Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 26 - My Little Girl (17)

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“But what about me? I am your own niece, yet you are so good to that slave!”

Sheng Gu was unable to control herself any longer and began to sob. Her tears fell in torrents, “You promised father, to take good care of me…”

Sheng Qianmo's expression dulled, “Do you think This Prince has not taken good care of you?”

Sheng Gu wiped her tears, and tearfully muttered, “Fourth Uncle let her go to the Yulin Academy, but not me. Because of your good treatment of her, her head was swollen up!” [1]

“You are ill. Is the Yulin Academy the right place for you? You said she she has a swollen head, that she acts willfully, did she ever disrespect you in the slightest?”

Sheng Gu shed tears and her voice choked even harder, as she complained, “For now she dares not disrespect me, but with Fourth Uncle being so good to her, she will find the courage sooner or later!"

Sheng Gu looked at Sheng Qianmo in her grievance.

“I also want to go to Yulin Academy. I will be fine as long as I take my medicine on time!”

Sheng Qianmo calmly replied, “She entered the Yulin Academy, not because of This Prince, but rather by her own ability. You never liked to study since you were little. Why would you want to go to the Yulin Academy?”

 Sheng Gu stared at him for a moment and was about to retort, but suddenly she coughed violently and then fell onto her knees.

Sheng Qianmo frowned and stood up, and asked, “Did you bring your medicine with you?”

Sheng Gu nodded with tears in her eyes. She opened the medicine bottle she had been holding and consumed a pill from inside. Sheng Qianmo poured a gla.s.s of water and handed it to her. Sheng Gu swallowed the medicine and slowly breathed out in a long soft sound.

“Thank you, Fourth Uncle…” Sheng Gu said in a low rough voice.

Sheng Qianmo's face was still indifferent. He sat back and after a while he calmly gazed at her, and offered, “Go back and read a book for now. In a couple of days I'll take you to the Yulin Academy. But you have to pa.s.s the admission test with your own abilities.”

Hearing what Sheng Qianmo said, Sheng Gu nodded and held back her tears.

“Thank you, Fourth Uncle. I will try my best to pa.s.s!”

Sheng Qianmo noticed that her face was pale. He frowned and called for  Li Qi to come in. The prince ordered him to escort her back to ShengHe Palace.

Seeing his concern, Sheng Gu gradually calmed down.

After Sheng Gu got into the carriage, Ah'Bi saw that her eyes were red from crying, and became distressed.

“Was Prince Sheng angry with you because of that slave?”

Sheng Gu sat opposite of Ah'Bi. She wiped her tears with her hand and shook her head. She said softly, “No, I'm angry with myself.”

Ah'Bi understood why the princess was fed up. Her parents, the Second Prince and Princess, had died early. Before his death, her father had entrusted the little princess to Sheng Qianmo. Therefore, the little princess had grown up in ShengHe Palace from a very young age. Over the years, although the Fourth Prince had mostly acted indifferently, his concern for the Princess was obvious.

But now a slave was living in Sheng Courtyard, and she was treated more intimately than the princess herself. This slave even used to be a princess herself, so Ah'Bi couldn't look down on her either.

“Princess, what did the Fourth Prince say? Did you reap a benefit?” Ah'Bi asked.

Sheng Gu nodded her head, and said, “Fourth Uncle said that he would take me to the Yulin Academy after two days and asked me to study well for the entrance examination. “

In response, Ah'Bi expressed her happiness and disappointment, “Princess… The entrance exam… It doesn't look so good.”

“If that slave can pa.s.s the exam, so can I.”

Ah'Bi nodded forcefully, “This servant believes in you, Princess!”

Ah'Bi made up her mind to believe in her master. Even if the princess were to fail the exam, she would find another way to help her out.

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 26 - My Little Girl (17)

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