Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 90

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Published at 13th of August 2019 04:46:51 PM Chapter 90

My Little Girl (82)

This evening, they meant to get drunk at the Moon Pavilion . After all, the last time they’d gotten together to drink and talk had been long ago . Now they were together again, but they were also no longer the energetic youth they used to be .

While drinking, it was Ji Xili who fell down first .

Ningcheng gave Sheng Qianmo an uncertain glance, and asked, “Would you like to escort Ji Xili back?”

Sheng Zhiyu seemed to have noticed something and rushed to help the woman . “I’ll take Xili back . ”

Sheng Qianmo took a look as they departed and called out to Sheng Zhiyu, “Be careful on the way . ”

It’d been meant to be Ji Xili’s welcoming dinner, so no one had thought she’d be the first to fall asleep and leave .


Su Huang also saw Sheng Zhiyu help Ji Xili to walk . He bowed his head and smiled . “It seems that Xili is really broken hearted . ”

Sheng Qianmo’s eyes were indifferent and he took a sip of wine, but didn’t say anything in return .

“What nonsense? Xili is the most open person among us! Come on, drink and drink!”

 Ningcheng felt the atmosphere was cold, he rushly filled their cups with wine .

Su Huang listened with a slight smile and replied, “That’s right . She left as soon as she said so and willing to part with .

Ningcheng gave him a blank look, but for a moment he didn’t open his mouth .  

“Do you think Xili is like you!”

Ningcheng regretted it as soon as he finished speaking, but Su Huang didn’t respond to him this time . He just laughed and drank slowly .  

“Sheng Qianmo, tonight you have to accompany your brother to get drunk before you can leave . ”

Ningcheng stared at Su Huang and said, “Xili is gone, so the party is over . Did this wine make you insane?”

“No, I just suddenly feel heart-broken,” Su Huang said, casting a pleading look at Sheng Qianmo .

The prince in return looked at him calmly and said nothing more . He poured wine into his cup and drank it all up . He filled the cup again, and this way they drank into the night…

Sheng Zhiyu had arrived to the Pavilion on a horse, so they rode it on the way to the Ji Manor, but he didn’t expect that Ji Xili would begin to act like she was going to vomit after a short ride . Sheng Zhiyu quickly picked her off the horse . She gagged for a long time, but nothing came out . Instead, she began to cry .

It made Sheng Zhiyu frightened because he’d never seen her cry ever since he was a child . Although she had the unique personality of a Beiguo woman, she was much stronger than them .  

Ji Xili grabbed his arm and wept bitterly, and it caused him distress .

Sheng Zhiyu frowned and touched her head .

“Don’t cry, Sister Xili…”

But Ji Xili was totally drunk . She didn’t realize his distress . She just wanted to cry .

Sheng Zhiyu realized that coaxing her was useless . He didn’t know what took his mind, but with great courage he did something he hadn’t dared to  for years; he lowered his head and kissed her .

He could taste the salty tears, but her lips felt soft .

What made his brain buzz was how Ji Xili was reciprocating his kiss . She wrapped her tongue around his and went on her tiptoes to put her arms around his neck .

It made Sheng Zhiyu realize that maybe she had feelings for him too, and he drowned himself in this blissful kiss .

And yet, the illusion lasted but for a moment . Soon, he heard the words Ji Xili was murmuring .


Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 90

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 90 summary

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