Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 72

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Published at 11th of July 2019 10:34:59 AM Chapter 72

My Little Girl (64)

Ning Qiang laughed, “What kind of person is Shu Nuan? Who in the academy hasn’t heard of her ways? She must’ve bewitched you too as well . Otherwise, why would you follow her around all day?”

Qi Yue cursed at her without care for politeness and kicked a stool . “How dare you slander me!”

Sheng Gu, who was sitting at the front, closed her book and slowly made her way over . Reaching behind them, she took the opportunity to make an ill remark . “You misunderstand Shu Nuan . She really didn’t know that Jing Fei was expelled from the academy . ”

The people who recognized this voice were stunned . The last time, Princess Gu had criticized Shu Nuan in front of everyone, not caring at all about the girl’s image . And yet, now she had spoken up in her favor .

Shu Nuan also raised her eyes and looked at Sheng Gu . The little girl’s face was serene, as if she Ning Qiang’s humiliating words hadn’t affected her at all .

Sheng Gu gazed at her and said, “The day before yesterday she didn’t return all night, and that’s why my Fourth Uncle questioned you all . The truth is, she stayed at Jing Fei’s house and spent the night with him . With Jing Fei being so impudent, it is natural that my uncle can’t spare him . ” 


There was an uproar .

Ning Qiang was shocked and couldn’t believe it . “You are talking nonsense! Jing Fei is not that kind of person! He would never do something like that to Shu Nuan…”

But Shu Nuan had even climbed up the bed of the Fourth Prince, compared to whom, Jing Fei was an insignificant student . How could he escape her bewitchment…

If even Ning Qiang understood this much, nothing needed to be said about the rest of the cla.s.s .

Shu Nuan stood up . “Did Your Highness go to Jing Fei’s house on the night before?”

Sheng Gu stared at her and said, “Why should This Princess go to his house?”

Shu Nuan raised a question again . “Then how can you claim that I was at Jing Fei’s house and spent the night with him?”

Sheng Gu was speechless for a moment . Su Hai stood up and refuted, “Exactly! Princess Gu always speaks such nonsense . Last time you slandered me . Can you go around throwing mud at anyone, innocent or not?”

“This Princess speaks the truth! I’m not the lying!”

Shu Nuan stared at her . She said, “Then, did Your Highness sleep with someone last night?”

Sheng Gu was fl.u.s.tered and pointed at her in rage . “How dare you defame This Princess so?!”

“Then, when Your Highness slandered me a moment ago, why didn’t she consider how I must’ve felt?”

Sheng Gu was stunned by her words . The next moment, all eyes were directed at the people standing at the door .

 It wasn’t just Master Gao, but even Teacher Li was with him . [1]

Teacher Li looked at the messy hall with a sullen expression, then glanced at Master Gao standing besides him, who looked quite embarra.s.sed . Knowing that he had lost all his face[2] in front of Teacher Li, he was angered . He entered the room and shouted, “SILENCE!”

 The room turned silent in an instant . Many students were nervous or scared .

They all knew that Master Gao had a sharp tongue but a soft heart . Teacher Li, however, was not this way . If they got the imperial tutor angry, his punishment wouldn’t be limited to just words .

  Teacher Li didn’t enter the hall . Standing at the door, he pointed to Shu Nuan and Sheng Gu . “You two, come out . ”

 Having finished speaking, he left .  

Master Gao said, “Why are you two in a daze? Go follow him!”

Shu Nuan left her seat and went out .

Sheng Gu bit her lip and followed close behind .

[1] Teacher Li – He’s the Imperial Tutor who took Shu Nuan’s entrance exam and has a very high standing .

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 72

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