Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 14 - My Little Girl (4)

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It was the first time Sheng Qianmo had seen her like this.

Right then, he had discovered the other side of this little slave.

Deep down he knew that this feeling was somewhat rare for him.

His gaze moved to another direction, where he then went over to pour himself a cup of tea, and began drinking it.

Shu Nuan heard his movements and promptly looked over. Seeing that Sheng Qianmo was already back, she at once put down the book in her hand.

Sheng Qianmo had already finished his drink. Shu Nuan walked over to him and took the cup from his hands. He asked casually,

“What were you reading?”

She poured another cup for him as she answered, “The Kingdom’s Laws.”

Shu Nuan returned the cup to him, now filled with tea. Realising that Sheng Qianmo had been staring at her, she explained further.

“When your humble slave was cleaning the inner hall earlier, I found the book at the corner of the couch. I was only reading it for a moment out of curiosity… Please… Please forgive me…”

At her explanation, Sheng Qianmo extended his hand and gripped her small chin.

“Did We say We wanted to punish you?” [1]

Shu Nuan moved her lips, bereft of words at the moment.

Sheng Qianmo smiled and let her go, taking the cup from her little hand. “I’m tired.”

Shu Nuan nodded. She skillfully untied his robe and made the bed. But before she could lay down the curtain, Sheng Qianmo grasped her little hand forcefully. Shu Nuan frowned in pain and looked over, only to hear him say from his lying position on the bed, “Don’t move.”

Shu Nuan had to stay with him. But even after she stopped, Sheng Qianmo still kept her hand pinched. Shu Nuan suddenly thought of something and, kneeled beside him, started ma.s.saging his back with her hand.

Sheng Qianmo was tired and lazily opened his eyes. His blank gaze fell on the small frame of the person sitting beside him as usual.

Sheng Qianmo pinched her soft little fingers again, and asked lightly, “Did you go to school in the Qing Kingdom?”

It took a while for Shu Nuan to understand what Sheng Qianmo meant. She shook her head and answered in a low voice, “No, my father didn’t let me enter the school when I was a child. But there was an old teacher in the palace who was very kind and taught me for a few years.”

Sheng Qianmo looked at her, stretching out his arms in a hug that took Shu Nuan in its embrace. Shu Nuan was so small, and in such a hug, he could clearly see Shu Nuan’s lowered head against his chest. Her eyelashes trembled slightly, covering her tear mole.

Sheng Qianmo looked at her eyes, stretched out his finger and touched the tear mole at the corner of her eye, as he spoke carelessly,

“Do you want to continue your studies?”

Hearing his suggestion, Shu Nuan froze completely on top of him, not daring to move.

“You don’t want to?” Sheng Qianmo rubbed his little girl’s head.

Shu Nuan didn’t know whether it was nervousness or something else, but her little hand scratched at his chest unconsciously. It was a while before she could answer.


Her clear eyes looked up at him, as if asking, “But is it really possible?”She directly looked at Sheng Qian Mo.

Sheng Qianmo was tickled by the little thing’s paw, but he didn’t tell her to take it away, and instead continued rubbing her hair.

“The military camp will be quite busy the next two days. You can go to the library to read. Then, after these two days when I have free time, I will take you to Yulin College.”

Shu Nuan answered in a low voice, sinking down and slowly embracing him back. But after all, she was very small and could barely hold the cloth of his lower back.

A deep smile appeared on the face above her.

“Not lacking in courage.”

Shu Nuan really seemed to have gotten some courage for the first time in front of him. Because despite what he had said, she still hadn’t let go. After a while, she opened her mouth slightly, and said, “Thank you, Lord.”

“Is that all?”

End of Chapter

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[1] – Use of the Royal “We” instead of “This Prince”. Please give me your, the reader’s opinion, on what sounds better. And if you’d like the “We” capitalised or not.

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 14 - My Little Girl (4)

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