Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 89

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Published at 10th of August 2019 10:37:24 AM Chapter 89

My Little Girl 81

Su Huang smiled at her actions . “This is fishy . ”

Ji Xili smiled and replied, “You’re also fishy . ”

Su Huang shrugged his brows and continued to drink .  

“Ningcheng has come to me in recent times to laugh at Sheng Qianmo’s oddness . So maybe it’s really true . ”

Ji Xili just continued to drink her wine without replying .

“They’re here,” Su Huang spat out .


 When Ji Xili heard him, she looked up to see a man coming with Ningcheng Yuan and Sheng Zhiyu .

He was tall and upright, and his eyes were deep . The lines of his face were cold and threatening, almost the same as the calm and steady young man from back then, just a little firmer .

Ji Xili stared at Sheng Qianmo for a long time until Ningcheng coughed and cheered on, “Come on, sit down and say something!”

 Ji Xili returned to her senses, but she didn’t sit down immediately . Instead, she continued looking at Sheng Qianmo, and with a gentle smile, she said, “You’re late . You’ll be fined three cups of wine . ”

Without waiting for a reply from him, she poured the wine and handed it over .

Sheng Qianmo looked back at her for a moment and then reached for the cup .

Ji Xili watched as his slender hand wrapped around the cup . He drank it up slowly . Beneath his defined jawline, his throat moved with each gulp .

He didn’t stop until he’d finished three cups .

At this time, Sheng Zhijun was stubborn and shameless . “Sister Xili is still the best to me . She doesn’t punish me with drinking!”

Ningcheng Yuan chuckled, and mocked, “You’re really not thick-skinned at all!”

“Xili, how have you been doing in the Nan Chao Kingdom these years?” Ningcheng asked to brighten the atmosphere while taking a seat .

Ji Xili smiled and said, “Every place has its own good points, but I like the Beiguo Kingdom best . ”

“Yes, I think Beiguo is the best as well!” Sheng Zhiyu shamelessly praised their kingdom while accompanying Xili’s laughter .

Su Huang, who sat by the window, didn’t want to have anything to do with the words ‘Nan Chao Kingdom’ . He didn’t take part in the discussion and just continued drinking with his chin held up . Only when asked something would he reply with a smile and a sentence or two .

“Sheng Qianmo, don’t you have anything to say?” Ji Xili said as she shook her cup and gave a smile to the prince sitting across the table .

“Welcome back,” he replied .

Ji Xi smiled, said, “Thank you,” and tossed a few more cups with the other people .

Ji Xili was awfully drunk by now, and she stuttered as she said, “It’s good to be home…”

 “Now you call it home? We told you not to go so far away…” Sheng Zhiyu was irked .

 Ji Xili smiled and whispered, “Yes, and I regret it…”

This sentence seemed to have some implications, but none of the people here dared to say anything more . Only Sheng Zhiyu continued muttering and cooing in a low voice to her .

But Ji Xili wasn’t satisfied with his coaxing . She filled everyone’s cup with wine .  

“I seldom come back . You all must drink with me . ”

Su Huang seemed to understand what was on her mind and laughed softly . The laughter seemed to pierce the noisy atmosphere to reach her ears . Ji Xili turned to look at him, but then she closed her eyes and took a sip of wine without waiting for any of the others to speak .

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 89

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