Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 82 - My Little Girl (74)

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My Little Girl (74)

Only during breakfast the next day did Shu Nuan find out that Sheng Gu was no longer be living in the Shenghe Manor. It was unexpected that Sheng Qianmo would drive someone out, especially her own niece. But Shu Nuan didn't think much about it, considering she had an exam to worry about.

As Sheng Qianmo had to leave for the imperial court early in the morning, Li Yuan escorted her to the academy instead.

When they arrived, Shu Nuan put her hand in her bag and found that an object wrapped in sugar paper had been put in at some time. She was surprised for a moment, but then she understood what it was. She ripped open the sugar paper and put in her mouth. The sweet taste spread inside her mouth.

This day Cla.s.s 10 was quiet and solemn. When Shu Nuan entered the hall, she could hear the sounds of papers turning.

Although the students of Cla.s.s 10 preferred chatting and having fun when free, they attached great importance to this exam.

When the bell rang, everyone prepared their brushes and ink for the exam.

The examiner was not Master Gao, but another master who was rather young.

When Su Hai saw him through the window, he whispered to Shu Nuan, “He's Ji Xubai, the youngest and best-looking teacher in the Yulin Academy. He teaches the students of Cla.s.s 1. How awesome he is, huh!”

The cla.s.smates near Su Hai glanced at him. In a low voice, one of them reprimanded, “Can you shut up?”

Su Hai pouted his lips, but he still sat back.

When Ji Xubai came in, Shu Nuan glanced at him. He wore a light blue  long-s.h.i.+rt. He was tall and had his long hair tied into a bun behind his head. He looked cold with the posture he stood in.

Placing himself on a high platform, he gazed at the students in front of him and said a few words. Then, he sent out the question papers, and the students began to solve them.

He had said a few words with no expression.

The first impression Shu Nuan had was that he wasn't as easy to get along with as Master Gao.

 But it was understandable. After all, he was a master who taught Cla.s.s 1. How could he be easy to get along with?

 However, because Master Ji was supervising the exam, the students maintained complete silence. The courtyard was quiet, and only the sound of papers turning could be heard.

The examination time was over half-time when Master Ji, standing at the door with a blank expression, turned his head and announced, “If you finish and put the paper at the desk, you can leave ahead of time.”

After that, Master Ji went out.

No one in the cla.s.s knew when he would come back, so they didn't dare to act in a rash manner. After all, having experienced his stern manner, no one wanted to be caught by him.

The first person to finish the paper was Shu Nuan.

She put down her brush and checked her answers once more, making sure the paper was all right. Then she handed it in.

Someone couldn't help but exclaim, “You have answered it all, Shu Nuan?”

Shu Nuan nodded, having returned to her seat to tidy up her brush and desk.

“You finished so quickly and didn't even check it well. Don't cry when the result comes out!” Ning Qiang sneered.

But Shu Nuan turned a deaf ear. However, she also didn't continue packing her things.

Su Hai turned his head to look at her, then laughed. "Shu Nuan, aren't you anxious to go home?”

Shu Nuan was stunned by the question and nodded.

Yes… that's right.

But it wasn't home she was going back to. It was the Sheng Courtyard instead.

 Su Hai sighed. "Brainy people are truly different from us folk…"

 Shu Nuan hesitated for a moment, but then said to him, “You should try hard as well.”

 Shu Nuan would almost never appease someone. All of a sudden, Su Hai's hand turned a beat faster, and he tightened his brushwork. “Yes!”

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 82 - My Little Girl (74)

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