Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 87

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Published at 8th of August 2019 05:57:14 AM Chapter 87

My Little Girl (79)

Sheng Qianmo was riding his horse out of the military camp with Shu Nuan . Because of his fast speed, the girl was gripping his waist, and so she couldn’t help but pay attention to his broad and tough back . The prince’s hair fluttered in the wind, with his slender and powerful hand holding the reins . His eyes were keen and deep, and the faint golden light was s.h.i.+ning down on his charming face under the sunset . This scene touched her heart .

Shu Nuan held him tighter and put her face against him . In this moment, she felt as if she could depend upon this steady back .

Her small hands actually touched a few unusual places as well, but she couldn’t tell as she only felt the armor .

Once she touched him there a couple of times, her hand was caught by Sheng Qianmo . He pressed it, and his deep voice was heard against the evening wind .

“Don’t touch it . ”

His words didn’t say anything outright, but his voice showed that he was suppressing a surge of desire . The words he said were s.e.xy and provocative as usual, and Shu Nuan’s face flushed as she realized what she’d just done . She wanted to draw her hand back, but couldn’t…

So, as Sheng Qianmo rode the horse under the sunset, she stayed in the same position: her arms around his waist, and her little hand grasped by the prince .

He wouldn’t let go, as if saying that she’d take the chance to touch him again, and he was stopping her from doing so…

Shu Nuan was ashamed and didn’t have the courage to say anything more .

Before dark, they returned to the manor .

When Shu Nuan was about to serve him and change his clothes as usual, Sheng Qianmo pushed her small hand aside and said, “This Prince is going out for a trip . You can go to bed early . ”

Shu Nuan’s hand paused before she drew it back, said, “Yes,” and then turned around and lit a lamp that she carried to the bedside table .

As Sheng Qianmo followed her with his eyes, he couldn’t resist her any more . He pressed her against the wall and lowered his head . The kiss was deep and seemed to never end . Finally, he let go .  

But Shu Nuan’s lips were already swollen and red . The corner of her eyes was moist, and beneath her brows was a shallow red . All of a sudden, tears filled her eyes; it looked like he’d defiled a young flower bud . Sheng Qianmo wasn’t able to stop himself from lowering his head and biting her lip again .  

Shu Nuan said in a voice filled with emotion, “I have to go to bed early . ”

She pushed him with a fl.u.s.tered expression and walked away .

After closing the doors to the hall, Shu Nuan raised her hand and wiped her wet lips . She then changed into a nightgown . But just as she was about to lie down on his bed, she caught a glimpse of something that made her blink her eyes and sit down in front of the mirror . She lowered her head and pulled a part of the night gown away, revealing a milky-white collarbone . The mirror reflected the mark “Slave” engraved there .

Shu Nuan touched it, her eyebrows hanging and her mind in some thought .

Meanwhile, at the Moon Pavilion .

To arrange a party in Ji Xili’s welcome , Ningcheng Yuan had booked the whole pavilion for a dinner .

Su Huang and Ningcheng had been the first to arrive, and while the latter was busy entertaining others, the former was indifferent to the party . He seemed heartless and cold-blooded as he found a seat at the side and a pot of good wine to drink .

Ningcheng pointed at him and scolded, “Su Huang, keep drinking . Soon your son will come to look for his father, and I will tell Little Su to go!”

Su Huang gave a faint smile and said, “Didn’t you just come so you could get a drink tonight?”

“Pshaw! I came here for Ji Xili’s welcome dinner,” Nincheng refuted .

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 87

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