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Lately, due to the continual popularity of G.o.d of War 4, the revenue of the shops rose sharply and drove the sales of the previous G.o.d of War games to another peak.

In fact, the price of the first G.o.d of War Trilogy was quite high for most of the players, who had low cultivation strength. G.o.d of War 4 cost 318 crystals or magic crystals!

Many players found the previous trilogy quite difficult to play with all the riddle-solving and G.o.d-killing quests. The players with low cultivation strength couldn't understand these G.o.dly-level magic spells and only used them to familiarize themselves with battles, which was why the sales hadn't been high, and many players only watched the livestreams.

However, G.o.d of War 4 was different. Many players found that the game wasn't so difficult with Atreus' help. Besides, this game featured the use of combat techniques, which were very beneficial to all players.

Furthermore, Mr. Fang's livestream and others' livestreams such as major streamer Su Tianji's livestream had great promotional effects.

Even Valkyrie Isabela loved watching Elder Su's livestream and enjoyed it very much.

"Let's buy the game too!" Elf Girl Sala urged her companions in the shop, "Even this streamer can play well in the game; I think we can do it, too!"

So, even the elf girls with poor skills bought the game, let alone others.

Mr. Fang glanced at the task of earning crystals and found that its progress had reached 61 percent, which was quite impressive. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Fang began to investigate sites for new branch shops and opened them one by one.

For example, a new shop was opened in the area of Phoenix-Cry Mountain, which was north to Jiuhua City and south to the Three Saint Factions in the Continent of Immortal Relics. The Orc Kingdom and Lianshan Princ.i.p.ality got their wishes and had branch shops in their nations.

Including the new shops in Xiaoyao Cave Abode at the East Continent and the territory of the Demon Clan at the Continent of Immortal Relic, there were altogether five branch shops in the first group. There were fewer computers in the new shops than in the old ones, but they diverted many players from the bursting old shops. 

Soon, Mr. Fang planned to open the next batch of branch shops.

Obviously, as the shops expanded, they no longer nestled in one remote corner or need any promotion in the mortal world.

However, it also caused some problems.

"He grew from an unknown common mortal into an ultimate master with the power to kill immortals and G.o.ds…" From a distant place beyond the Heaven, a pair of eyes which seemed to be able to see through the Plane of Nine-Fold Darkness slightly squinted as they coldly stared at the mortal world. "Such effects are quite interesting. Very interesting."

Then, a deep and cold gaze turned from the depths of the Nine-Fold Darkness to the mortal world. "It's a real waste to allow this item to fall into the hands of the mortals."

"What if they don't give it up?"

"G.o.ds' Palace, Innumerable-Immortal Sea… Immortals and G.o.ds in Heaven!"

"All the evil demons in all abysses at the Nine-Fold Darkness…!"

The two pairs of eyes looked down at the mortal world at the same time with the arrogance of rulers who dominated over three realms and six destinies.

"It's not their decision to make!"

The moment that their gazes turned to the mortal world, the Heaven and Earth darkened!

"The sky… how come the sky turned dark?!" Countless mortals looked up at the sky in horror. They screamed and howled in panic, and some even knelt on the ground to pray.

The precious stone lands its innocent possessor in jail. They would probably be implicated in the biggest catastrophe in history!

- In the Canglan City Shop -

A prompt appeared on the System Interface. [The System's upgrade progress reached 80%, and the newest system information had been updated.]

"Newest system information?" Fang Qi immediately turned on the System Interface to take a look.

For the last task, the reward of 'mysterious gift bag of a mythological TV Series' that had three question marks on it had changed into a row of big characters with s.h.i.+ny golden lights – Invest.i.ture of the G.o.ds!

[TL Note: Invest.i.ture of the G.o.ds or the Creation of the G.o.ds is a 16th-century Chinese novel and one of the major vernacular Chinese works in the G.o.ds-and-demons genre, and it was later turned into a series of movies and TV shows.]

Below it was a line of words. [When the task is 50 percent completed, the Host will obtain the right to reveal the mysterious reward - the trailer of Invest.i.ture of the G.o.ds.]

At this moment, Mr. Fang had a bowl of instant noodles in his hands. He had just turned off the livestream and ended today's stream of G.o.d of War 4 when he saw these words. "…"

He almost choked on the noodles!

He glanced at the elves who were screaming in elation after killing a stone ancient in the beginning of G.o.d of War 4, the Cowardly Dragon who kept screaming at every turn and twist, and …

"System… it seems like you want to scare my idle customers to death, right?"

"Sir, what are you mumbling about?" At this moment, Sala looked over.

"Oh. I said that the shop will release the trailer of the new TV Series today."

"New TV Series!?" Sala said in surprise.

By now, Journey to the West had almost reached the end of the 40-plus episodes with only a few of the 81 ordeals left.

The idle players loved the TV Series the most. Unlike the TV Series, the games had riddles to solve and difficult levels, and people couldn't learn things if they were poor players.

In the previous TV Series, many people achieved breakthroughs by listening to the Dao lecture given by Patriarch Subodhi. Even the elves of the West Continent who couldn't learn stuff from the Great Sage had obtained lots of inspiration from the Dao lecture given by the grand master beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

They were surprised that there was a new TV Series!

Besides the elves who had acute hearing, the saint-level masters were also eavesdropping. Hearing his words, they walked over and asked, "Sir… are there Dao lectures in it?!"

"…" Mr. Fang rolled his eyes. "It's not released yet; how would I know?!"

"Oh. Oh. Okay…" The saint-level masters who wanted to try to get some inside information replied, "Then, we'll go and watch the trailer; we'll watch the trailer…"

Soon, the Jiuhua City Shop, Yuanyang City Shop, and even the newly opened shops all received the news.

The ancestral masters from the East Continent, Nalan Hongwu, and Gu Tingyun had gone to the Heavenly Realm and didn't get this information.

"The trailer of the new TV series?!" At this moment, Su Tianji who was livestreaming 'The G.o.d of War and His Illiterate and Humiliating Old Father Who Has No Sense of Direction' had just killed a boss. 

"Hey! I'll go and watch the trailer of the new TV series! Guys… you can watch the TV Series when you have time. I'll return in five minutes."

"TV Series?" Coming to watch Su Tianji's livestream after watching Mr. Fang's, Valkyrie Isabela was displeased at the pause. "What's a TV Series? What's so good about TV Series?! You'll waste five minutes of my time!

"Do you think I'm so idle?!" At the second thought, she realized that she indeed had lots of time on her hands.


Forget it; I will take a look at the so-called TV Series trailer.

Su Tianji and the cultivators in different shops immediately turned on the new TV series in the Super Theatre.

[As the poem goes:

Pan Gu separated hundun first, which gave birth to Tai Chi containing Yin and Yang which in turn derived the four symbols.

The Heavens were born at Zi (first) Hour, the Earth was born at Chou(second) Hour, and humans were born in Yin (third) Hour, and the saint named You Chao taught people how to build shelters to hide from beasts.

Sui Ren discovered fire so that people can cook raw food, and Fu Xi drew eight trigrams and created the system of Yin and Yang.

Shen Nong tasted herbs to find medicines, and Xuan Yuan created the system of ceremonies and marriage…]

[TL Note: This poem is describing the events in Chinese Mythology in order.]

On the screen, the Heaven separated from the Earth, the stars moved, and G.o.ds stood in rows as a golden list appeared between the Heavens and Earth!

"Immortals, G.o.ds, mortals, and ghosts are divided into their respective categories today and will thus not fall to the ground and become ignorant weeds. The Supreme Primeval Lord of Heaven commands G.o.ds from all directions to take part in the invest.i.ture!" The booming voice seemed to come from Heaven. It resonated in the world that Fang Qi was in like the huge bell ring when the Heaven was separated from the Earth!

Then, they saw four big golden words lighting up as if they were supported by the G.o.ds and were bathed in radiant golden lights from prehistoric times - Invest.i.ture of the G.o.ds!

Black Tech Internet Cafe System 898 The Next Tv Series Is… Investiture Of The Gods!?

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