Black Tech Internet Cafe System Chapter 892

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Chapter 892: Wildly Testing on the Verge of Failure

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“Let's read the story. I guess… Kratos, a powerful father, wants to make sure that his son can pa.s.s a future challenge. He will try to protect his son by training him.” While he explained, Mr. Fang bent down and moved toward the draugr with the ax in his hand.

“I think we should teach the son some advanced battle skills even though we're facing the comparatively… weak draugr. We can use some advanced battle concepts to nurture this future flower of the G.o.dly Realm.”

[The shop owner is going to make another kill without receiving any damage!?] The elves sent bullet comments while they watched the livestream.

[Hey, the guy who commented earlier, a kill without being injured is not good enough. I'm sure that he will show some new battle skills, the ones with very high difficulty level!]

[Didn't you hear shop owner say that he will teach battle concepts this time?]

“So many people are watching him teach his son!?” At this moment, the Valkyrie lay in the pool and mumbled, “I must know my enemy to defeat him. I'll watch how this guy teaches his son. After studying him thoroughly, I can challenge him again!”

Then, she remembered that she was paralyzed…

While gritting her teeth, she thought, It doesn't matter. After watching him for thousands of years, I'll know everything about him and will surely defeat him!

At this thought, she continued to watch with great concentration.

She saw a small window at the bottom of the screen, and the weak-looking shop owner would show his face in the window occasionally. She didn't understand what it meant for now, but it didn't affect her from watching the livestream.

At this moment, Mr. Fang said, “Now, I'll show you a very advanced battle concept. It's very useful and can be used in any battle. It's called ‘among the combat techniques in the world, the fastest speed trumps all.'”

He controlled Kratos, the G.o.d of War. “If I attack fast enough, the enemy's attacks can't hit me.”

His ax hacked down with great swiftness.

But almost at the same time, the draugr launched an extremely swift sword slas.h.!.+

Two streaks of blood shot up almost at the same time!

They both stumbled. Then, the draugr hacked again!

With cold sweat on his forehead, Mr. Fang rolled on the ground and narrowly dodged the slas.h.!.+

“Do you see what happens when your attacks are not fast enough?”

“The consequences are so severe when this move fails!?” The elves stared at the screen intently. “Is the shop owner going to teach us some super difficult skills?”

Huh!? Didn't the shop owner say he will teach us that ‘among the combat techniques in the world, the fastest speed trumps all'?  Elf Queen Kellybel stared at the big screen suspiciously. How come he changed his mind at the last second?

She seemed to sense something unusual.

Standing behind Mr. Fang and watching him play, Nalan Mingxue had a sly look in her eyes as she covered her mouth while her shoulders shook uncontrollably.

With a dark expression, Mr. Fang thought, How come a small monster in G.o.d of War 4 is so difficult to fight?!

After all, when he played the first three games in G.o.d of War series, he had killed monsters as if he was cutting gra.s.s and killed G.o.ds like killing chickens. It had been a very magnificent experience.

Although the system version of G.o.d of War 4 didn't have specific stats on health, the HP percentage on the bottom of the screen was a good reference. Right now, the HP bar had lost half of the length!

In other words… I will be killed by a small monster with two to three strikes?!

It must be noted that the game had just begun, and this stage was equivalent to a tutorial.

This game is purposefully trying to make me fail!

“It seems like the G.o.d of War is indeed old; he can't even match the speed of a small monster now,” Mr. Fang explained as he snuck up with his ax. “Let's change strategy and teach the son…”

[Sir, aren't you going to teach ‘The fastest speed trumps all'? Didn't you say that it applies to any battle?!]

“…I'll teach it later!” Glancing at the bullet comment, Mr. Fang's face turned darker as he thought, I didn't know that the G.o.d of War is old, and his combat strength dropped so much. I haven't played it before!

This is trying to make me look back! Who sent it?!

Glancing around and not able to find the sender, he finally returned his attention back to the monster before him.

“I realized that the concept ‘among the combat techniques in the world, the fastest speed trumps all' is too profound and complex for this type of small monsters. Besides, I think our old G.o.d of War's son won't understand such profound and complex stuff. Let's start from the simple skills.

“This skill can be used in any battles too. It's called capitalizing on the enemy's recovery after attacking!” Mr. Fang controlled Kratos to move forward a few steps and then sidestepped when he was almost within the draugr's attack range, dodging the latter's attack perfectly. When this attack of his enemy was about to stop, Mr. Fang struck forward with his ax with force!

“Then, I'll use the wild-hacking axe technique, severely injuring the monster!” Mr. Fang yelled and brandished his ax as if he had gone mad!

The audience watched as Mr. Fang controlled Kratos to send the monster flying with a series of wild strikes.


“But, Sir…” Puzzled, a few saint-level masters sent bullet comments, “We know this move already.”

“Of course, you know it!” Mr. Fang said immediately, “Kratos is teaching his son; how can he teach his son the skills that even you guys can't do?!”

“Oh…” The words sounded weird to their ears.

“He's right… he's teaching his son. What are you mortals doing here!?” At this moment, the paralyzed Valkyrie Isabela agreed while lying in the pool. She knew it was easy to make a successful hit at the end of the enemy's attack, but this man's easy and simple explanation made her think higher of him.

At least she instantly understood it after the explanation!

At this moment, the monster got up from the ground silently.

A sharp blade slashed at him from behind!

“Sir, be careful!”

The audience had always felt relaxed and cheerful when they watched the shop owner's livestream. But this time, they felt uneasy and fearful.

Mr. Fang pretended that he had seen the attack when he didn't. In fact, he dodged it with a flinch of his head in fear, and he shouted, “Wild-hacking ax technique! Wild-hacking ax technique! Wild…”

While carefully dodging the attacks, he finally killed the monster with about 20 wild ax strikes.

Exhaling in relief, he said to Kratos' son, Atreus, “Do you understand this, boy!?”

“Of course, he understands it! You explained so clearly.” Lying in the pool, Valkyrie Isabela mumbled to herself.

She continued to watch, wondering if this person would explain some more advanced skills.

At this moment, Mr. Fang said smugly, “See? With my method, except for the injuries that I got when I demonstrated the disadvantage of that skill, I received no injuries!”

Although he had never played this game before, he had years of experience in playing games and fighting battles. “It's a piece of cake for me!”

“To tell you the truth, I didn't use my full strength yet!”

The moment he said that, Kratos' son, Atreus, pointed behind him and yelled, “Father! There are more!”

“More?!” Another draugr? Mr. Fang was delighted inside. Now, it's time for me to get serious!

This time, I'll receive no injuries and thus redeem my reputation!

He looked back and saw groups of revenants howling and walking out of the forest.


Black Tech Internet Cafe System Chapter 892

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