The Anarchic Consort Of The Prince Volume 1 Chapter 4 Part1

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With years of experience in training and a.s.sessing people, in just one glance, Li Yun realized that the Crown Prince shouldn't be underestimated. Perhaps on account of brotherhood, the Crown Prince resembled the Fourth Prince, but the former looked a bit more august than the latter, it might because the Crown Prince had been enthroned for a long time and stayed in a high position. His eyes were deep and he looked great in bright yellow, it seemed that no one could fit this color more than him.

In particular, at this moment, his handsome face was expressionless, and the golden crown exuded the supreme light, which covered his whole body, showing an unparalleled n.o.bleness and prestige.

The Crown Prince in bright yellow

Li Yun's eyes ran down those luxurious dressed-up women who were gazing at the Crown Prince with admiration, then she snorted in her heart – no wonder Yun Qianyue had a crush on him and the people around kept talking about “His Highness”, he was qualified for making people crazy for him even if he did nothing.

After the Fourth Prince finished speaking, a moment of silence fell in the viewing garden, which made the whole garden seemed to be empty of people.

The empress turned to look at the Crown Prince who was sitting straight, observing no trace of emotion change from his face. Then she looked at the Fourth Prince and seeing no trace of real emotion behind his smiling face as well. She sighed secretly, then turned her gaze back to Li Yun and waved at her, smiling, “Really? Who should dare to bully my Yue'er and scare you away from the viewing garden? Come, come to my side. Tell me who bullied you, I want to have a good look at the person who has the courage to bully you in this palace.”

After the empress finished, Li Yun saw a few women's faces turned pale immediately.

Li Yun didn't expect that the empress would say so justly. Without asking what had happened on earth, the empress directly a.s.sumed that Li Yun had been bullied and wanted to help Li Yun fight back. While Li Yun stood there still and wondered if the empress really spoiled Yun Qianyue or had other purposes. After all, the whole capital city wasn't very big and all the people at present were the dignitaries' children, who were representatives of different powers. She was too standout, no wonder she would incur others' envy and hatred. Although all they were afraid of her in public, she must have suffered a lot in secret. As for today's matter, the original Yun Qianyue died inexplicably and Li Yun reincarnated as her here!

“It's no big deal, forget it! Her Majesty, don't look into the issue anymore.” Li Yun pretended to not care about it.

“Eh? It seems that you're really angry, or why didn't you call me aunt as usual?” Being stunned for Li Yun's words, the empress didn't expect Li Yun should let it go today. She glanced at the girls with small pale faces, including Princess Qingwan, and then smiled, saying in a lower voice, “Don't worry, tell me, I will make the decision for you. I really want to know who has the courage to bully my niece.”

Judging from the sonorous and powerful words, the empress seemed to be determined to make the decision for Li Yun.

While those girls, who were just relieved after hearing that Li Yun would let go of today's matter, now turned their faces pale again.

“So it is, sister Yue, you just need to name those bullies, and then muhou will make the decision for you. Now that muhou is here, what are you afraid of? If they treated you really bad, muhou will punish those arrogant people.” The Fourth Prince next to Li Yun immediately catered to the empress' words, unkindly glancing at those girls.

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The Anarchic Consort Of The Prince Volume 1 Chapter 4 Part1

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