, which meant that he could start the multi-player online mission.

[Sir, are you done?] Song Qingfeng had finished several offline missions and was more familiar with the whole game.

[I'm ready!]

Black Tech Internet Cafe System 333 The Road Killers

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