Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 84

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Published at 2nd of August 2019 05:31:46 AM Chapter 84

My Little Girl (76)

Sheng Zhiyu had come looking for Sheng Qianmo, but when he arrived at his brother’s courtyard, he didn’t find him there . Instead, he found the little girl he kept in his place .

Though he didn’t care about the affairs of the Yulin Academy, he knew that  this day the a.s.sessment was to be held . He was quite surprised to see Shu Nuan in the palace at this time . He inquired and found out that she’d returned early .

Sheng Zhiyu pondered and came up with something interesting . He asked Shu Nuan, “Would you like to see Prince Qianmo?”

Shu Nuan was surprised, and said, “His Highness is in the military camp . ”

Sheng Zhiyu laughed and said, “Yes, I’ll take you to him . ”

Shu Nuan cowered and her first response was to ask, “Would that be alright?”

Shu Nuan’s gaze moved to Li Yuan who stood behind her, but he didn’t have anything to say . After all, Sheng Qianmo had never told him to not bring the girl to the military camp .

Upon seeing her hesitate, Sheng Zhiyu insisted . He made the decision for her and ordered the people outside to prepare a carriage . Moreover, he gave Shu Nuan no time to change out of her school uniform .

On the way, Shu Nuan was nervous . After all, Sheng Qianmo never took her to the camp, and so she didn’t dare act in such a rash manner . Last time, she’d been caught and reprimanded by Sheng Qianmo for not returning to the manor in time after school .

Although the Fifth Prine was going to take her to find Sheng Qianmo, she still felt restless .

When Sheng Zhiyu arrived at the military camp, the soldiers recognized him in an instant . However, one of the soldiers said, “His Highness is extremely busy today . I’m afraid he won’t have time to meet the Fifth Prince . ”

Sheng Zhiyu had naturally expected something like this . He was calm and unhurried . He pushed Shu Nuan to the front and said to the soldier, “If you will, go and tell your master that there is a little beauty from his palace who has come to play with him!”

The soldier looked at Shu Nuan where she stood in front of him .

Shu Nuan frowned, but didn’t speak .

Only now did she realize Sheng Zhiyu’s reason for bringing her here .

Sheng Zhiyu stared at the soldier who was blanking and urged him again, “Why aren’t you going?”

The soldier nodded his head and sent a person to relay the message .

Meanwhile, Sheng Qianmo was discussing the war’s situation in the Northern Xinjiang with his subordinates in the main tent . As he expressed his opinion, everyone listened with care .

But at this moment, Li Qi asked for an audience from outside the tent . Sheng Qianmo frowned and let him in .

Li Qi relayed the message from his subordinate to Sheng Qianmo . Most of the people present felt that Li Qi had no sense, disturbing the Fourth Prince for such a trifling matter . But Ningcheng Yuan, deputy commander-in-chief, had a playful expression on his face . After listening to Li Qi’s words, he raised his brows and looked at Sheng Qianmo .

Everyone was surprised when Sheng Qianmo went silent after listening to the message . He looked up at them and said, “You all discuss the matter, This Prince will come back later . ”

Then he left his subordinates and went to see his little girl .

The ones who stayed behind didn’t understand what the background of the little beauty was, that the prince would leave such an important meeting behind and go away…

Ningcheng Yuan, on the other hand, was joyous . He planned to finish his duties early and call Su Hang and his other friends . He was going to ridicule what Sheng Qianmo had done!

But in spite of the joy in his heart, Ningcheng Yuan wore a calm expression, and in quite a serious manner, continued talking with these people .

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 84

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