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Head Master Chen looked over the examination paper. He glared at Teacher Li, and reprimanded in a low voice, “You should give her the basic test.”

Teacher Li uttered, “Yulin Academy has always been impartial in the treatment of students.”

Head Master Chen stared at the egotistic old man and appeared somewhat furious. Fortunately, the little girl had not relied solely on her background, so she sat down quietly to take the test. Upon seeing this, Head Master Chen was a little relieved and appeased the little girl. Before leaving, he pointed out to Teacher Li to think over his words and actions.

Teacher Li continued reviewing some doc.u.ments with concentration. Occasionally, he would look at Shu Nuan. He would see the girl sitting in front of the table with a dignified and clever posture, holding her head down and answering the test seriously. He doubted that she could managed to pull any trick during the test.

As he considered what Head Master Chen had told him, he decided that — even if only for the sake of the Fourth Prince — as long as the girl could pa.s.s, he would let her stay in the Academy.

After about half an hour, Shu Nuan finally finished the test and handed it to Teacher Li, saying, “Teacher Li, I have finished it.”


Teacher Li took the paper and put down the doc.u.ments in his hand, then proceeded to go over the answers she had written.

As for Shu Nuan, she just stood near the table and waited.

After a short while, Teacher Li raised his head. He looked at her earnestly, and said, “Your name is Shu Nuan?”

Shu Nuan nodded, then elaborated, “Ninth Young Lady of Shu, Shu Nuan. Nuan meaning spring.”

Teacher Li looked deeper at her examination paper and gave only one comment.

“Your handwriting is good.”

He was surprised that Shu Nuan managed to get a good result.

However, this did not mean much. After all, it was only an entrance examination paper.

Thus, Shu Nuan was successfully admitted to the Yulin Academy.

The Yulin Academy was divided into ten grades or Every month, there would be an examination. The students who did well in the examination would have the chance to advance to a higher grade, while those who did poorly would be demoted by one grade.

From the first to the third, students seldom dropped from their grade. But from the fourth cla.s.s onwards, their grades often changed back and forth.

The were composed of students of all shapes, sizes, and ages, who came from all over the kingdom. There was no distinction between men and women throughout the grades, and everything depended purely on their results.

Since Shu Nuan was a new student who had just entered the academy, she was naturally a.s.signed to the bottom: the 10th cla.s.s.

She received the admission slip and was led to the 10th cla.s.s by Master Gao. When they reached the hall outside the cla.s.s, she heard loud noises of laughter. Master Gao reprimanded the little devil with a straight face as he entered, but the student just snubbed Master Gao and continued what he was doing. One of the students shouted, “Wow! Is there a new student in Cla.s.s 10? This little sister is so pretty!”

Eyes that brimmed with curiosity focused on Shu Nuan one after another.

But then, Master Gao finally found his yardstick from the corner of the hall and slapped it heavily on a table. All noise was replaced by quiet…

Only after he had restored his prestige did Master Gao solemnly introduce Shu Nuan to the students below, “She is Shu Nuan, and she will be studying in Cla.s.s 10. Maintain the harmony of the cla.s.s. Does everyone understand?”

In response, all the students shouted in unison.

” Understood!”

Shu Nuan did not speak much after sitting down at the window seat arranged for her by Master Gao.

Since she had just entered the academy, she had not been handed her school uniform. So she looked a little out of place among the students in the cla.s.s.

After the introduction of the new student was over, Master Gao began his cla.s.s.

Meanwhile, a young man in magnificent robes was pa.s.sing impatiently through the hall outside of Cla.s.s 10. He was followed by his servant, who consoled his master in a low voice, “Seventh Prince, the Emperor let you come to Yulin Academy to attend Teacher Li’s lectures for a few days, and so you may behave well. You must not anger the Emperor again at this point…”

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 21 - My Little Girl (11)

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