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My Little Girl (67)

Shu Nuan's mouth was small and she chewed slowly. After eating for a long time, she managed to finish all the packets of the candy.

Shu Nuan continued to sit on the rock, watching the water sparkle from the setting sun's light. After a while, she lowered her head and pulled out a book from her bag. Sitting there, she looked quiet and pure, like a scholar with bright and clear eyes. Looking at her, no one would think she was reading vernacular folk stories and looking at the portraits of demons and ghosts.

Shu Nuan was engrossed and didn't realize that someone had come over.

Sheng Qianmo stood under a tree not far away, watching her actions. From where he was standing, he could only see the side of Shu Nuan's face. The gentle wind was brus.h.i.+ng the soft black hair hanging behind her, while her two eyes reflected the light of the river, as if containing a lake themselves.

Her eyes followed the words on the page. From time to time, her fingertips would pull the page from its upper-right corner, and while doing so, her long curled eyelashes would blink a little.

Sheng Qianmo walked over and stood behind Shu Nuan with her being none the wiser. He glanced at the contents of the boo she was reading when, in the next moment, a lingering scent reached her nose. She turned to look and was stupefied. She closed the book right away and placed it behind her back. Embarra.s.sed and at a complete loss, she mumbled, "Pri-Prince…"

She looked embarra.s.sed, just like a child who sneaks out to play but is caught by an adult.

Sheng Qianmo glanced at her, his eyes soft, and said, “Hand it over.”

Shu Nuan hesitated, for the moment refusing to give him the book.

However, Sheng Qianmo wanted to seize it. Shu Nuan had no choice but to hand the book over to him with her head down, like a child waiting for punishment.

Sheng Qianmo took a look and flipped a few pages in front of her, then lowered his eyes to look at Shu Nuan. He noticed that  Shu Nuan's small hands were twisted and clasped together. As she stood there with her head lowered and mouth shut, she looked nervous.

Sheng Qianmo pinched the tip of her chin and sighed. "Little devil."

Shu Nuan looked up, cold sweat covering her skin.  She heard Sheng Qianmo ask her a question with a voice full of meaning.

"Little devil, did you run away from home?"

In a sheepish manner, the girl shook her head and said in low-pitched voice, “No.”

“Why didn't you come back to the Sheng Courtyard and instead came here to watch the scenery? Isn't your exam in two days?” Sheng Qianmo scrutinized her and gave her a meaningful expression.

Shu Nuan mouth was a little open in hesitation over what she wanted to say. A while later, she replied in a low voice, "Your slave is in the wrong.”

Sheng Qianmo was uncertain  where she knew the mistake. He still looked coldly and criticized, “I think you have high guts!"

But Sheng Qianmo didn't seem to think she understood her mistake. He looked cold and criticized her further. "I think you have a lot of guts!"

After being scolded by him a little more, Shu Nuan's eyes finally turned red. She bowed her head in silence and didn't dare to take back.

Sheng Qianmo was keenly aware of the instability of her breath, raised her chin. He sees Shu Nuan eyes glowing with shallow red and half biting her lips, she looks very pitiful.

Sheng Qianmo pinched the tip of her chin and sighed again. “So you feel wronged after just a couple of sentences?”

Shu Nuan shook her head, her cheeks stained with tears.

Sheng Qianmo grabbed her little hand and leaned down in front of her. “Come up."

Shu Nuan hesitated for a moment, but his holding her hand like that could only mean that they were about to head back to the courtyard.

The sun was setting. On their way back, Shu Nuan leaned against Sheng Qianmo's neck with her eyes fixed on the shadows on the ground. Sheng Qianmo was carrying her on his back.

“Next time you run away, This Prince won't come to find you”. His voice was faint.

Shu Nuan couldn't help but tense up as she said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “This slave will remember."

“Did anyone bully you in the academy?”

Shu Nuan could only bite her lips in silence, her attention still on the shadows.

Having no other choice, Sheng Qianmo pinched her again. The strength he put in wasn't small, so she cried out in pain.

All of a sudden, Sheng Qianmo pulled her to the front and into his arms. Lowering his head, he held nothing back and kissed her hard.

Still a little ways from the manor, he had taken advantage of the setting sun's dimming light to press her against a wall and give her a lesson.

When he finally let go of her with great satisfaction. But this time Shu Nuan was buried directly in his arms, and did not dare to look at him. She feels that after being run by him there, she feels very numb.

When he finally let go of her, it was with great satisfaction. But Shu Nuan was still buried in his arms, not daring to look up. She felt numb after being ruined by him there.

“You haven't answered This Prince's question.”

Shu Nuan grabbed the cloth on his chest and said no words.

He lowered his head and rubbed his chin against her hair. “Are you angry?”   

Shu Nuan was quiet.

No matter how Sheng Qianmo spoke well of her along the way still no good. After returning to Sheng courtyard, Sheng Qian ordered the people below to prepare a table of her favorite dinner.

No matter how Sheng Qianmo coaxed her along the way, it was futile. After returning, the prince ordered the servants to prepare her favorite food for dinner.

Luckily, although Shu Nuan was lacking in spirit this day and felt that her stomach was upset, she accompanied him to eat nevertheless.

After dinner, Shu Nuan finally agreed to talk to him. However, all she said was that she was going to read a book to prepare for the exam. Sheng Qianmo was also going to the library to deal with government affairs, so he let her follow him to study there.

Sheng Qianmo left half of the table for her to use, but just as Shu Nuan placed the bag on the table, she remembered something. She left and came back after a long time.

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 75 - My Little Girl (67)

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