Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 83

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Published at 1st of August 2019 05:46:33 AM Chapter 83

My Little Girl (75)

Shu Nuan stepped outside the cla.s.s . The academy was quiet, and occasionally, someone would come out of their cla.s.s .

Walking through the corridor, Shu Nuan unwrapped another of the candies and put it in her mouth .

On weekdays, this corridor would be crowded, but at this moment, there was no one to see .

Speaking of it, the scenery in the Yulin Academy didn’t fall short of the famous scenic spots of the city . Shu Nuan intended to go take a look to improve her mood .

Unexpectedly, as soon as she reached the stone pavilion on the bridge across the academy’s small lake, she saw two figures tangled together in the rock garden that surrounded the scenic body of water .

 A vague sound of agony reached her ears .  

“I don’t agree…”

The man’s voice was low and sullen, as he declared, “You aren’t qualified to say no . ”

Shu Nuan didn’t intend to list anymore . After all, she was close enough not to just hear the two people, but even see them .

Ji Xubai was pressing a woman wearing a school uniform on a cold rock wall and kissing her hard .

But soon, the woman pushed him away .

Ji Xubai didn’t stop her from leaving . Instead, he looked at the quiet Shu Nuan on the pavilion . Ji Xubai was not in a hurry . When he saw her, he squinted and seemed to be in complete calm, as if he didn’t care that someone had seen him .

The woman he’d forced to kiss him raised her hand and wiped at her mouth . As she walked by, her face turned towards Shu Nuan . Her lips were bitten and bleeding, but she looked at Shu Nuan in an indifferent way and walked past her after that one look .

Shu Nuan hadn’t expected to see such a ridiculous scene . But she didn’t think much about it and instead looked down and walked away .

When she came out of the academy, Li Yuan had already prepared the carriage and was waiting for her outside . He was surprised when she came out so early .

 Li Yuan couldn’t help but ask a few questions . “Shu Nuan, little girl, it seems you did well in the exam?”

Shu Nuan only said, “It went well . ”

Li Yuan touched his head and laughed and said, “Miss Shu is excellent . ”

He rather liked the little girl . After all, only after she arrived did he get the chance to step into a holy place of learning such as the Yulin Academy . It made him feel proud of being a member of the Shenghe Manor .

Li Yuan pondered a little, and said, “His Highness Sheng Qianmo will be exhilarated to know about it . ”

Once he mentioned the prince, Shu Nuan hesitated for a moment and asked him in an embarra.s.sed voice, “Did His Highness say when to return with me?”

Li Yuan shook his head and said, “No, the prince just told me to pick you up . ”

Shu Nuan decided not to risk taking a detour and returned to the manor with Li Yuan .

At the Sheng Courtyard, she found a table of meals prepared, all of which she enjoyed a lot . Her maidservants said that the prince had ordered this before he’d left .

Shu Nuan looked at the delicacies on the table and felt that Sheng Qianmo was spending too much money . She couldn’t finish all of this alone .

She wanted to wait for Sheng Qianmo to come back for dinner, but Li Yuan reminded her the prince wouldn’t be back so soon . She’d be even worse off if she let the dishes cool down .

So, Shu Nuan had to eat alone in silence .

After the meal, Sheng Qianmo still hadn’t returned . But instead, the Fifth Prince showed up .

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 83

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