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After finis.h.i.+ng the medicine, Sheng Gu got up and said, “Let’s go and greet Fourth Uncle.”

Ah’Bi nodded happily.

Then, both master and servant went to Sheng Courtyard. However, they had not expected to witness the following scene.

Shu Nuan and Sheng Qianmo dining on the same table. Shu Nuan was sitting opposite to him, eating quietly with her head down. But she ate slowly, chewing only at the porridge instead of moving any dishes on the table.

Sheng Qianmo reprimanded her, “Is it appropriate that this Prince would be the one to wait for you to finish eating?

Shu Nuan shook her head. She ate quickly and managed to stuff her face full of food. Sheng Qianmo took one look at her, and coldly rebuked, “Are you not afraid of choking to death?”

Shu Nuan looked up at him deeply with a pair of moist eyes, feeling resentful. But she did not dare to voice her aggrievement. Only her eyes looked up at him, as if asking how she was supposed to eat.

Sheng Qianmo stared at the little girl’s pink lips as she swallowed the food and his expression softened at last. He uttered, “Just eat whatever you want to taste.”

Shu Nuan had somewhat confirmed that Sheng Qianmo was no longer angry and therefore she ate happily.

Sheng Gu saw this scene from outside the room. She had heard that her Fourth Uncle held a rare kindness for this slave, and now she saw him give a shallow smile towards her. Sheng Gu was mildly surprised, as she had always seen the Prince wearing an indifferent expression.

But her Fourth Uncle was so keen of this slave!

Sheng Gu stood outside the room for a long time without moving. Ah’Bi boldly spoke up from her side, “This humble servant pays her respects to the Prince!”

Hearing this, Sheng Gu came back to her senses. She went in and greeted Sheng Qianmo who was eating at the dining table.

Shu Nuan saw Sheng Gu come in. She was about to put down the bowl and chopsticks and get up to greet Sheng Gu. But Sheng Qianmo looked at her and said, “Continue to eat.”

Hearing this, she bit her lip and kept holding the bowl in her hand. She only greeted Sheng Gu with words.

“This humble slave pays her respects to Princess Gu.”

Sheng Qianmo gave a dull look at the visitors, and asked, “Did you have breakfast yet?”
Sheng Gu nodded her head but didn’t say anything else. After a while, she barely pulled out a smile, and said, “Good morning, Fourth Uncle.”

Sheng Qianmo was about to say something, but when he caught Shu Nuan’s food falling off the bowl, he paused to think how silly she was. He frowned and put them into the bowl for her, and asked Sheng Gu, “How are you feeling? Better?”

Sheng Gu stared at Sheng Qianmo’s slender fingers putting the dishes back in Shu Nuan’s bowl. She answered absently, “hmm,” and added, “I feel much better.”

“Your body has always been weak. You should rest properly in the Jade Courtyard. Don’t go to the library.”

Sheng Qianmo’s voice was faint, but Sheng Gu could sense a sharpness in it.

Sheng Gu froze for a moment. She couldn’t help but unconsciously face Shu Nuan.

Shu Nuan was also astonished. She swallowed her food and then raised her head, only to find Sheng Gu staring back at her.

But Sheng Gu didn’t say anything to him. She just answered, “Yes,” in a low voice and went out. Ah’Bi couldn’t help but look at Shu Nuan with hatred and a dark gaze, before chasing after her master.

Shu Nuan naturally had not missed the expression Sheng Gu had before leaving.

Sheng Gu a.s.sumed Shu Nuan was the one who reported her visit to the library to the prince, even though in reality it was a loyal maid of ShengHe Palace.

She looked at Sheng Qianmo, and asked carefully, “Prince… how do you know…?”

Sheng Qianmo knew she was referring to the fact that Sheng Gu had visited the library. But he didn’t want too much trouble over such a small matter, so he lightly interrupted her, “Have you had enough?”

Shu Nuan swallowed a last mouthful of porridge, nodded, and wiped her mouth clean.

Then, Sheng Qianmo ordered the servants to serve the dinner.

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 19 - My Little Girl (9)

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