Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 63 - My Little Girl (55)

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My Little Girl (55)

By the time Shu Nuan arrived at the Yulin Academy, Su Hai and her other cla.s.smates were gathered outside.

As soon as she walked over, Shu Nuan overheard Su Hai saying to Qi Yue while extending his hand, “Give up the silver.” 

Qi Yue snorted. He hesitated before pulling out a yinpiao[1] from his robe and throwing it towards Su Hai, then gazed at Shu Nuan who had just shown up.

A few of the students nearby had laughing expressions.

Shu Nuan was in a daze and wore a confused look. 'What's going on?' she seemed to be asking.

Su Hai waved a bunch of Yinpiao and said with a smile, “We bet on whether you would show up or not. But more people bet against you coming. I got a lot of silver because of you!”

Shu Nuan looking at them and commented, “You guys are silly.” 

“This is interesting"-Su Hai paused to give a joyous laugh-"What do you want to eat? My treat!” 

Having gathered rather early in the day, they planned to visit the famous Nuan Yu Terrace of the capital.

Their destination was in Gaotai Mountain, beyond that mountain there's a lake beside. The view on the Gaotai mountain was pleasant and a great part of the capital could be seen.

People liked to come here to drink and write poems in their spare time.

As students of the Yulin Academy, it wasn't surprising for them to appear here. 

Standing on the boat they had hired to reach the terrace, many people displayed amazement at the beautiful scenery around them. However, Su Hai was calm and showed no such reaction. "There's nothing to shout about. I've gotten tired of watching it from since I was a child." 

Qi Yue gave him a dull look. “You are a genuine citizen of the capital. Why say such hateful words?”

The other students scolded Su Hai as well. 

On the other hand, Jing Fei had noticed Shu Nuan sitting in front of him, holding her knees and staring at the terrace that was drawing closer. He asked, "Have you been here before, Shu Nuan?"

Shu Nuan turned back and answered, “No.”

Qi Yue sat down and joked, “I understand Shu Nuan's temperament. How could such a deep person show a superficial reaction!"

 Their cla.s.smates burst out with laughter.

Shu Nuan gazed at them with amus.e.m.e.nt. She didn't seem to understand the reason behind their laughter.

 Arriving at the Nuan Yu Terrace, Shu Nuan heard Su Hai shout, “Boys and girls, cherish today's good times. We will struggle for the examination starting tomorrow!”

One student couldn't hold back his emotions. “We must always be in the same cla.s.s! Don't abandon each other!”

 Qi Yue kicked him without pause. “Get out of here. I'm going to be in Cla.s.s 9!”

 “You want to abandon us!”

 Qi Yue faced Shu Nuan with a complacent expression, and asked, “It must be the same for you, right?”

 Shu Nun bit her lips and confessed. “I don't mind either way. I'm glad to have met you all.”

Su Hai interjected, "Ah! Shu Nuan is sensible.”

The party stayed there until almost noon, during which time many students wrote poems. Jing Fei wrote an article as well, convincing many people of his intelligence.

However, Shu Nuan just enjoyed the view of the terrace. The simple and quiet scenery seemed to have improved her mood.

 At noon, they went back to the capital by boat to find a restaurant for lunch and later proposed to go to the w.a.n.gyue forest outside the capital.

Hearing that it was a forest, Shu Nuan frowned a little. “Is it far?”

 Su Hai said, “It's not far. It's only a short walk to the west side of the capital.”

 Hearing this, Shu Nuan remained silent.

Since it wasn't too far, she thought she'd be able to make it back before dark.

[1] Yinpiao – Silver value notes – paper money in Ancient China 

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 63 - My Little Girl (55)

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