Black Tech Internet Cafe System 873 Mysterious Gift Bag For Mythological Tv Series!?

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[The System is 60% upgraded. The expansion of Wrath of the Lich King is released.]

[Energy crystals are in a shortage, and the system is upgrading slowly.]

"What!?" Mr. Fang froze. Although he could only take a percentage of the income of crystals each day, he could calculate that the crystals and magic crystals that the shops earned was a very large number. But the d.a.m.n System claims that it is in shortage of crystals!?

Seeing the system upgrade progressing as slow as a turtle and had almost stopped, Mr. Fang was at a loss for words.

At this moment, Mr. Fang received a new task.

[System Upgrade Task: Acquire Many Energy Crystals

Task Description: Be a truly excellent shop owner and earn as much money as you can!

Task Reward: Mysterious gift bag of a mythological TV Series (contains the TV Series activation right and a treasure from it)]

"Mythological TV Series…? What myth is it…?" Mr. Fang looked puzzled. A thought dawned on him, but he didn't know if he was right about it.

"Forget it. Whatever." He needed to consider how to make more money.

At this moment, Mr. Fang's System Interface showed – [G.o.d of War series is open.]

[You obtained the task to sell G.o.d of War game series.]

As with the previous series such as's Creed and Harry Potter, the activation of the later games in the G.o.d of War series depended on the sales of the previous games.

The sequels of the old series were still being released steadily with a stable number of players and viewers. For example, the Brotherhood members such as Elina and Harrison in the Canglan City Shop had played each game in the's Creed series many times.

At this moment, the shops released the new games G.o.d of War 1 and G.o.d of War 2 at the same time.

G.o.d of War 3 and G.o.d of War 4 would be activated after the sales of the previous two games reached a certain target.

Perhaps it was because the G.o.d of War series had been acquired from the System Gift Bag that had an excellent quality, or that the number of players had grown even larger lately, Mr. Fang was surprised when he saw the target set for the series.

"The subsequent task is easy to do… it only needs 5,000 activations…"

Not to mention the old shops in Jiuhua City and Half City, even the new shop attracted players from all over the world with at least 80,000 players each day, making the less than 50,000 computers in the shop not enough despite the multiple folding s.p.a.ces. Mr. Fang thought that 5,000 activations were easy to reach.

"Should I… open a few more branch shops?" Mr. Fang wondered. For example, he could open one in the Orc Kingdom and send Merlin from the Canglan City Shop to recruit a group of orcs to help manage the new shop there.

Perhaps… he could open a branch shop in the Lianshan Princ.i.p.ality which had been the battleground where they fought the Shadow Legion. By doing that, he could divert a large group of customers.

Besides, some old shops could have branch shops. Li Wuya and the others had trained some good employees for him in the past years. With them watching over the old shops, Fang Qi could send the experienced employees to manage the new shops for a while.

"Hu…" While thinking about these issues, Mr. Fang rubbed his brows.

It was no wonder that Fang Qi didn't get involved in other issues. After all, he had been an E-sports guy instead of a talented manager before he traveled through s.p.a.ce.

He was the right person to play games, livestream, and organize E-Sports events. When he had time, he could even give plan surprise events.

But now, he was overwhelmed by the management of his internet cafés, not to mention that he needed time to play games and increase his strength.

If he forced himself to do more than these things, he would bungle them.

At this moment, Nalan Mingxue brought over two lapis cups and poured Fang Qi a cup of iced red tea.

"Want me to do something?" Mr. Fang asked.

"How do you know?" Nalan Mingxue poured herself a cup as well.

"I've known you for many years now." Mr. Fang picked up the cup of iced red tea and sipped it casually. "If you treat me to iced red tea without asking for a favor from me, I'd suspect that you are a demonic G.o.d in disguise."

Nalan Mingxue was at a loss for words.

"Very busy?" Nalan Mingxue tilted her head and looked at him while asking.

Seeing that Mr. Fang was about to stand up, Nalan Mingxue said, "I do need to ask a favor from you; no one else can do it."

"I must tell you first that I won't do anything too troublesome," Mr. Fang said, "Or anything that needs too much thinking. For now, I won't do fights either."

"Besides… what do you need me to do?"

"I don't need you to do those things." Hearing Mr. Fang's words, Nalan Mingxue said with confidence, "We have people to do the troublesome stuff. I'll do the things that needs thinking. As for fighting… when have I ever ask you to fight anyway?"

"As for your last question, it's something about making money."

"…" Mr. Fang chugged the iced red tea and put the empty cup on the desk. "I'm in!"

At this moment, the seemingly peaceful relations.h.i.+ps between the mortal world and the Nine-Fold Darkness Plane as well as the G.o.dly Realm were full of hidden currents.

Ever since those two realms were defeated, they sent scouts to investigate the real situation. Meanwhile, the cultivators and warriors continued their exploration of the outside world and the new realms.

Those 'G.o.ds' and 'demons' that had only existed in the ancient legends… what kind of worlds were they living in?

When the cultivators began to turn their eyes out of their own world, the orbits of the three worlds began to connect…

For the G.o.ds and demons who lived beyond the sky, the mortals were weak.

For countless years, they received the wors.h.i.+p of these weak creatures who begged for mercy and kindness from them.

Just like the rolling G.o.dly mountains where the G.o.dly Palace was, some of the existences far beyond mortals were born after the Heavens were formed, and some were born… even before the Heavens appeared!

Since the very ancient times, they had ruled over this Heaven and Earth. The G.o.ds who were born before the Heavens were unrivaled existences and were born with the right to enjoy G.o.dly power for eternity.

It was the same in the Innumerable-Immortal Sea and the G.o.dly Palace.

They lived on the tall G.o.dly mountains and looked down on the beings below them.

In every respect, they were the perfect and greatest existences in the world.

"The Innumerable-Immortal Sea was defeated just like this?" On the continuous G.o.dly mountains that had existed for an eternity and survived countless catastrophes, there was the vast G.o.dly nation where the loftiest G.o.ds lived.

With her brown hair pulled up in a ponytail and dressed in dark-red armor, she turned her perfect exquisite face to the golden light which was falling from the mountaintop, looking like a heroic G.o.dly statue that was gilded in gold.

Different from other G.o.ds, the G.o.d of Radiant Light was a descendant of an ancient G.o.d clan. Isabela, the young Valkyrie, was the last one born in the world and also possessed great G.o.dly power.

"It's nothing to worry about. After all, Wondrous Spell High Holiness, an abled immortal in the Innumerable-Immortal Sea, is insignificant in the G.o.dly Court." Behind her stood a priestess dressed in a pure white priest robe.

"No matter what; I'll know after I try it in person." She looked determined. "I hope my opponents won't disappoint me."

"You'll…descend in person?!"

At this moment, Mr. Fang was standing in the Cultivation Room with the Golden-Hooped Rod in his hand as golden lights bloomed in front of him.

An extremely huge hand slowly pressed down in the golden light.

"F*ck-!" Instantly, his vision blacked out.

Synchronization was over!

[The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. Synchronization Rate: 0.6326%. Increased by 0.0002% in this cultivation session.]

[Tathagata Buddha. Synchronization Rate: 0.6326%. Increased by 0.0002% in this cultivation session.]

[Do you want to continue?]


Black Tech Internet Cafe System 873 Mysterious Gift Bag For Mythological Tv Series!?

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